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Extras - Season 2

Extras - Season 2

Extras is a British television series that aired from 2005 to 2007. Created and written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, the show follows the misadventures of Andy Millman, an aspiring actor trying to break into the entertainment industry as an extra.

In Season 2, Andy, played by Ricky Gervais, continues his quest for fame while facing a series of embarrassments and humiliations on set. The stellar cast includes Stephen Merchant as Andy's hapless agent, Darren Lamb, and Ashley Jensen as his quirky best friend, Maggie Jacobs. Guest appearances from A-list celebrities add to the comedic moments, with the likes of David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, and Orlando Bloom making memorable cameos.

With its clever blend of cringe-worthy humor and insightful commentary on the entertainment industry, Extras Season 2 provides an entertaining and satirical look at the struggle for success and the elusive nature of fame. If you're in the mood for some laughs, you can play and download the sounds from this hilarious series here.

A big fat hairy silver backed gorilla or a Thomson's gazelle?
Ah, Andy Millman.
Although you're happy to tell me when you're sleeping in your car
Always know when to cut your losses. Let's go.
And charity events, just begging forgiveness.
And he used to sing in the operating theatre.
And if he does, it'll be the best thing that happened to this company
And it's due to people like that. All right?
And made it a lowest common denominator sort of comedy.
And now for your delectation, may I present Gobbler and Kimberley
And tell Count Fuckula. Oh, yeah, he loves him.
And then I insulted you and you made me take it back.
And you need to have a bath, then you can't keep your mouth shut,
Anyway, give me your number. We'll meet up again.
Anywhere you want to go, up to say a maximum value of £15.
Apparently Vernon Kay uses that.
Are you friends?
Are you having a laugh? Is she having a laugh?
Are you sure you can come to the pub?
Arundall Court, opposite the BP garage.
As you know he's thinking of investing in us.
Barry and I were scouring the internet and we found a glowing review of your sitcom.
Barry keeps you talking whilst you and I get down to it.
Barry, don't look round, right,
Because one of the patients he was operating on
Because the BBC have interfered and sort of chased ratings
Bits of it were funny.
Boobs! Jilly, look. 58,008. Boobs!
Both. Get both. Anyway, always nice to see you, mate.
Budge up a bit, Linda. Thank you.
But I don't look like a Punchaganowno.
But I'm still not sure you should have let Gobbler organise
But mention the 20 in any anecdote slagging me off.
But this you're keeping shtum about?
By something from The Hills Have Eyes.
Can I just say that I think you're the most amazing comedy actor on television?
Can we come in 'cause we're getting no action out here?
Can you just step away from the rope?
Can't do that every day. Say it's, I don't know, three months of leaving me alone.
Career's over.
Catchphrase and wig and the jokes are lame
Ching Chang Chinaman covered in shit!
Ching Chang Chinaman didn't know how
Ching Chang Chinaman milked a cow
Ching Chang Chinaman pulled the wrong tit
Chubby little loser
Chubby little loser
Come on, go, go!
Come on. I've got more in common with David Bowie than this rabble.
Considering your average is probably what, 20p or something.
Darren Lamb, agent to the TV actor Andy Millman,
Did he ask you to come over and say that?
Didn't get round to it. Oh, no. "When The Whistle Blows.
Do the face, then. Do the face. Do the face.
Doing Chekhov at the Wyndham, just been nominated for an Olivier Award, so...
Don't hold...
Don't look at me like that. Little bit of good news here.
Don't really care about his opinion.
Er, "Perhaps it's unfair to judge a sitcom on its first episode,
Everybody reads heat.
Excuse me.
Factory floor, what a chore Another week's graft
Fatso takes his own life
Fatty takes his own life
Finally, a little bit of respect.
Get a picture, get a picture, get a picture.
Give me that.
Go and get a drink. I haven't got any money now.
Got to do something with his mornings, hasn't he?
Have you had any phone calls at all?
Haven't you got anything else? Have you got like a quid?
He blows his bloated face off
He blows his stupid brains out
He sold his soul for a shot at fame
He's a little fat man, pug nosed face See his pug nosed face
He's banal and facile He's a fat waste of space
He's banal and facile He's a fat waste of space
He's got no style He's got no grace
He's one of the seminal artists of the last 35 years, doing work tantamount to genius,
He's so depressed at being hated
He's so depressed at being useless
Hello, mate, all right? How's it going? Darren Lamb, agent. Nice to meet you.
Hello, you all right? I didn't realise. Are you, um... Are you still...
Hello. Need any help here?
Here, I tell you this, if you like his show, you'll love this.
Hey, pug, pug, pug, pug
Hi. A pint of Fosters and a dry white wine, please.
Hold on, I've got to go. Quick, quick, quick, Jilly.
How much was it? 220?
Huh? Yeah. That was actually him, yeah. Come down.
I can't hear you, love. Come over here.
I can't stop, mate. I'm going to the VIP area.
I do come past here quite a lot, so we'll count that as a few goes.
I don't know why it's your concern is what I'm...
I don't think you can equate yourself to David Bowie.
I found you laughing to yourself once, and I said, "What are you laughing at?"
I know, but you'd have to catch it first because they're like...
I know, they see you on telly and they all want to be your best mate.
I know. I was in there a minute ago. I was a VIP a minute ago.
I mean, he was actually a qualified surgeon if I'm not wrong.
I mean, it's not exactly how I meant it to be
I spoke to her earlier. I think there's a bit of a vibe, right?
I tell you who's not having a laugh, the public.
I think I've got one here, actually. Sorry. Can you just hold that?
I thought I'd moved into an old people's home.
I used to come here a lot a few years ago. I don't know if you remember me,
I'd rather win the respect of my peers than get big ratings and everything...
I'll never get over this. I'll just spend years and years
I'll probably say, "Don't ask Andy Millman for money
I'm actually flicking through the phone book and I'm pointing my finger on a random page
I'm already annoyed with you, giving it backchat.
I'm Andy by the way. I live here, obviously.
I'm appalled, I can't... This is scandalous, Barry.
I'm getting a bit of hassle out here. Can I just pop myself down there?
I'm giving you 20 quid to sit there in those spare seats.
I'm going to get a drink.
I'm gonna go and talk to her.
I'm just saying I couldn't do that...
I'm sorry. It seems that beggars can be choosers.
I've got to fuck it. I never stop. Oh, yeah.
If I want an opinion, it won't be a snotty little reviewer,
If I was being kind, I'd say it was a mixed bag.
If it does, whose fault's that?
If you want to chase ratings, that's great.
If you're gonna have this attitude, I don't want it.
In front of a couple of nobodies like this. No disrespect. Unbelievable.
Is he having a raugh?
It will take, I swear to God, 10 minutes max. I can get everything done in that time.
It works even without the wig or the glasses. Can you do the catchphrase?
It'll be the people that count, the man on the street.
It's bad.
It's difficult, innit? When they...
It's not rude. It's stupid. It's ignorant.
It's poor, it's rubbish, you know. It's... It's shit.
It's quiet and they treat you well if they recognise you.
It's the same seat! It's actually the same seat for 60 quid!
It's you that's making them waggle.
Just do the catchphrase!
Just got a bad review off a bouncer.
Ladies, pardon us, can I just introduce myself?
Leave it.
Let's get down to business, who wants Barry off East Enders?
Let's go and sit next to David Bowie. He's not getting any hassle.
Let's not bring the mood down. You're ruining it again. I'm still in the frame.
Let's not talk about business, mate,
Let's not talk about that now. Let's not bring the mood down now.
Let's see it.
Like he's not gonna come over and gloat.
Little fat man who sold his dream
Little fat man, pug nosed face See his pug nosed face
Look at that!
Love it.
Mr Bowie, can I just say that we're both very big fans?
Mr Yamaguchi. Hello, hello.
Mum said he did such a good job she gave him a £20 tip.
My mistake. Unbelievable.
National joke
Neither of you are interested in Barry, so obviously I choose the fit one.
No disrespect to you. We all go back to mine.
No one's bloody laughing
No worries.
No, I haven't got the wig on me, no. No.
No, no.
No, no. Bad suggests that, you know, it's evil or something. You know, it's not...
No, not chubby little loser.
No, not that specific man.
No, sorry. That's a mistake. No, I didn't mean that. Sorry.
No? All right, Bar, forget it, mate.
No? Last night, BBC One?
No. I don't know.
No. There are some oldies in there, some over 40s, but they're quiet.
Not really. This is the VIP section. Can you step away from the rope, sir?
Not when they dragged in the mash, we didn't.
Now I'll have to start giving money to the homeless.
Now I've got to walk past him again. You...
Now, I don't want you and your team mucking things up for me.
Oh, be fair, Ray. She wasn't that bad. We all loved her milky puddings.
Oh, don't be daft.
Oh, God. Look, David Bowie.
Oh, good. I mean, do you want a hand?
Oh, he'll love this.
Oh, I'm all done covered in
Oh, I'm sorry. You're turning down work now, are you?
Oh, my God. Unbelievable. Don't look.
Oh, Pete, I've got to go, mate, because life's too short.
Oh, so are we. Amazing.
Oh, the wig.
Oh, walked too fast.
Oh, yeah? What do you do?
Oh! Not amazing!
Oh! She's moving into my block.
Oh... Yeah. I didn't... Changed your...
Okay, cheers.
Okay? Yeah, see you.
Okay. How many have you got?
Or you could walk home, pocket the cash, you've made a sweet, sweet profit.
Pathetic little fat man
Pay well?
Pete, what's your favourite catchphrase? He's only here.
Pint of Fosters.
Porridge, toast, kids, car Bloody school gate
Pug, pug, pug, pug
Pug, pug, pug, pug
Pug, pug, pug, pug
Pug, pug, pug, pug
Pug, pug, pug, pug
Quick little sit down, energy, back into it.