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True Romance (1993)

True Romance (1993)

True Romance is a cult classic film released in 1993, directed by Tony Scott and written by Quentin Tarantino. This action-packed romantic crime thriller tells the story of Clarence and Alabama, portrayed by Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, who embark on a dangerous journey after stealing drugs from the mob. As they try to sell the drugs while being pursued by a cast of unforgettable characters, chaos ensues, showcasing Tarantino's signature style.

The film boasts an incredible ensemble cast including Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, and Samuel L. Jackson, each delivering memorable performances that further enhance the film's gritty and intense atmosphere.

With its mix of dark humor, explosive violence, and unexpected tenderness, True Romance has gained a passionate following throughout the years. If you are a fan of this mesmerizing soundtrack, you can easily access and download the film's original score, composed by Hans Zimmer, alongside its vast playlist of songs from various artists.

If you're ready to immerse yourself in the world of True Romance, you can play and download these captivating sounds here. Whether you're reliving the film's thrilling moments or discovering it for the first time, the sounds of True Romance are sure to leave a lasting impact.

A Sonny Chiba triple feature.
A Vietnam movie?
Actually, I don't like The Partridge Family.
Ain't she the sweetest goddamn thing you ever saw in your whole life?
Alabama is moving on to some greener pastures.
Alabama, where's our coke? And where's Clarence?
ALABAMA: all of your money problems are gonna be over.
ALABAMA: Amid the chaos of that day...
ALABAMA: Can I peek?
ALABAMA: Have you gotten your mail yet? Well, no, my roommate Floyd...
ALABAMA: Hello? Hi.
ALABAMA: Hi, I'm Alabama. DICK: Clarence, you look good!
ALABAMA: I should.
ALABAMA: Is he supposed to be a good guy?
ALABAMA: It's a helicopter.
ALABAMA: Oh, wow!
ALABAMA: Sure, why not?
ALABAMA: Sweetie!
ALABAMA: Sweetie!
ALABAMA: The bottom of the ninth, Mr. Worley.
ALABAMA: The Oriental?
ALABAMA: Whoo! Woo!
ALABAMA: Yeah, just a little bit, I'm not much of a wine gal.
ALABAMA: You have got popcorn all over you.
All I got is fucking Floyd.
All right, all right. It's all right. Elliot knows me.
All right, he's kind of paranoid, I didn't tell you nothing.
All right, I am turning the lights on. Okay, open them.
All right, I'm Marty.
All right, peep this.
All right, so what did you tell him?
All right, this is my friend Dick Richie's number and address...
All right! Here we go!
All right?
All right? I mean, I'm not putting him down, here.
All right? If I had time for a courtship, Lee, I would.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. No more Mr. Fucking Nice Guy.
All those assholes make are unwatchable movies from unreadable books.
All you're going to find is this right here.
Almost four years.
Along with his pimping and other affairs...
Always have, always will.
Always have.
Always will.
Am I correct?
Am I lying?
And a million bucks! Small bills! And fast!
And all day long I'm seeing and hearing people doing exactly...
And all it says is, Dear Clarence, because I couldn't write any more.
And besides, Floyd smoked the second page of the letter. Okay?
And by the way, I ain't gonna be alone. I'm bringing my lovely wife.
And Clarence, he can do whatever he wants with it.
And Coming Home in a Body Bag, that was a fucking movie.
And guys you don't know. And more importantly, they don't know you.
And he knows it.
And he snagged this coke, but he's a good cop with a wife and a kid.
And he wants a sample bag.
And he'd say:
And he'll talk to you. If after talking to you he likes you...
And hop onto that waterbed. And watch X rated movies...
And I can't believe I didn't look under the fucking bed.
And I don't want anybody else.
And I feel really goofy saying this...
And I know where you live.
And I need you and your abilities to distribute it.
And I never thought to ask.
And I really wish somebody would just come to my rescue and everything will be all right.
And I think you make a real cute couple.
And I would make a million dollar bet that Alabama is at the same address.
And if you don't believe me, you can look it up.
And it won't ever get that good again.
And just tell him what's what. And if he tells you...
And later on in the story, he gets in this fight with this Nazi bastard.
And maybe one day, when I start being a successful actor...
And on that TV over there, since you've been in the room...
And once you leave town, I wouldn't even worry about it.
And she had a half ****** kid. Now...
And sometimes Clarence asks me what would I have done if he had died.
And that envelope right there, it's some pay off money.
And that things would be much like they are now.
And that's the last I saw of him...
And the Kraut, he grabs hold of the chain.
And then you go, and you keep driving and you keep driving.
And to do that, we've gotta show in court, beyond any reasonable doubt...
And we know something is rotten in Denmark, because this guy...
And when it comes to relationships...
And when's he coming back?
And you got access to all kinds of money and shit like that.
And you guys just settle this by yourselves.
And you're not going to fucking believe what he's got to say.
And you've already given up your shit.
And your great, great, great...
And, Floyd, why don't you get out of my beer and get a fucking job?
And, Lee, you're no idiot.
Answer me!
Anything else?
Anything happens, we'll be there like fucking gangbusters, okay?
Apparently, I'm not as dumb as you fucking think I am, am I?
Are you speaking of my beautiful, charming, sexy wife, Mrs. Alabama Worley?
As if I'm not going to satisfy him with a response.
As long as you're not at the scene of the crime...
As the sun sets slowly in the west we bid you a fine farewell.
Ask me that one a little bit later.
At the Beverly Ambassador.
Babalu, you were perfect.
Bama, I gotta ask you a question. Who and what is a Drexl?
Bama, you really got that playing basketball?
Basically, Clarence, guys I don't know.
Because I'm your son.
Because you could have been a real dick.
Because you looked like a nice guy.
Because you...
Being that's what you have.
Boris, be nice. Make everybody some coffee. Okay?
Boris, get me another cup of coffee, will you?
Boris, get me another cup of coffee, will you?
Boris, please. I'm meeting people right now, okay?
Boris, shut the fuck up! We're all going to die here, these are cops.
Boris, we got all kinds of sandwich shit back there...
BORIS: I need an ambulance!
BORIS: Lee. What?
BORIS: So, they're cops. Who gives a shit!
BORIS: We could kill all of you and you fucking know it.
Both of you put the fucking guns on the floor now!
Bring the whole fucking cast, all right?
But don't expect me and my friends to hang around forever...
But every once in a while it goes the other way too.
But he works as an assistant to a very big movie producer named Lee Donowitz.
But I always do.
But I know exactly where your white ass is coming from.
But I think I love you.
But I'm fairly confident you're just here to do business, so look.
But I'm not in that position.
But if I did eat some pussy...
But knowing you and me, we can jump on any one of those planes out there...
But slow it down, man.
But the boss, he's a pretty nice guy. He lets you borrow money...
But the dream was real...
But what I have to offer you, that's as good as it's gonna get.
But what makes you think that I would do that?
But you're telling me everything.
But you're the last person in the world that I expected to see this morning.
But your son, fuckhead that he is...
But, until that day, I ain't got nothing. All right?
But, well...
By the way, have you seen your lovely little wife today?
Bye, Daddy!
Bye, Daddy. Hope to see you again soon.
Call girls have pimps.
Can't breathe?
Cancun, why Cancun?
Choose a fucking lane!
Clarence and Alabama Go To Cancun. Don't you think?
Clarence says we got to go.
Clarence Worley?
Clarence, do you have any idea how difficult that is going to be?
Clarence, he didn't do anything, what the fuck are you ?
Clarence, it's great to hear from you, what's going on?
Clarence, what the fuck did you bring that for?
Clarence, you are without a doubt
Clarence, you are, without a doubt, the dumbest motherfucker...
CLARENCE: all of his money problems are gonna be over.
CLARENCE: Anything stronger?
CLARENCE: Dick, this is Alabama. Alabama, this is Dick.
CLARENCE: Did I ever tell you how much I hate airports?
CLARENCE: Elliot wasn't supposed to tell you anything.
CLARENCE: Hang on a second.
CLARENCE: Holy shit, look at this. Do you believe this?
CLARENCE: How long have you been living here?
CLARENCE: I can't see.
CLARENCE: I just want to make sure we got everything. Here I go.
CLARENCE: I mean, in that movie he couldn't give a fuck about nothing...
CLARENCE: I said get on your fucking knees! DICK: Clarence, what the fuck?
CLARENCE: I was only playing around, I just had to be sure.
CLARENCE: Is that what these are? Dailies?
CLARENCE: It'll get you high. What?
CLARENCE: Just great stories, great characters, beautiful artwork.
CLARENCE: Me too, Boris.
CLARENCE: Mr. Donowitz?
CLARENCE: Tell him as of tomorrow ALABAMA: As of tomorrow
CLARENCE: Thanks. Thanks a lot.
CLARENCE: Top of the morning to you, Mrs. Worley.
CLARENCE: Uh, tomorrow.
CLARENCE: Well, Lee, it's like this.
CLARENCE: What's this one called, anyway?
CLARENCE: Yeah, that is a great issue.
CLARENCE: Yeah, the one in black.
CLARENCE: You had a pimp?
CLARENCE: You know, Lee, most of these movies that win a lot of Oscars...
Clarence. He's sick, man.
Clarence's purple Cadillac, parked in front of your trailer yesterday.
Clean clothes.
CLIFFORD: Clarence...
CLIFFORD: I can, but I don't.
CLIFFORD: Your ancestors are ******s.
Coca leaves.
Cody, on three.
Come again?
Come back with something that tells me where that asshole went.
Come here! I look fucking ridiculous! Get up! Laugh it up!
Come on, Alabama. We're taking off. Kiss Pops goodbye.
Come on, Clarence. Don't insult me, just call me Lee.
Come on, come on! Come on!
Come on, Dick.
Come on, eat something, you'll feel better.
Come on, everybody, don't be shy. Come on in. Come on in.