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Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted (2007)

Enchanted is a whimsical and delightful movie released in 2007 that combines the magic of classic Disney animation and live-action storytelling. The film follows the enchanting tale of Giselle, played by Amy Adams, a fairy-tale princess who is banished from her animated world to the bustling streets of modern-day New York City. As Giselle navigates through the unfamiliar realm, she encounters Robert, a charming divorce lawyer portrayed by Patrick Dempsey, who helps her discover what true love really means.

With its enchanting storyline, catchy songs, and stellar performances, Enchanted is a captivating family film that charms viewers of all ages. The movie boasts a talented cast that includes James Marsden as Giselle's fairy-tale prince, Nancy Tremaine as Robert's girlfriend, and Susan Sarandon as the wicked Queen Narissa.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Enchanted - you can play and download the delightful sounds of this movie here.

A baseball card?
A friendly hello or even a smile,
A ha!
A hollow tree?
A rat! Get it away from me!
About yourself. About your interests.
After a whole day of that, you still want to get engaged?
Ah, trolls are fine to pass the time, Nathaniel,
Ah! Giselle!
Ah! Put me down! You're crazy!
All I can do is let you in for a minute. Dry off, use the phone if you want to.
All right, everybody, don't crowd. There's plenty of copies for everyone.
All right, everyone, let's tidy things up.
All right.
All right. Bye bye.
All these years of troll chasing, trying to keep him from ever meeting a girl.
All this nauseating talk of true love's kiss.
Amazing, sire.
An inspired plan, Nathaniel.
And all this will go away.
And find out how she really feels about you.
And get her there. And make sure it's cheap.
And I got very lost, until I fell off of the castle.
And I thought, I'm so lucky. He's sensitive!
And I would never want to make you unhappy or cause you any trouble, so...
And I'm afraid nobody's been nice to me.
And I'm not sure at all where I am.
And if Pip hadn't been walking by to help,
And just think. Soon, you'll have a new mother.
And killed everyone?
And look.
And maybe something wonderful will happen.
And maybe that would reassure her of your affections!
And one day, you have to wake up and...
And poor, defenseless Queen Narissa,
And remember that you guys can come and visit Andalasia anytime.
And she would lose her throne forever.
And so they all lived
And so, she did all in her power to prevent the prince from ever meeting
And some girl is crying like we're on Oprah.
And thank you for the nice story.
And the Valley of Contentment. What is that all about?
And then I climbed out of this big, round hole
And then pour your heart out in a beautiful ballad.
And then she'll know for sure.
And then that's it! I can't get involved after that.
And then the old hag told me to...
And they all lived happily ever after!
And they both lived happily ever aft...
And they sparkle just like his. Mm!
And this beautiful lady is Giselle, the love of my life.
And we talk about ourselves.
And when the hands of the clock strike 12,
And you know how they are.
And you. It was so nice spending time with you.
Another chance? Do you think poison apples grow on trees?
Apple mar... Ooh! It looks yummy.
Are you at the edge of your seat, Giselle,
Are you crazy? They're birds. They don't know where she lives.
Are you in league with the wicked old hag who sent
Are you kidding me? It's so romantic.
Are you sure?
Around his grandmother's house and she had an axe. Oh.
As your attorney, Phoebe,
Aw. Maybe you'd like to snuggle in a nice little nook
Back to Andalasia, of course. To be married.
Back up and get ready for the main event!
Be careful. It's poisonous.
Because I deal with this every day.
Because I fell, down, down, down.
Because I honestly, I just can't handle it.
Because love... The lovey dovey version that you talk about?
Before we leave, there's one thing I would love to do.
Besides, people don't usually bring their children on dates.
Big trolls, little trolls. Trolls, trolls, trolls...
Blue? Oh, how did you know?
But a wish on your wedding day.
But all my wishes are about to come true.
But do you think Pip will be OK?
But dreams do come true.
But I must have looked very far
But I really should be going. You see, I'm going...
But I think she might be a real princess.
But I'm not.
But if you could find a way to give me one more chance.
But it doesn't have to be.
But lately I'm starting to feel
But never crazy. Ah!
But you must hurry. You must hurry. The magic will not work
But you'll be removed from the throne, Narissa. I will see to it.
But, not to worry, I'm certain that Edward is already searching for me.
But, Your Majesty, how exactly did you...?
But... but my heart longs to be joined in song.
By chance, have you seen my prince?
Can't find this place she comes from.
Cast me aside like so much royal rubbish! What?
Catch her, Daddy!
Come along, Giselle. I don't want you to miss this ending.
Come here and mess up my route? I'll tear you both apart!
Come on, it's going to be great. I promise.
Come on! OK, you mookses, move it! We have got a face to put together here
Come quickly. Quickly.
Come to rescue my lovely bride, the fair Giselle!
Could you...? I'm sorry. But could you just be...?
Daddy says it's only for emergencies.
Daddy, why is there a princess on the castle billboard?
Did help with the sewing.
Did you see that chipmunk?
Do I have to give up my bedroom?
Do we sacrifice all of the good times because of them?
Do you hear me?
Do you like it?
Do you...
Don't leave me.
Don't listen to that insane little vermin.
Don't pay any attention. Go back to your party.
Don't worry. My friends will do that.
Don't you have any self respect?
Don't you roll your eyes at me!
Don't you think that's a bit melodramatic, dear?
Doomed to be with another
Edward has a stepmother.
Edward is here!
Every word out of your mouth is no! It makes me so...
Everybody has bad times.
Everybody, scatter!
Excuse me. I'm gonna check on your cars for a second.
Excuse me. I'm sorry. Giselle? Please?
Eye! Eye! Eye Eye.
Falling off stuff?
Fear not, fair maiden. I am here.
Fear not, Giselle! I will rescue you!
Finally. Finally. I'm boiling in here.
For eternity.
For some grown up girl bonding time.
For the nice lady.
For the night, eh?
For your bride?
Forget happily ever after. It doesn't exist.
Formosus, praeclarus!
From a secret admirer.
From my silkworms and I spun it into thread on my spinning wheel.
Get away from me, Jerry! You disgust me!
Get back in here! Stop!
Get dressed, please. For school.
Get him up.
Giselle, Giselle, how about this for your statue?
Giselle, I don't think so. No.
Giselle, why don't we go home?
Giselle! You're back! You're back!
Giselle? Don't drink that, OK?
Give her some water. She's fine.
Go ahead, Pip.
Good morning, Phoebe. How are you? It's good to...
Good night, Giselle.
Good night, Morgan.
Good night, OK?
Good night.
Gotcha. Huh?
Great. We might be in the neighborhood of a settlement.
Guys, I got it.
Ha! I don't think so.
Hang on!
Happily ever after.
Have him pick you up, bring his horse.
He did not accompany this evening to dance the King and Queen's Waltz.
He is very brave.
He is.
He shan't, Your Majesty! I swear it!
He sings too.
He was here.
He was on the bus this morning.
He's probably eaten some bad nuts.
He's telling me something!
Hello, nice lady.
Hello, please open the door.
Hello, sir. Destination, please.
Hello, worthless. Miss me?
Help! Edward! Prince Edward, we need help!
Here you go, you get to carry the bag.
Here's some money. I want you to take it. Call your prince.
Hey, watch it, will you?
Hey! Get off the car, you nut!
Hey! That's cheating!
Hi. I need a car at 116th and Riverside, please.