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WWE: John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth: Survivor Series 2011

WWE: John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth: Survivor Series 2011

Unfortunately, WWE: John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth: Survivor Series 2011 is not a movie, television show, or song. It is actually a professional wrestling match that took place at the Survivor Series pay-per-view event on November 20, 2011. This particular match was highly anticipated and garnered a lot of attention from WWE fans around the world.

In this tag-team match, the iconic duo of John Cena and The Rock joined forces to take on the team of The Miz and R-Truth. The Miz, whose real name is Michael Gregory Mizanin, is a professional wrestler and actor who gained fame through his appearances on the reality television show "The Real World" before transitioning to WWE. R-Truth, whose real name is Ronnie Aaron Killings, is also a professional wrestler known for his high-energy, charismatic persona.

John Cena, whose real name is John Felix Anthony Cena Jr., is one of the most recognizable and successful wrestlers in WWE history. He has won numerous championships and has become a household name, even branching out into the world of acting. The Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson, is another wrestling legend who has achieved incredible success both in the ring and on the big screen. With his larger-than-life personality and charisma, he has become one of the most beloved figures in entertainment.

The match itself was a thrilling encounter that showcased the athleticism and skill of all four competitors. The intense rivalry between the teams added an extra layer of excitement, as The Miz and R-Truth were determined to prove that they could defeat the formidable alliance of Cena and The Rock. The crowd was on the edge of their seats throughout the match, erupting in cheers and jeers with every high-impact move and near-fall.

While the outcome of the match may be well-known by WWE fans, reliving the excitement is always an enjoyable experience. If you are interested in rewatching or downloading the sounds from WWE: John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth: Survivor Series 2011, you can do so by visiting the official WWE website or various streaming platforms that offer access to archived wrestling events.

Overall, this match was a memorable moment in WWE history, bringing together some of the biggest stars in the wrestling world. It showcased the spectacle and athleticism that has made WWE such a beloved form of entertainment for millions of fans worldwide. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the electrifying action of WWE: John Cena and The Rock vs. The Miz and R-Truth: Survivor Series 2011.

A couple of times,
A Money in The Bank ladder match winner.
A tag team champ, United States champ,
After Miz knocked him out and R Truth attacked him outside.
All right, ook at Cena again,
Always frequent events of Madison Square Garden.
And a kick out at two.
And a kick out.
And a kick out.
And a kick out.
And Cena is not sure where he is.
And Cena is sent back to his corner.
And Cena, another near fall for Awesome Truth.
And Cena.
And do something.
And force the break.
And he got it.
And help his partner out.
And here we go again, hooking the leg and again,
And here's into the cover,
And here's Miz,
And I understand Kevin Nash got involved,
And it's could be it.
And listen to this impact.
And look at Miz.
And Miz Truth completely taken by surprise.
And now it's R Truth going for the ride,
And now it's R Truth planting Cena
And now, sharp shooter.
And R Truth and Rock outside the ring,
And R Truth did what he had to do.
And ready for this matchup here tonight.
And that right there, like I said, that's something else.
And The Rock is cooking.
And the teaming of Cena and The Rock,
And then he laid Truth down.
And then the Rock had to get involved.
And then to The Miz.
And there's a cheap shot to Rock,
And there's the AA.
And this is vintage Cena.
And tonight let's see if they can work with each other,
And tonight, never before, never again.
And Truth showing off as well.
And watched that happen.
And you know that Orange is watching this one
Another five, 10 minutes of this,
Another one from The Rock.
Are we gonna see once again?
Arnold one of the all time greats,
As a unit and as a team has been evident for Truth and Miz.
As far as The Rock and Cena goes,
As he rolls through.
As I mentioned,
As John Cena starts rolling.
As Miz trying to drag himself to the rope
As they work the double team on Cena.
At least, it was seven years ago,
At one side of the ring, right there.
At this present time.
At this very event, the man known then as Rocky Maivia,
At WrestleMania, payback is gonna be,
Because I just don't see The Rock stepping in for a second,
Because John Cena is gonna whoop his you know what,
Because let me tell you something...
Because they are working on the same page,
Because, like I said, he's the best thing
Being dragged back to the corner
But he ain't moving real quick at all king.
But he's making no effort to get in there
But it was also the night that John Cena
But it's not nothing that can get you in shape
But still they won that match up.
But The Rock looks great,
But what we haven't really talked about,
But what's gonna happen when the next chapter
By then I was in the wrong possession.
Can Miz take advantage of the moment
Cause he's dangerous when he's like this.
Cena and The Rock.
Cena is about to go out.
Cena is done, it's over now.
Cena is totally out of it after that beating.
Check out the foot work.
Check this out one more time
Check this out.
Clean house, get this victory.
Come on.
Coulda got a three count.
Couldn't quite get him into the AA position,
Did you know on that night, The Rock had it?
Don't he see his partner in trouble.
Don't play with John Cena
Don't waste no time Truth.
Don't waste no time with them.
Don't waste no time.
Everything out of his arsenal here.
For that squared circle.
For the careers of Miz and Truth here tonight guys.
For Truth and Miz if they are victorious here tonight.
For what happened earlier,
Get me back in. Get me back in.
Get me back in. Get me back in.
Get your victory here and move up the ladder.
Going right now to me.
Great move by Miz.
He feeds off of that.
He laid the smack down on Truth,
He likes to win all the time.
He ready to go tonight against The Miz.
He really don't care about John Cena.
He wants to get that final tag and come in there,
He's here to prove something tonight.
He's impressed.
He's looking for that tag now.
He's not making a tag,
He's standing right there in the middle of the ring.
Here in The Garden,
Here it comes.
Here's R Truth again.
Here's the cover, hooking the leg on Miz.
Here's the cover, hooking the leg,
His moment.
Hooking the leg and again here.
Hooking the leg on Cena, got it, and kick out.
Hooking the leg on John Cena.
I did not think The Rock will be in this good shape,
I didn't think they can coexist.
I don't think you ever beat Rock, ever.
I hate it, you know better love to love him
I mean, he was all about what he believes in.
I mean, he's a prima donna, I'll give it to him.
I mean, it's great like I said,
I mean,The Rock is walking the hell out
I think everybody saw something special in that young man.
I think he's trying to show up John Cena,
I want him.
I want him.
I want him. Give me him,
I'll let you do the honors king.
I'm anxious to see what will happen
I'm gonna tell you John Cena,
I'mma tell you that right now, he's very selfish.
Icons of two Generations passing that night.
If he can't make it to the corner.
If he wins or loses this match or not.
If this don't work out.
If you don't wanna get in the ring and get some,
In all of entertainment.
In seven years in the middle of that ring.
In that department right there.
In that Survivor Series matchup 15 years ago,
In the ego department.
In the history of this business.
In the history of this business.
In the tank to cover.
In this match up for Cena.
Into the cover, hooking the leg on Cena.
Is he gonna do it?
Is The Rock just rubbing it in Cena's face.
It was at WrestleMania 20.
It was the Rock's last appearance in the ring,
It will tell a whole lot about The Rock.
It's a scam, they're gonna come into play right here.
It's entitled "You Suck". It's the remix.
It's gonna be over.
John Cena and The Rock make this a Survivor Series
John Cena just lifted up.
John Cena.
Just keeping John Cena totally, you know,
Just should have leaned on it a little bit more.
Just waiting on his moment.
Keep it locked.
Let's not forget what a victory would mean
Let's see what Truth's got against The Rock.
Like I said,
Like I said, The Rock is just over there,
Like The rock, The Rock is a very selfish person, man.
Long rivalry between these two men.
Look at Miz go.
Look at Miz, Miz screaming, screaming,
Look at Rock trying to get in and Miz.
Look at that boy getting wicked.
Look at The Rock go.
Look I'll just take the fight to you.
Looking to put Cena away,
Looks like he hadn't miss competing.
Made his first WrestleMania appearance,
Man you gotta love it. [Michael] look at this.
May have him here.
Miz and R Truth could just keep John Cena isolated,
Miz and R Truth doing a great job.
Miz and Truth got a huge advantage right there,
Miz and Truth have had a beef for months
Miz has accomplished so much.
Miz putting him away.
Miz, tag from R Truth.
More and more importantly. [Michael] You think.
No, and a kick out at two.
Not even the same book.
Not really too much caring about his partner right now.
Now Awesome Truth has Cena right where they want him.
Now Cena.
Now known as the rock made his debut in "WWE".
Of that apron right now.
Of this rivalry is written.
Of Triple H as the general manager of Monday Night Raw.
Oh boy.
Oh man.
Oh my God.
Oh, it did just dropped it on that, boy.
Oh, look at that, look at the power of Cena
Oh, that's not where he wants to be.
Oh, the people's elbow.
Oh, wait a minute.
Oh, yeah.