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My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher is a remarkable documentary film that takes viewers on a captivating underwater journey. Released in 2020, the film introduces us to the incredible bond formed between filmmaker Craig Foster and an extraordinary creature of the sea.

Directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed, My Octopus Teacher follows Foster's personal journey of rediscovery and healing as he explores a kelp forest located in South Africa's Atlantic Ocean. The film beautifully captures the delicate and intricate ecosystems beneath the water's surface, immersing viewers in a breathtaking underwater world.

The film's main protagonist, Craig Foster, is a filmmaker and naturalist who becomes enchanted by an octopus that lives within the kelp forest. Foster spends countless hours observing and documenting the octopus's behavior, gaining a deep understanding and appreciation for the creature's intelligence and adaptability. Through his connection with the octopus, Foster discovers valuable life lessons and finds solace in the serenity of the underwater realm.

The octopus, although technically nameless, becomes an integral character in the narrative. Its remarkable ability to camouflage, problem-solve, and exhibit complex social behaviors showcases the astounding intelligence of this mollusk species. The film beautifully portrays the octopus's encounters with predators, its hunting strategies, and its interactions with other marine life, painting a vivid picture of its daily struggles and triumphs.

My Octopus Teacher features stunning underwater cinematography and employs a captivating soundtrack to enhance the viewing experience. Each scene is beautifully composed, capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the kelp forest and its inhabitants. The film's score, composed by Kevin Smuts, perfectly complements the ethereal visuals, creating a sense of wonder and tranquility.

The documentary's thought-provoking narrative and stunning visuals have garnered critical acclaim and an enthusiastic fan base. Audiences are left captivated by the emotional connection forged between Foster and the octopus, as well as the broader exploration of the fragile balance of our natural world.

If you are interested in experiencing the mesmerizing sounds and visuals of My Octopus Teacher, you can easily play and download the film's soundtrack and perhaps even enjoy a selection of its most memorable scenes. Immerse yourself in the depths of the ocean and embark on a transformative journey alongside Foster and his extraordinary octopus companion.

In conclusion, My Octopus Teacher is a truly captivating documentary that explores the profound connection between a filmmaker and an octopus within the mystical depths of the ocean. With its mesmerizing cinematography, compelling storyline, and a touching exploration of the delicate balance of nature, this film is a must-watch for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a deeper understanding of our complex ecosystem.

(Note: While "My Octopus Teacher" doesn't have a soundtrack album available for download, the film is available for streaming and purchase on various digital platforms.)

A big shark came...
A big shoal of dream fish.
A few months later, after she'd died,
A gentleness.
A huge part of her body is actually given to those eggs.
A human friend, like, waving and saying, "Hi, I'm excited to see you."
A lot of her intelligence is built
A lot of the scavengers coming to feed on her.
A mollusk shouldn't be this intelligent.
A part of me just wanted to hold her and chase them away.
A scary feeling, going into the water early the next day.
A strong sense of himself...
A very fragile, liquid, soft animal
According to the literature, octopus are supposed to be a nocturnal species.
After a while, she was just carrying on with her normal activities,
After about a year...
After visiting her more and more and more,
All I could do at the time was just think of her.
All sorts of animals.
All the mollusks she is capturing, they're quite easy to catch,
All the smell's on the kelp,
All these stories are just being thrown up.
All those eggs hatched.
All your...
An amazing feeling to think that this animal is capable of that
An environment like this,
An incredible confidence,
An octopus is essentially a snail that's lost its shell in evolution.
And actually, then how vulnerable all our lives on this planet are.
And as he gets older, he seems to want to do it more and more.
And as I draw all these lines,
And can withstand such an attack and fully recover.
And didn't come back to that den.
And eventually...
And every day, I'd tell him the stories.
And find hidden animals in the landscape
And fish tracks...
And gently just throwing them out the den.
And goes and hides underneath a big, poisonous anemone.
And has this amazing method of just picking them up with her suckers
And have those experiences, it's absolutely mind blowing.
And heart urchin tracks
And how the octopus is connected to the helmet shell.
And I can clearly see...
And I could feel I was outside.
And I could feel it, like from one minute to the next,
And I could see it had sort of healed over pretty fast.
And I couldn't help feeling...
And I didn't wanna see a camera or an edit suite ever again.
And I felt, in my life, I was getting past the difficulties I had.
And I had this deep longing to be inside that world.
And I just float above it and feel her there.
And I remember it was a very rough day, very turbulent.
And I remember there was this strange shape to my left
And I saw her catch three fish like this.
And I suddenly realized I've got energy to take images and film again...
And I think she was a little bit afraid of me,
And I think that's the thing
And I thought this was over.
And I thought, "Oh, no, this is this whole...
And I took inspiration from my childhood,
And I took inspiration from these master trackers
And I was getting sick from all the pressure.
And I was thinking, "Well, how long before something happens with these animals?"
And I'm coming out of the den,
And I'm gonna go about my business."
And I've gotta be prepared for all eventualities.
And in that moment,
And in this little 200 meter patch, you can dive
And instead of that messy lunge...
And it gave me a strange sort of confidence
And it hit me how she was teaching me so much.
And it just keeps everything in balance.
And it leaves.
And it was joyous. It was like, "Well, there she is."
And it's an incredible place.
And it's extremely liberating.
And it's like this fantastic feeling.
And it's like, "Okay, now, this is too crazy."
And jets away.
And just going down...
And just showing him the... the wonders of nature
And just took her away, you know, into the misty forest.
And just wrapped it in this extraordinary cloak around her
And makes the mistake of leaving that anemone.
And my natural instinct is...
And now I know how the helmet shell is connected to the urchin
And now I'm worried, "How is she getting food?"
And now you can come into my octopus world."
And observe.
And off she goes, striding away,
And perhaps it does give you some strange octopus level of joy.
And realizing, "Okay, and then the mating is beginning."
And see how that mollusk reacts.
And seeing this really strange thing.
And she doesn't seem sure of what to do or how to deal with them.
And she'd be slightly afraid and then look, "Oh, it's him."
And she'd come out and be very curious.
And she's got to learn fast because
And she's just dull and white.
And she's moving towards me.
And she's right at the back of the den, you know, just not moving much.
And she's wrapping many leaves of kelp tightly around her body
And started doing the thing I love and what I know.
And takes advantage of all the wonderful food available there.
And thank God she managed to get really deep in that crack.
And that thing falling quickly just startles that animal.
And that was fine at first.
And that was the last time we had physical contact.
And that was very frustrating at first, so difficult to discern.
And that's on the shark's back.
And that's the most incredible thing, is to be followed by an octopus.
And that's when she left the den and got a real fright...
And that's when you get to know the wild.
And the crab seems to sense her
And the details
And the fish, you know, feeding on her.
And the intricacies.
And the next minute, the shark is actually clamped down on one of her arms,
And the next thing I saw, she's washed out the den, barely alive.
And the only way I knew how to do it was to...
And the predation marks.
And the shark, it's just been completely outwitted.
And the suckers in place.
And the whole forest around there
And then covered my whole hand.
And then drop venom in there, like a snake,
And then focusing on that small space.
And then folding her arms
And then follow them, sometimes for hours,
And then I approached her too fast.
And then I had this crazy idea.
And then I just wanted to keep still, so I held onto a rock.
And then I met these men
And then I started to...
And then it just happens.
And then it turns and rushes, and it's got a huge fright.
And then just peering out.
And then knowing, "Okay, this animal is very close now.
And then picked up my camera again
And then seeing that both animals are pretty relaxed
And then she changes
And then she waits and hides.
And then stared at me out of the little gap.
And then that will record her going about her business."
And then the crab thinks, "Okay, everything's all right,"
And then the most amazing thing, to see this...
And then there's nowhere for it to go.
And then this almost felt, psychologically, like I was...
And then this incredible forest,
And then two of those arms underneath slowly moving,
And then you have to start thinking...
And then you just look around, and you see these brittle stars,
And then you'd just come up absolutely blank. There's nothing.
And then you'll get this beautiful window of time
And then, a couple of weeks later,
And then, as your body adapts, it just becomes easier and easier.
And then, bam!
And then, bang!
And then, boom, you know, she was gone.
And then, I see her,
And then, slowly, as the arm grew, she grew her confidence back.
And then, suddenly...
And there she is...
And there's not a lot of fear in it at all.
And they are particularly aggressive.
And they really are her most serious predator.
And they'd finish her off that night.
And this crazy chase is on.
And this incredible animal is coming towards you.
And this is how she works.
And this is where it gets interesting.
And timing her death exactly for the hatching of those eggs.
And try and read as many scientific papers as possible.
And trying to capture, it was...
And very powerful swimmer.
And working out very quickly how best to hunt a very tricky prey.
And worm tracks?
And you can jump off the top and go wherever you want.
And you feel you're on the brink of something extraordinary.
And you just have to relax.
And you just slowly get all your clues together.
And you just... you wanna kick yourself, because it's, you know...
And you know
And you've got this young child that's growing up.
And you've ruined it.
And, almost on a weekly basis, you can find out something new to science.
And, at the same time, is slowly moving away.
And, initially, she was clearly being affected by my presence,
And, of course, you know...
And... and how that changed me.
And... and it was all so taxing, in a way.
Are these sharks gonna pitch up again?
As an adult, I'd been separated from that.
As I started to map the environment around her den,
As if somehow what happened to her had happened to me in some strange way.
As the shark goes near some of the thick kelp...
At the base of all those arms,
At the time, I didn't know
Be in this ocean.
Because that's when you know there's full trust.
Bits going everywhere. The smell's going out.
Body was slightly hunched forward and was following the scent trail.
Burnt in my memory, this, like, huge shark just suddenly approaching her.
But also with that amazing wildness that she represented
But I couldn't help thinking,
But I didn't do that.
But I had to breathe.
But I was just too overcome
But occasionally,
But she didn't. She just rode on my hand right to the surface.
But she's completely safe. There's nothing it can do.
But some of these mollusks will only relax
But sometimes you just get a feeling,
But that's their strategy, live fast and die young.
But that's when you see the subtle differences.