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Back to the Beach

Back to the Beach

Back to the Beach: A Nostalgic Journey Filled with Sunshine and Surprises!

If you're a fan of classic beach party movies, then "Back to the Beach" is the groovy trip down memory lane you've been waiting for! Released in 1987, this hilarious and heartwarming film takes us back to the sun-soaked beaches of Southern California, where surfing, romance, and catchy tunes set the stage for pure fun.

Directed by Lyndall Hobbs, "Back to the Beach" reunites the iconic Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, the original beach duo who stole hearts in the 1960s with their undeniable chemistry. Their natural charisma and infectious energy burst through the screen as they effortlessly slip back into their beloved roles of Frankie and Annette.

In this breezy tale of endearing nostalgia, Frankie and Annette play a middle-aged couple, struggling with their teenage daughter's rebellious antics. The family decides to take a much-needed vacation to their old stomping grounds at the beach, hoping to rekindle the spirit of their youthful adventures. Little do they know, this return to their seaside paradise will bring unexpected surprises, outrageous shenanigans, and a few blasts from the past!

Joining the talented cast is Connie Stevens as Frankie's overprotective sister, Bobby; Lori Loughlin and Demian Slade as their rebellious teenage kids; and a humorous appearance by Joe Holland as the notorious "Big Kahuna." There are also delightful cameos from a number of stars that were synonymous with the beach party movies of the past, such as Don Adams, Bob Denver, and Tony Dow, adding an extra layer of nostalgic charm.

One of the most memorable aspects of "Back to the Beach" is undoubtedly the toe-tapping musical performances. The film features a soundtrack filled with catchy tunes and infectious melodies that transport viewers straight to the sandy shores. Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello take the stage with their undeniable charm, showcasing their vocal talents through delightful duets that will have you humming along for days.

The film also includes iconic '80s bands, giving the soundtrack an electric mix of old and new sounds. Fans of new wave and rock music will be thrilled to hear classic tracks from iconic bands like The Bangles, Fishbone, and Oingo Boingo. Their energetic and vibrant performances perfectly capture the essence of the era and blend seamlessly with the film's sunny beach atmosphere.

If you're eager to relive the magic of "Back to the Beach," you can play and download these timeless sounds here. The catchy tunes and upbeat rhythms will transport you to the days of sun-kissed beaches, surfboards, and carefree fun. Whether you're a die-hard fan of beach party movies or simply looking for a lighthearted escape, "Back to the Beach" provides a nostalgic journey that never fails to put a smile on your face.

So grab your shades, sunscreen, and a slice of watermelon, and get ready to experience the sunniest adventure of the '80s. "Back to the Beach" will have you laughing, singing, and reminiscing about the days when life was all about catching the perfect wave and falling in love under the sun-drenched skies. So gather your friends and family, and get ready for a beach party you'll never forget!

A bait shop?
A couple of days?
A letter to my folks.
A little effort to understand.
A little something about responsibility.
A little surfer on a board.
A little thin. Doesn't she look thin?
A little variety.
A serious interest in surfing or surfers. Come on, Bobby.
A surfboard was about 9 feet long, weighed about 50 pounds.
A vacation?
Absolutely correct.
According to my scorecard, we're just about even now.
Adorable? It's strange.
After all that surfing, her hair, perfectly dry.
After we bought these bikes with your credit card.
Against our best guy. Yeah!
Ah huh ah, ah huh ah ♪
Ah huh ah, ah huh ah ♪
Ah huh, ah huh ah ♪
Ah huh, ah huh, ah huh uh ♪
Ah, I guess I got lucky, huh?
Ah, what the hell, it's late.
Ah, yeah.
Alan! You the man.
All I need is a nice, few waves out there
All over, all over, all over ♪
All over, all over, all over... ♪
All right ♪
All right, all right, wait a second.
All right, all right.
All right, good work. Yeah, good work. 18 bucks?
All right, honey. okay, I'm coming in.
All right, I will.
All right, kid, so you got a point.
All right, men, there's the clock!
All right, okay.
All right, that's it. I've had enough.
All right!
All right!
All right.
All the good times we used to have here.
ALL: Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
ALL: Ska, ska, ska ♪
Almost. Bobby...
Although she did develop this one little quirk.
Am I dead? No.
Am I mistaken, or is this the plot to Gilligan's Island?
Am I now officially a troubled child from a broken home?
And again and again ♪
And again and again ♪
And can be pretty grouchy sometimes.
And dance the pony right here on this very table.
And don't tell me you came here for a party permit.
And drank enough Stunned Mullets
And finally realized we all needed a break.
And find a new home, new wardrobe
And find out what's going on.
And he never surfed again.
And he'll be back.
And he's been living with me for six months,
And he's never been the same since.
And how is Mr. Excitement this morning, huh?
And I am God here, right? PUNKS: Yeah!
And I love it.
And I mean anything on wheels.
And I promise, I'll raise Bobby as if he were my own son.
And I see, on the horizon,
And I thought you know what it means too.
And I walk ♪ I walk ♪
And I wind up making 18 bucks for the day!
And I'll never, never, never wash it off.
And I'll shimmy ♪ Shimmy, shimmy ♪
And I'll twist ♪ I'll twist ♪
And I'll walk ♪ I'll walk ♪
And if I were a goody two shoes like you,
And if not, can I be now?
And if that just inconveniences you a little, well, too bad.
And in clear violation.
And it keeps getting gross and squishy,
And it was fun, fun in the sun, sun, let's go ♪
And it was fun, fun, in the sun, sun, let's go ♪
And it was fun, fun, in the sun, sun, let's go ♪
And it was fun, fun, in the sun, sun, let's go ♪
And it's so big that Annette, Annette, Annette.
And lead the board. Don't let the board lead you.
And look at this.
And make a nuclear reactor.
And make her look pretty like the rest.
And maybe a new Don't you dare
And maybe, just maybe,
And now all I gotta do is go out
And now they're going to be here for God knows how long.
And now you go out the window!
And put the zip back in his marriage.
And Sandi and Michael decided on a Christmas wedding.
And shake your hips ♪
And swing your arms ♪
And swing your arms ♪
And thanks for showing us your little toys.
And the beat touches the ground and the surf's in town ♪
And the contestants are going to be judged
And the toilet seat is up! I knew it!
And the wave touches down and the sun all around ♪
And the wave touches down and the sun's all around ♪
And then I'll make him suffer.
And then it just disappears.
And there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for him.
And they fly, and I'll fly ♪
And they fly, and I'll fly ♪
And they had really bad attitudes,
And they shimmy, and I'll shimmy ♪
And they twist ♪ They twist ♪
And they twist, I'll twist ♪
And they walk ♪ They walk ♪
And this seems to be... Pigskin. Thank you very much.
And was at the breaking point.
And was my new hero.
And we thought he was dead.
And we thought we'd see your new place.
And we trust that as mature adults they'll understand this.
And we'd like you to say a few words.
And we'll get back to you as soon as we can, okay? Bye.
And we're going to party wearing our P.J.'s ♪
And were incredibly rude and dangerous.
And when you catch a wave ♪
And who said you can never go home again?
And with an absolute certainty what's in there.
And yes, that's right, more shopping.
And you know it ♪
And you put the sucker in the women's john.
And you tell it well. Just speed it up.
And you're the Big Chihuahua!
And you're too sexy for words.
And your father is sitting,
And your feet touch the ground when the surf's in town ♪
And your mind in the summer is it real? ♪
And your point is?
And, of course, the winner and their friends
Annette says I can't have any fun. Are you fun?
Annette, honey, I am not my daughter.
Annette, I am going home. Are you coming now?
Annette, look at this.
ANNETTE: 2566.
ANNETTE: Bobby, you get down from there right this instant!
ANNETTE: For neatness really pays ♪
ANNETTE: He gets up on it, but it's too big.
ANNETTE: Here we go.
ANNETTE: Honey! It's all right,
ANNETTE: I hope the bags don't take too long.
ANNETTE: It's too late!
ANNETTE: Que será será ♪
ANNETTE: We got it.
ANNETTE: What did Sandi say?
Another drink!
Any suggestions?
Anyhow, they got married and moved to Ohio
Anything else? No.
Anyway, how are you fixed for bread?
Are going to have the right to the entire beach.
Are the memories that we're going to find ♪
Are we the corniest couple you've ever seen, or what?
Are we?
Are you nuts? You're the Big Kahuna, honey.
Are you saying that you don't like peanut butter?
Are you sure about this?
Are you sure you're okay?
Around our house, we have this nightly ritual.
As a matter of fact, only on our honeymoon.
As for Mom,
As if I have some control over this.
Aw, thanks, Kahuna. Give me a smooch.
Aw. If it wasn't Annette, Connie,
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba ♪
Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
Ba, ba, ooh maw maw, ba, ba, ooh maw maw maw ♪
Back in the Dark Ages, when you were a teener,
Back in the good old days, huh? PUNK: Pajama party?
Bam! Chicks flying everywhere.
Bbbbbbbbbirrrrrrd ♪
Beauty is as beauty does, that's what wise men say ♪
Because I can't break her legs.
Because I, too, am looking special tonight.
Because she'll have to enjoy a good joke.
Because then you get blamed, right?
Believe this?
Besides, every time he's got me cornered,
Best boards on the beach.
Bet you these would be easy to sell, huh?
Bird, bird, bird, the bird's the word ♪
Bird, bird, bird, well, the bird is the word ♪
Birrrrrrrrrrrd ♪
Board! Huh? Look.
Bobby is a tougher name than Shirley.
Bobby, come get your lunch.
Bobby, come on, before we lose him.
Bobby, dear, I hope you're not being any trouble.
Bobby, did I ever tell you the time when I was surfing...?
Bobby, get over here now, and I mean now, mister,
Bobby, no one's afraid of lunch.
Bobby, you're getting mixed up with the wrong crowd here.
BOBBY: After 15 years, Dad sensed trouble
BOBBY: And although Mom wouldn't recognize stress
BOBBY: As for me, I developed a serious identity crisis
BOBBY: Dad went out that night
BOBBY: Gee, Dad turned out to be pretty cool
BOBBY: It means he worries a lot,
BOBBY: It was useless.
BOBBY: It's not that he's a creep or anything.
BOBBY: She became the first pinup queen for boys under 12.
BOBBY: This is my dad now.
BOBBY: Uh oh. Here we go again.
BOBBY: Well, Mom's theory was swell,