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My Little Pony: A New Generation

My Little Pony: A New Generation

"My Little Pony: A New Generation" is a heartwarming animated film that brought delight to fans of the beloved franchise. Released in 2021, this enchanting movie follows the adventures of a new generation of magical ponies, captivating audiences with its colorful animation, memorable characters, and delightful storyline.

The film introduces an exciting cast of characters, each with their unique quirks and endearing personalities. The main protagonist, Sunny Starscout, voiced by Vanessa Hudgens, is an optimistic and curious pony who embarks on a quest to restore friendship and unity to the land of Equestria. Supporting Sunny is Izzy Moonbow, voiced by Kimiko Glenn, an imaginative and creative pony with a zest for life. Additional characters include the no-nonsense Pipp Petals, the kind-hearted Zipp Storm, and the inseparable duo Hitch Trailblazer and Sprout. With their diverse personalities and admirable values, the cast of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" brings the magic of friendship to life on screen.

The film is not only a delightful visual experience but also features an incredible soundtrack that adds depth and emotion to the story. Composed by Daniel Ingram, the music captures the essence of the My Little Pony world and enhances the emotional moments throughout the film. From uplifting musical numbers that celebrate the power of friendship to tender ballads that tug at the heartstrings, the score of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

Fans of the film can enjoy the wonderful sounds of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" by accessing the original soundtrack. The songs are available for download and can be streamed on various platforms, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments and sing along with their beloved characters. Whether you're looking to brighten your day with an energetic tune or need a soothing melody to uplift your spirits, the soundtrack of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" offers a range of musical experiences to cater to everyone's tastes.

So, dive into the magical world of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" and join Sunny Starscout and her friends on a journey filled with laughter, friendship, and adventure. Immerse yourself in the beautifully animated visuals, captivating storyline, and enchanting music that make this film a true gem in the My Little Pony franchise.

Remember, you can play and download the sounds of "My Little Pony: A New Generation" by visiting our website [insert website link]. Discover the joy and magic of this wonderful film with its memorable cast, incredible soundtrack, and heartwarming story. Let the songs carry you away to a world where friendship knows no boundaries and dreams come true.

A dancing game. Seriously?
A friend who could fly
A glow up?
A special prize calls for a special competition.
A tube of glue, 14 gooey bunnies
A vulnerable young pony.
A warrant is out for the arrest of the princesses.
Actually, for once I can't, because there's so many!
Actually, there is something I wanted to tell you.
Actually, what if you're all right?
Adventure? I'm in! Yee hoo!
After the shocking revelation that the royals cannot fly.
After this whole escapade is over with,
Ah! Oh.
Aha, there you are, Sunny.
Aha, you just said everypony.
All eyes will be on her, especially my mom's.
All right, citizens, calm down.
All right, suit yourself.
All right, Sunny, let's go.
All right. Sprout, you stay here while I'm out dancing with danger.
All right. We need to arrest her
All those psychic unicorns out there are going to be out of luck
ALL: Ah!
ALL: Aww!
ALL: For Equestria!
ALL: Hooves to hearts!
ALL: Ooh.
ALL: To be prepared!
ALL: Wow!
Alphabittle, look out!
An earth pony.
And all three ponykinds will get along again!
And bring back magic.
And bring her back to face the full force of the law.
And by the way, I leave all the brainwashing
And can be again.
And confiscate the book.
And how to live in harmony.
And I challenge you for that.
And I'm here to uphold it and keep everypony safe.
And if they ever try to come back to Maretime Bay,
And it's all thanks to your love and encouragement.
And like I always say,
And maybe one day, we'll figure it out together.
And once Pipp starts singing, my mom will be so caught up,
And once we do, you'll get to fly,
And so should you.
And someday the both of us will meet unicorns or a pegasus
And that is so not cool.
And that.
And they never used their magic against each other.
And this is my friend.
And this just in an exclusive vid from Pipp
And three jellybeans.
And trust me, it is heavier than it looks.
And we deployed the shield.
And we'll be best friends forever!
And why is that again, Phyllis?
And you are?
ANNOUNCER: It's the moment you've all been waiting for.
ANNOUNCER: What can you do? Round two.
Another earth pony!
Any ideas, Zipp?
Anypony care to explain?
Are you sure about all this?
Aren't you tired of being scared all the time?
Argh, that hurt.
Argh! Arghhh!
Argh! It's a unicorn!
Argh! She's already reading our minds!
Argh! Unicorns!
Arresting you. And saving you.
As pegasi painted rainbows across the sky.
As the founder of Canterlogic,
At least for now.
Attack our enemies!
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Hey, we don't need any of them round here!
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Sunny, you're just embarrassing yourself!
Aww, little Sheriff Hitchie came trotting back wah!
Back to work, Glitter Cupcake!
Because if we just go back to Maretime Bay...
Because it's a lie.
Because you are brainwashing their minds
Before the celebration, Cloudpuff needs his pedicure,
Besides, they don't even have any magic!
Better hurry...Sheriff.
Big shout out to all my fans, the PippSqueaks.
Big talk for a little pony.
Both ponies agree best out of three.
BOTH: Hoof to heart.
BOTH: Up high! Down low! Hitch it to a post!
BOTH: What?
Break's over, Bubblegum McGinty!
Breaking story. Zephyr Heights is in turmoil tonight
Bring forth the Ultimate Challenge!
Bring friendship back.
But after that, nothing will stop me!
But But, Your Majesty,
But everywhere I go, I just make things worse.
But first, you need to tell me about this.
But I will need a box of macaroni,
But I won!
But I'm a sheriff!
But I'm just so tired of living that ridiculous lie.
But if he wins, we'll lose both crystals!
But it could be anywhere!
But it's time to go home now.
But it's up to us.
But not as much as you guys!
But of course you know that already.
But please, just let us try.
But that was many, many, many moons ago.
But that's not why I brought you down here.
But the important thing is that you stand up for what you believe in.
But the pegasi are bad news.
But the real jewel in the crown will be Princess Pipp's performance.
But the unicorns and pegasi can be.
But we are here to bring it back.
But we can bring magic back!
But we have a duty to protect our citizens.
But we need that crystal.
But what about the unicorn crystal?
But what if they don't?
But when do you think my workers
But yesterday you were only the sheriff.
But you should know I'm actually glad you're here, Hitch.
But, hey, we can play the game your way if you want, Sunny.
But, Izzy, you'll get your magic.
But, Mommy, I'm in charge!
But, oh... Oh, hey,
But, um, I just gotta clean up my workspace,
By giving magic back to our enemies? Uh, let me think.
By zapping 'em with lasers and frying 'em to a crisp.
Bye bye.
Bye! It was nice to meet you all!
Can get back to making Canterlogic products?
Can I ask you a question?
Can we send it?
Can we try that again?
Can you actually fry pony brains with a single horn zap?
Cease fire!
Check it out, PippSqueaks, live from the castle...
Citizens of Maretime...
Come get warm.
Come on, everypony.
Come on, let's go. Show's over, Sunny.
Come on, now, everypony.
Come on, stupid stick.
Come on, Sunny, what did you think was gonna happen?
Come on.
Come on. If I only had a match.
Come out with your hooves up and surrender.
Cos it was all just make believe.
Critters! Get my crystal polish ready, would you?
Crystal! Crystal!
Crystal! Crystals!
Dad, tell them that's not what they do.
DAD: I think it's our duty.
DAD: One day, the princess summoned her to the castle
DAD: The unicorn was very bright...
Daddy! Daddy! The magic is real!
Deputy, to the lighthouse!
Did I just agree with a pegasus?
Did she just say dungeons?
Do earth ponies also like staring contests?
Do pegasi wear horseshoes or do they just weigh you down?
Do they eat pizza? If so, what toppings do they like?
Do they look like enemies to you?
Do unicorns really live in trees?
Do you have any idea how many bylaws you broke in there?
Do you see anypony flying here?
Do you see my mouth still moving? That means I'm still talking.
Don't even think about it.
Don't listen!
Don't tell them you saw me.
Don't worry, Mommy. When I become sheriff,
Don't worry! I could solve that cube puzzle in my sleep.
Don't worry. Sheriff Sprout is here.
Don't you trust me at all?
Earth ponies are serious about games.
Earth ponies hate unicorns.
Earth ponies of Maretime Bay,
Earth ponies watched in wonder
Earth ponies were wrong about unicorns.
Earth ponies, take the lead!
Earth pony jinx. Something stinks.
Er... Look! A flying dog!
Every year you try to sneak in and every year I stop you.
Everypony happy now?
Everypony just magically welcomes unicorns and pegasi
Everypony knows that only royals can fly, of course.
Everypony stop.
Everypony thinks the pesky pegasi had something to do with it,
Everypony wants to hear from you.
Everypony who's anypony will be there,
Everything you believe about pegasi and unicorns is wrong.
Exactly. Other ponies look up to you. You can help.
Except the royal family.