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Andre The Giant Soundboard

Andre The Giant Soundboard

André René Roussimoff, better known as André the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. He wrestled for All Japan Pro-Wrestling, usually alongside Giant Baba, until his sudden death in 1993.
See also: Andre the Giant Has a Posse, André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, André the Giant–Hulk Hogan rivalry, André the Giant (film), Big Show, and WrestleMania III.

Alternaria is all over. Hey, how about getting here? How about getting your foot off my shoulder? Girl.
And I'm glad I come over because since the old cars, they won't me if they want. And Fuji, if you want to you get me for the rest of the tour. I will be all over. I'll be in the ring. And I've been...
Are you understand English or no? I told you that one time.
But now I'm more than happy to be back in the ring.
I just want to make everybody happy.
I'm sorry, do you speak English? Andre, where do you come from? None of your business.
Look at this picture up here again. That's all.
One of if not the greatest drinker that ever lived #drinking #booze #alcoholic #greatest drinker #weekend
Three years to be a champion, that's a long time.
You got the giant, the only professor of the Westfield still undefeated.
You look at me when I'm talking to you. I'm now for one reason. To challenge you for a World Championship match in the WrestleMania.
You talk too much and that's why I want to tell you anything. That's none of your business and that's all.
You want me to speak in English? I would speak in the way in the rest of mania. Four. Wow.