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Next Friday Soundboard

Next Friday Soundboard

Next Friday is a 2000 American stoner comedy film and the sequel to the 1995 film Friday. It is the first film to be produced by Ice Cube's film production company Cubevision. This film also received negative reviews. The first film was produced by the film's production companyCubevision.
See also: Friday After Next, Next Friday (soundtrack), Friday (1995 film), Friday After Next (soundtrack), Friday the 13th (franchise), and Friday (franchise).

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
About to start a little puff puff give in this mother fucker #puff puff #weed #smoke pot #pot #blaze #420 #ice cube
But you're standing there just looking and shit. Do something hugging this shit, just standing there.
Come on buddy, over your ticket. Have that movie.
Cool. Is that out there with today's car?
Crazy. Supposed to be 1000 feet away from my house that you're going over here.
Do you all know baby? Did you don't know. That's why you're looking at me. Because you don't know baby D.
Every time I com in the kitchen, you're in the kitchen #kitchen #kitchen #every time i come in the kitchen
Fucking my dog. Let's see you fucked up now featuring my appetite.
Hell no #hell no #nope #not cool #mike epps
Hey, so what's wrong with my bed? What you do to my dog, fool?
I feel 5 pounds lighter #dump #poop #weight loss #lighter #bathroom
I wouldn't recommend anyone going in there for 35 45 minutes #bathroom smell #public restroom #35 45 minutes #poop smell #next friday
It's Mr
Let's say y'all go over there together and tag team do that shit.
Look, hold it. See. The fuck?
Pinky scared #pinky scared #pinky #dont kill me #take it all #i got kids
Pinky's store #pinkys next friday #ice cube
Say another motherfuckin word..
Say hello. To my little friend.
Stanky booty ass little boy.
This ain't bad, right?
Wait a minute. I'm going to get my shit.
Well, again, motherfucker.
Well, I'm going to show you how we do it up here and binkies.
What are you doing here?
What up day date?
Where is Craig and Dayday? I don't know.
Will you bring your ass?
Yeah, Craig, you got to have a little money to live out here.
Yeah. Takes a baby, Dee. OK, all is good. Eat this.
Yes. When can I come and see you fuck your neighborhood up? You can't.
You can't live in this house without a job, so try to think about that. Is that got me? Jesus.
You family, I love you.
You feel, I mean, nagging. I feel you. Well, let me in.
You fucked them up for life. He's scared.
You still got your illegal cable.
You were going to use it anytime you want.
You won't die. We squirt today, fool. Yeah.
Your House will be seized and auctioned. Tomorrow at 9:00 AM.
Your original aunt picked 6 numbers. She used the weight, I think.