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Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III is a classic horror movie that was released in 1982. It is the third installment of the Friday the 13th film series, directed by Steve Miner. This slasher flick became a cult favorite amongst horror enthusiasts and has left a lasting impact on the genre.

The film follows a group of friends, led by the courageous Chris Higgins, portrayed by Dana Kimmell. Seeking solace in a lakeside cabin, their peaceful escape quickly turns into a nightmare when they are pursued by the infamous hockey-masked killer, Jason Voorhees, played by Richard Brooker. As each character falls prey to Jason's relentless pursuit, tensions rise, and fear takes hold.

The cast also includes Paul Kratka as Chris's boyfriend, Rick, and Catherine Parks as the lovable prankster Vera. Joining them are Tracy Savage as the flirtatious Debbie and Jeffrey Rogers as the carefree prankster Andy. The film also features a memorable performance by Larry Zerner as the eccentric prankster, Shelly, whose actions inadvertently lead to the resurrection of Jason.

The chilling score of Friday the 13th Part III was composed by Harry Manfredini, who skillfully crafted a soundtrack that heightens the suspense and horror on screen. From the tense moments of anticipation to the heart-pounding chase sequences, the score expertly captures the essence of the film's terrifying atmosphere. Fans can relive these horror-filled moments by playing and downloading the haunting sounds of the film's soundtrack.

Friday the 13th Part III added a new dimension to the slasher genre by introducing the iconic hockey mask as Jason Voorhees' signature look. This visual element has since become synonymous with the franchise, forever etching itself into the annals of horror history.

The film's 3D effects were also an innovative feature for its time, immersing audiences in the grisly murders and adding an extra layer of fright. From the infamous harpoon shooting towards the screen to Jason's intense encounters, the 3D technology enhanced the terrifying experience for viewers, making it a definitive entry in '80s horror cinema.

Throughout the years, Friday the 13th Part III has garnered a dedicated following and remains a beloved favorite among horror aficionados. Its influence can still be felt in contemporary horror movies and shows, as it set a precedent for slasher flicks to come.

To truly immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Friday the 13th Part III, fans can play and download the chilling sounds of the film's original score. From the menacing footsteps of Jason to the spine-tingling creaks of the cabin, these sounds will transport you back to Crystal Lake and send shivers down your spine. So be brave, enter the world of Friday the 13th Part III, and experience horror at its finest.

A beautiful girl like you should never go out in the dark alone.
A few minor repairs, it'll be good as new.
A hammock?
A police spokesman told Eye On News
Ali is gonna be pissed, he sees you screwing around.
All I can remember next
All I want is to just forget it, but I can't.
All of her friends...
All right.
All right.
All right. Be right back.
Always spoiling my fun.
And are afraid that their gruesome discovery is just the beginning.
And cursing me.
And every year, he buys all this hay but no horse.
And find Fox.
And he attacked me with it.
And he pulled me down on the ground.
And he said that he wanted me to have this. This.
And I get no help from you at all.
And I like you.
And I like you. Most of the time.
And I'm here to give away money.
And I'm not skinny enough.
And my feelings really don't matter.
And now's the place, if you know what I mean.
And now's the time
And standing there was this hideous looking man.
And then when I get back in, we'll talk, okay?
And then you get on top of me, or I could get on top of you.
And was taken to a local hospital today.
And would you put that filthy animal back where it belongs?
Andy, Debbie, are you guys up there?
ANDY: Check it out!
ANDY: Hey, Debbie, can you hear me?
ANDY: I don't wanna go home. This is fun.
ANDY: We gotta get rid of it. Eat it.
Andy! Yeah?
Andy? Debbie?
Andy? Did you hear me about that beer?
Andy? I changed my mind.
Andy? Is that you?
Anybody here?
Are still unconfirmed at this hour.
Are they following us? No!
Are you guys doing something I shouldn't see?
Are you still out there?
Aren't you hungry? Come on, it's good.
As if it were happening right now.
Away from here.
Be a man, man.
Because I want you to.
Being a jerk is better than being a nothing.
Between you and Shelly, I'm lucky I haven't had a heart attack already.
Bodies were found literally strewn
Boy, are you dumb.
But from the minute we got here,
But he just doesn't understand.
But he ran after me and he caught me
But I don't like it.
But I found a dry spot under an old oak tree.
But I kicked the knife out of his hands and I ran.
But I'm gonna go outside and take a look around.
But it wasn't our fault.
But not when you act like a jerk.
But the footsteps stopped.
But this is a little more than I bargained for.
But this is the sweat of a worker on my forehead, not of a lover.
But when you dropped me off that night, it was very late.
But you just keep sneaking food behind my back.
But you've gotta quit doing those things.
By the brutality of the killings.
Can I buy you two guys a beer or something?
Can I use your car?
Can't that be enough for now?
Charles Dickens, ladies and gentlemen.
CHILI: Andy! Deb...
CHILI: I'm not going to let anybody hurt you.
CHILI: What happened to him? VERA: Is he dead?
Chris, come on down.
Chris, stop the van. Stop!
Chris, why'd you come back here?
CHRIS: I must have been daydreaming. I didn't even see him.
CHRIS: It's my father's idea.
CHRIS: What is it?
Chris? It's all right. You're all right.
Chris. Chris, wait up.
Chris. SHELLY: It was just a joke.
Chuck, you back already?
CHUCK: [WHISPERING] Maybe that wasn't him.
CHUCK: Gee, thanks. I feel a lot better now.
Chuck? Chili?
Come on, Debbie, how about a little roll in the hay?
Come on, I'll take you home.
Come on, let's get home.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on, let's give him some of his own medicine.
Come on, let's move it.
Come on, you guys.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on!
Come on. I'm warning you, Andy.
Come on. If Edna catches you in here,
Come on. Let's go. Ginny.
Come on. We'll be all alone.
Come outside and help me with the bags.
Cool it, Andy.
Could you just slow down, please?
Could've at least finished the job.
Cut it out.
Damn it, it's that battery.
Damn it, Shelly!
Dayfly eggs?
DEBBIE: Don't you dare! I'm not ready!
DEBBIE: I can't hear you.
DEBBIE: I know.
DEBBIE: No, they'll see it.
DEBBIE: You almost ran over him!
Debbie? You guys up here?
Destroy the evidence! Hurry!
Detectives at the scene, however, were baffled
Did I do something wrong? Did I?
Did I hear you screaming?
Didn't have to go to the bathroom every five minutes.
Didn't I feed you enough for supper?
Didn't you, Shell?
Didn't your mama teach you manners?
Do I have to do everything around here?
Do you give up? [LAUGHING] Never.
Do you want a beer or not?
Doesn't look like anything's changed, though.
Don't do that to me!
Don't let it get to you.
Don't look at him.
Don't touch him, Andy! RICK: Don't move him!
Don't you even say hello anymore?
Eight corpses have been discovered
Even the paintings are still crooked.
Every year, he makes plans to buy a horse
Everybody else has taken off and left us.
Everything is so clear in my mind,
Excuse me, but I believe that's my wallet.
Faster! Eat faster!
Fourteen straight weeks in a row.
Fox. Loco.
GAME SHOW HOST: That's not the end.
Get off that thing.
Get up!
Ginny Field miraculously survived
Give me something to scream about.
Go play with yourself. I'm going into the house.
God damn it, Harold!
God damn it, Shelly!
God damn it! I'm gonna get you!
Good, Jason.
Good. Here. You drive.
Great shortcut, Rick.
Had no comment about the murders
Harold, I swear...
He doesn't know any better.
He doesn't know what happened.
He dragged me along the ground.
He had a knife.
He wanted me to warn you!
He was so grotesque, he was almost inhuman.
He went too far this time.
He's dead!
Heavy shit!
Hello, Rick. How are you?
Help out the ambulance. I'll get the crowd.
Here, look. I'm eating.
Here, take this in the barn and start pouring.
Here, take this. Let me do it.
Here, you get the ones inside. I'll get the ones off the top.
Here. Go down the cellar and check the fuse box.
Hey, Chrissy. How much further to the lake?
Hey, come on, you guys.
Hey, he looks just like my grandfather.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, let me go with you!
Hey, hey, hey. What are you so nervous about?
Hey, I dropped your wallet.
Hey, kiddo. Don't let your imagination run away with you.
Hey, now cut that out right now. That's not funny.
Hey, that was a 20!
Hey, the van's on fire!
Hey, wait up!
Hey, you better watch out with that thing.