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Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 is a highly entertaining musical comedy film that was released in 2015 as a sequel to the popular movie Pitch Perfect. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the film follows the journey of the all-female a cappella group, the Barden Bellas, as they compete on an international stage.

The cast of Pitch Perfect 2 is filled with talented actors and actresses who bring their characters to life with humor and charm. Some notable cast members include Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, the talented and independent member of the Bellas, Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, the hilarious and confident member of the group, and Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale, the sweet and lovable singer.

In the film, the Barden Bellas face the challenge of rebuilding their reputation after a rather embarrassing mishap during a performance in front of President Obama. In order to regain their standing, they enter an international a cappella competition where they go up against fierce rivals such as the German powerhouse group, Das Sound Machine.

Throughout the movie, the Bellas strive to find their own unique sound, deal with personal and group dynamics, and overcome various obstacles to prove their worth on the international stage. They go through rigorous training and learn to embrace their strengths as individuals, which ultimately helps them come together as a cohesive unit.

Pitch Perfect 2 is not just about the competitive world of a cappella; it's also a story of friendship, empowerment, and finding your voice. It beautifully blends humor, drama, and incredible musical performances to create a movie that is both fun and heartwarming.

If you are a fan of a cappella music, you will surely enjoy the exceptional musical performances throughout the film. The Riff-Off, a battle of vocal acrobatics and mash-ups, is particularly delightful. You can play and download these amazing sounds here to relive the magic of Pitch Perfect 2.

This movie is a great choice for anyone who loves a good laugh, uplifting music, and a feel-good story. It is a joyful celebration of the power of music and the strength of friendship. Pitch Perfect 2 is a must-watch for fans of the original film and anyone looking for an enjoyable and entertaining cinematic experience.

So, gather your friends, grab some popcorn, and get ready to sing along with the Barden Bellas as they take on the world in Pitch Perfect 2.

A $42,000 gift card to Dave and Buster's.
A bunch of ethnically diverse,
A ca wiedersehen, bitches.
A German collective, operating in concert to create sonic mastery.
A German group of total professionals.
A girl can't say she's going to grab...
A heated mess.
A man who was knighted by Queen?
A minute. You got one minute. 60 seconds.
Aah. Besties.
About the badge.
Actually, though,
Actually, you're pretty late. Come on, let's go.
Adam, turn around.
Again, we're talking about her...
Ah, yes, the World Championships of A Cappella,
Aim higher, people. Okay?
All eyes were on the a cappella singers, the Barden Bellas.
All I do is win, win, win no matter what
All I've ever wanted is to be one of you.
All night long Let me see that thong, baby
All of the coaches at my disposal.
All right, come on in.
All right, grab your guts, ladies.
All right, here you go, buddy.
All right, I got this. I got this. I got this.
All right, let's go. Into the house.
All right, the next phase of my life...
All right, then. Well, why don't we start with you?
All right, um, hear me out.
All right? Right.
All right.
All right. Have a good one.
All right. Okay. Well...
ALL: (CHANTING) Bellas. Bellas. Bellas.
ALL: Aubrey.
ALL: DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja.
ALL: DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja.
ALL: DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja. DSM. Ja.
ALL: One, two, three. Bellas for life.
ALL: Yeah.
Although authorities have ruled out terrorism as a motive,
Always I'm surprised how well you Cut my feelings to the bone
Amazing singers.
America loves me.
AMY: All right. Let's do this.
AMY: Aubrey. FLO: Aubrey.
AMY: Avert your eyes, or take it all in.
AMY: Bumper, I'm coming.
AMY: Coming out like froyo now.
AMY: Culture, design, history.
AMY: Give me that neck.
AMY: Guys, what happened?
AMY: Oh, guys, I've got a little...
AMY: Oh. Well...
AMY: She says she's Asian Jesus.
AMY: Somebody bring a s'more.
AMY: Thanks, Chloe.
AMY: That guy? But he was pretty crap...
AMY: Wait.
AMY: Whoo.
AMY: Yes. CYNTHIA: Yeah.
An incredible performance once again from the German group.
And a cherry on top
And a few dozen bear traps.
And a huge bowl of exotic capers.
And a round thing in your face
And all the green belts wrapped around our minds and endless
And all y'all can come.
And also a rocket ship that Eminem has built.
And also, the economy...
And be like, 'Why is the most talented one Australian?'
And be very careful what you pitch to me next.
And because I sleep on a bed of Grammys,
And besides in the mean, mean time I'm just dreaming of tearing you apart
And every time I step up in the building
And everybody else in here is an intern.
And everyone loves a good bloe.
And guess what?
And he was so moved by the power of music...
And I give myself to you.
And I have a...
And I love being a Bella. I'm just so stressed out...
And I loved deeper, And I spoke sweeter,
And I need to win back my man.
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I think you all know what I mean.
And I was super excited to hear what else you had...
And I'll never get to solo at Lincoln Center, you know?
And I'll tip the waiter
And I'm gonna shove you in your vintage bassoon case.
And I'm leaving tomorrow. What d'you say?
And I'm not talking about crop dusting Chloe and Beca right now.
And I've met three of The Wiggles.
And if they can just hold off...
And if they don't,
And if we don't win the Worlds, there will be no more Bellas,
And if we're still reigning champs,
And is made to eat only leaves and gas receipts.
And it is amazing.
And last night, they were off point,
And let me, let me, let me guess, let me guess.
And not with those weird buttons they wear in their earlobes.
And now I really must go rest my neck.
And now I'm going to reward her by listening to her demos.
And sitting here to my left...
And taking a break from their national tour.
And that's it. That's the end of the speech.
And the key is stashed up my bum. Because...
And the pride of Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers.
And then I'm gonna be your mother...
And then, every night,
And though the road is long I look up to the sky
And though the road is long I look up to the sky
And we build bears,
And we can put them on our bed that we share.
And we're about to do a full skills assessment...
And when we do,
And who knows what's gonna happen?
And without the Bellas,
And word is she has a five octave vocal range.
And you girls can win it.
And you keep telling me, Telling me that you'll be sweet,
And you name one 'Bumper' and I'll name one 'Fat Amy,'
And you should definitely not drink it...
And you, America.
And you. And you. And you.
And you'll all be pregnant soon. Mmm.
And you'll never want to leave my side, As long as I don't break these...
And you're a cat. (GROWLS)
And you're awesome.
And you've really upset these people...
And yours will be bigger than mine and it'll be cute,
And, of course, representing America, the embattled Barden Bellas.
And, you know, with the singing...
Another promise, another scene, another.
Another verbal beatdown.
Any first day jitters?
Any ideas? Because I...
Anybody but you.
Anybody right now would be great.
Anybody to talk... What if we got those dogs...
Anyone have a T shirt, size extra small?
Anyone who doesn't, sing an E flat.
Anyone who wants her in, sing a G sharp.
Anything on the radio, basically, right? Right.
Apologize for that.
Are we just gonna ignore what happened back there?
Are you asking me out?
Are you crying?
Are you ready, or... (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING)
As a part of a trick. He does magic.
As far as I can tell, it's just for a bunch of old people.
As in, you gone. And then...
Ashley, what are you gonna do after...
At times like these, there's only one thing for us to do.
AUBREY: Okay, so let's begin.
AUBREY: Trust your team.
B B B Be careful making wishes in the dark, dark
Ba du bop, ba duba dop, Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Back in my day, we put on our blazers and we just sang.
Barden Bellas. You came here to see us?
Beca out. (MOUTHING)
Beca, do you know how awesome you are?
Beca, the sign. (BECA SCREAMING)
BECA: All right. Safety first, Flo.
BECA: Are we?
BECA: I'm starving.
BECA: It's just everything's changing so fast...
BECA: Just need to find, like, a taller pair of shoes.
BECA: Not cool, guys.
BECA: Oh, Chloe, I'm coming for ya.
BECA: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
BECA: Okay,
BECA: Okay, shake it off.
BECA: That just looks weird.
BECA: This is the worst.
BECA: We all have to, eventually, Chloe.
BECA: What the hell? I'm stuck.
Beca. BECA: Yeah.
Because I hurt my arm saluting the flag.
Because I'm not gonna keep going on like this.
Because if we fail this, then we won't win the Worlds,
Because it sounds like you're implying...
Because it turns out, like, I'm totally...
Because no one cares about the Korean group.
Because she insisted that George Michael was gay.
Because when the Bellas hit the stage, we are gonna blow minds.
Because with the wink, and that's what...
Because you're barely holding it together.
Because, it turns out, I have nothing to say.
Because, Treblemakers, you gone.
Becs in effects, y'all.
Bellas. Bellas. Bellas.
Bellas. I'm so glad you all came. Come on in.
Bellas. Welcome, welcome, welcome.
BENJI: Did I hear mention of dreams?
BENJI: Emily. Yeah.
BENJI: I give you our next album cover.
BENJI: Yeah, it's great. We'll put it to a vote later.
BENJI: You got no votes, man. You're not in the group, so...
Best days of your life.
Boobs should never be trapped.
Build A Bear Workshops together,
Bumper, what's going on?
BUMPER: Benji. I'm sorry.
BUMPER: Go home, little girl.