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Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is a masterpiece of American cinema directed by Francis Ford Coppola, released in 1979. This war film is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential movies ever made, exploring the insanity and brutality of the Vietnam War. Inspired by Joseph Conrad's novel "Heart of Darkness," the film takes viewers on a mesmerizing and haunting journey into the depths of human darkness and the horrors of war.

The cast of Apocalypse Now features a stellar lineup of actors who deliver remarkable performances. The legendary Marlon Brando portrays the enigmatic and disturbed Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, the film's central figure. Martin Sheen leads the ensemble as Captain Benjamin L. Willard, a troubled and experienced Army intelligence officer assigned to hunt down and assassinate Kurtz. Other notable actors include Robert Duvall as the charismatic Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, Dennis Hopper as the crazed photojournalist, and Harrison Ford as Colonel Lucas.

The movie's soundtrack is as iconic as its storyline, composed by the talented and innovative musician, Walter Murch. Murch masterfully combines a blend of music, sound effects, and dialogue, creating a rich auditory experience that fully immerses the audience in the film's chaotic and surreal atmosphere. The sounds of helicopter blades whirring, loud explosions, and the ominous notes of a synthesizer accompany the characters' perilous journey up the Nung River, reinforcing the madness and disorientation of war.

Fortunately, you can now experience these captivating sounds firsthand. By visiting the official movie website or various online platforms, you can easily access an extensive selection of sound clips from Apocalypse Now. Whether you want to hear the chilling whispers of Captain Willard or the booming voice of Colonel Kurtz uttering the famous line "The horror... the horror!" these downloadable sounds allow you to relive the intensity of this cinematic masterpiece.

Apocalypse Now is not just a war film; it is a profound reflection on the human psyche and the moral complexities of warfare. Coppola artfully presents the relentless violence and the psychological impact it has on soldiers, blurring the lines between good and evil. The film delves deep into the darkness of the human soul, questioning the notions of honor and sanity in a war where neither seemingly exist.

Furthermore, Apocalypse Now explores themes of imperialism and the dehumanizing effects of war on both the conqueror and conquered. The film dissects the power dynamics between Western societies and those they colonize, drawing parallels between the atrocities committed during the Vietnam War and the heart of darkness that lies within each of us.

While Apocalypse Now might not offer a solitary solution to the horrors of war, it serves as an impactful reminder of its devastating consequences. The film engages viewers with a thought-provoking narrative that transcends time and continues to resonate with audiences today.

So, if you're ready to embark on an unforgettable cinematic journey that will both shock and captivate your senses, make sure to check out Apocalypse Now. It's not just a movie; it's a haunting exploration of the human psyche set against the backdrop of one of the darkest chapters in modern history.

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this mesmerizing experience. Play and download the sounds of Apocalypse Now today, and allow yourself to be transported into a world of madness, darkness, and profound introspection.

A bad hand, there. Are you wounded?
A cook school, that did it.
A diamond bullet right through my forehead.
A great saucier.
A humanitarian man.
A junk boat, Captain. We're gonna take a routine check.
A man of wit and humor.
A mistake? A voluntary mistake! Voluntary!
A piece of paper would fall.
A spear.
A tough motherfucker. He finished it.
A two of spades, three of spades, four of diamonds,
A type of plastic patrol boat, a pretty common sight on the rivers.
About 200 miles.
About six months ago,
About the only thing that's holding his guts in, sir,
Absolutely goddamn right.
Ain't you?
Air strike?
All glory and honor is yours, Almighty Father. Amen.
All I wanted to do was fucking cook!
All of it, boiling it. I looked inside, man. It was turning gray.
All of us lined up, looking at it.
All right, Captain.
All right, Chef, just wait a minute. Wait a minute, Chef.
All right, let's see what we have. Let's see what we have.
All right, now. Let me take care of this. You all right? Get that out of here!
All right, son, let her rip.
All right, take a gunship back to the division.
All right, that's great, you motherfuckers. Yeah.
All right, then. But if you could hang around just 20 minutes...
All right, this is Fox Five. We're going in.
All right, you men, put down your weapons.
All right!
All right. All right.
All right. Come on. Let's bring it over.
All right. Damn.
All right. You got a destination? I need a destination.
All soldiers know they are already dead.
All that matters is that you are alive.
Almost eight hours.
Along the edge
Alpha Tango Tango. Echo Tango Alpha...
Am I gonna be the one that's gonna set them straight? Look at me. Wrong!
American civilian. It's all right.
Americans, six.
An American civilian. Hi, Yanks.
And a voice, a voice...
And about a mile out, we'll put on the music.
And after that,
And at the same time, who are able
And blew his ass clean off of the dock.
And bring me my Yater Spoon, the 8'6".
And bring your heinie home all in one piece
And dedicated by the fire team at An Khe to their groovy CO...
And every minute Charlie squats in the bush,
And follow every order, however ridiculous.
And for my sins, they gave me one.
And good does not always triumph.
And he is still in the field, commanding troops.
And he said to me,
And he was a good man, too.
And he'll just walk right by you and he won't even notice you.
And I have lost a husband.
And I remember,
And I said to him,
And I think the light and space of Vietnam
And I thought, "My God, the genius of that. The genius."
And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it.
And I wasn't even in their fucking Army anymore.
And I'm supposed to kill him.
And if he'd pulled over, it all would have been forgotten.
And if his story is really a confession...
And if I were to be killed, Willard,
And if you understand me, Willard, you will do this for me.
And it will be such until we are all dead.
And mutilating the centerfold and all kinds of shit like that.
And now, here's another blast from the past
And one day, the gook took his magazine from him and wouldn't give it back to him.
And people starving during the war.
And practical military necessity.
And surviving.
And terminate the Colonel's command.
And that was okay.
And that your methods were unsound.
And that's who he really took his orders from anyway.
And the Marines! And the sailors!
And the more I read and began to understand, the more I admired him.
And the Playmate of the Year, Miss Carrie Foster! Yeah!
And the sergeant said, "You better not do that to her.
And the water was flowing back into the jungle.
And then I realized
And then I realized, like I was shot,
And then suddenly he'll grab you, he'll throw you in a corner and he'll say,
And then when your wife get them back, she'll be mad with me.
And they call me an assassin.
And they couldn't talk him out of it.
And they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm.
And they only do that to be dead with their friends.
And things started to slip.
And this ain't the Army. You are a sailor!
And this is something that you never understood, you Americans.
And this old man came running after us, and he was crying, he couldn't see.
And to prove it, we're gonna give you some entertainment we know you're gonna like.
And turned the LZ into a beach party.
And very obviously he has gone insane.
And watch out. Those goddamn monkeys bite you, I'll tell you.
And we have an important message for all GIs
And what would his people back home want,
And when it was all over, I walked up.
And when it was over, I'd never want another.
And with a whimper, I'm fucking splitting, jack.
And you can get any place up that river that suits you, young Captain.
And you got the cigarettes. And that's what I've been dreaming about.
And you must make a friend of horror.
Any man brave enough to fight with his guts strapped on him
Any more than being back in Saigon was an accident.
Anyhow, do the right thing, stay out of the way of the bullets,
Are my methods unsound?
Are you an assassin?
Aren't you curious about that?
Army after army.
Arrested for murder.
As if the boat were being sucked upriver
As you can see...
Assume attack formation.
At first, I thought they handed me the wrong dossier.
At first, we lose in Second World War.
Battle stations. Lance, up front! On the .60, Clean!
Beautifully marbled.
Because I took his picture.
Because it's judgment that defeats us.
Because life sometimes is very cruel.
Because there's a conflict in every human heart
Because there's nothing that I detest more than the stench of lies.
Because we love you very much. Love, Mama.
Because you don't know where the hell you're going, do you?
Between good and evil.
Between the rational and the irrational,
Beyond that, there was only Kurtz.
Big Duke Six to Eagle Thrust, put on heading 2 7 0.
Big Duke Six to Eagle Thrust, put on psy war op, make it loud.
Big Duke Six, clear the area. I'm coming down myself.
Big Duke Six, roger. Dove One Three, stand by.
Big Duke Six, this is Dove One Three.
Big Duke Six, this is Eagle Thrust Seven. We've got it spotted.
Blow them into the Stone Age, son!
Blue Three, Blue Four, hold out over position...
Board it and search it.
Bring her on board. We're taking her to an ARVN.
Bring in all your ships.
Bring them in. Clean, on the .60. Chef, get a .16.
Brought it up to me like room service.
Bubba, you can't die, you fucker!
Buddha time, here.
Bummer for the gook, though, ain't it?
But after the press got a hold of it, they promoted him to full colonel instead.
But don't tell her, because that's our secret.
But for about five miles, you'd think that heaven just fell on the Earth,
But here, we don't lose.
But I couldn't connect up that voice with this man.
But I felt like I knew one or two things about Kurtz
But I really didn't know what I'd do when I found him.
But I think he would have shot us if he saw me taking his board.
But I think I killed them all.
But if you'll eat it,
But it didn't happen. I was in there with him for days, not under guard.
But now, fuck.
But one look at you, and I know it's gonna be hot, wherever it is.
But out there with these natives,
But the man's...
But the smell, you know, that gasoline smell...
But the thing I felt the most, much stronger than fear,
But then I got orders for my physical.
But they were supposed to be waiting for us another 30 km ahead.
But this time it was an American and an officer.
But we must kill them.
But when he threatened to resign, they gave it to him.
But you are both.
But you don't judge the Colonel.
But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me.
But you're feeling fit? You're ready for duty?
By whatever means available
Calling PBR Street Gang. PBR Street Gang, this is Almighty.
Can drink from my canteen any day!
Can I get a medevac?
Can I speak with the chef?
Can you guys push ground and put it down there?
Can't see nothing. We're stopping.
Captain Richard Colby,
Captain Willard reporting, sir.
Captain Willard, are you in there?
Captain Willard!
Captain, accept the flag of Tyrone Miller on behalf of a grateful nation.
Captain, have you ever seen this gentleman before?
Captain, I don't know how you feel about this shrimp,
Captain, where you going?
Captain, you've heard of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz?
Captain? Just how far up this river we going?
Charlie didn't get much USO.
Charlie don't never see them or hear them, man.
Charlie don't surf!
Check the yellow can. She was sitting on it. What's in it?
Chef, Chef, on the .60.
Chef, knock it off! Give him a break!
Chef, on the bow.
Chef, open up! Fire!
Chef, pick up that weapon! Pick it up! Pick it up!
Chef, she's moving behind you. She's alive. Check her out.