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Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Live Free or Die Hard is a thrilling action film released in 2007. Directed by Len Wiseman, it is the fourth installment in the Die Hard franchise. Starring Bruce Willis as John McClane, a New York City detective, the story follows him as he takes on a group of cyber-terrorists who aim to cripple the United States. Alongside Willis, the cast includes Justin Long as hacker Matt Farrell, Timothy Olyphant as the ruthless villain Thomas Gabriel, and Maggie Q as the deadly assassin Mai Linh. Full of explosive action sequences and intense suspense, Live Free or Die Hard offers an exhilarating cinematic experience. Play and download the sounds of the movie here.

A few seconds. Stay with me.
A mutating algorithmic security code,
About all of it.
After 9/11, he's the guy that told Joint Chiefs the system was vulnerable.
All in one location?
All personnel must evacuate
All personnel must evacuate
All right, come on.
All right, everyone out. Now. Now.
All right, give me that information. Give me that name again. What is it?
All right.
All right. Let's get a better look at you.
All right. Put everything on emergency generators.
All right. Tell the guys at Homeland Security
All seven were killed in the last 24 hours.
All the lights are green.
All the... vital... technology... that... this nation... holds dear...
All those nickels and dimes they saved had meaning.
All you gotta do is go pick up a kid down in Jersey, drive him down to DC.
All your debts will be wiped clean and your children will be set for life.
Amtrak is flashing a level one crash in their com system.
An accessory to Armageddon.
And a... happy independence Day... to everyone.
And anthrax scares weren't enough for one day,
And because of that, you think I'm the bad guy.
And by the time you reach the end of the next block
And don't touch that, all right?
And frankly I don't give a shit no of fence
And here you go, Agent Tovarek. Guess that's you.
And his only hope is to get to a hospital right now. We can't wait.
And how's Holly?
And I bet you're still on hold with,
And I wanna be able to say that a year from now.
And I would love for you to see that.
And it gets worse.
And my dad's name is... is...
And obviously it's got something to do with whatever's going on here.
And proceed to the transportation shuttles immediately.
And since you're being hunted by assassins,
And that's a sexy voice. What's she taking us this way for?
And that's what makes you that guy.
And that's what makes you that guy.
And the chairman of the SEC.
And they wanted to see if it could be cracked.
And this guy's what? Your boyfriend?
And trip the alarm, it might alert Bowman.
And what's Woodlawn?
And, as you can see, canine units are checking each vehicle.
And, with just a laptop, hacks into NORAD and shuts down our defence network.
Another day in paradise.
Anthrax alarms only went off on five floors.
Anything that's run by computers, which today is almost everything.
Appreciate your concern. We're on it. Thank you.
Are you gonna be all right?
Are you nuts? Get outta there right now.
Are you really trying to escape?
As fast as you can.
As if the transportation breakdown
As you can see, we're using the space,
At that point the start up guys,
AV 81.
Aw, come on.
Banks, Wall Street, corporate records, government funds all of it.
Base, we've got a squad car under fire. We need backup.
Basically, a backup for the accumulated wealth of America.
Because my dad is my hero, and right now he is in my arms dying,
Been this way for a few minutes now.
Begin stage one.
Begin stage two.
Behave or I will hurt you.
Below that you'll need DOD clearance.
Besides, after all we've been through, I'd hate to have to beat you to death.
Better me than some outsider. Some religious nut job bent on Armageddon.
Bowman, it's a fake.
Bowman? Bowman, do you see that?
Bowman? Bowman, do you see that?
Bowman. He's got my daughter.
Bring up the schematics on that tunnel.
Buckle up.
Bullshit. It's always been about the money.
But he don't ease up cos he is committed.
But I assure you we're gonna get you out of there.
But I can't really turn the key, so you gotta start the car for us, OK? Please, Dad...
But I'm still alive, ain't I?
But not everything is run completely online. Major utilities aren't.
But somebody wants this kid dead,
But there's not. So we're doin' it.
But they definitely cracked our door.
But they don't use it in the main facility. Look.
But to shut it down you'd have to physically go there.
But we are neck deep in damage control right now.
But why there?
But you have your license, right? I mean, you can fly one of these things?
But, again, you'd have to do it manually.
But, John, I already know so much about you.
Calm down. Just calm down, big boy.
Camden base, 10077. Come back. Camden base, 10077.
Can I get you something? Coffee? A warrant?
Can she hear this? Lucy, hang up that phone.
Can you connect me to the pilot?
Can you help me get my wife...
CB radio? A little low tech for you guys, isn't it?
Chicks, right?
Christ! Goddamn hamster.
Chuck Summer, DHS liaison. White House made the call.
Clear a route for two FBI vehicles approaching on Concord.
Come back in.
Come on, come on. Stay close.
Come on, John.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Come on, Ma. How many times I gotta tell you, don't bring people down here?
Come on, man.
Come on, man. Come on.
Come on, pick up the mic, Freddy.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Government's gotta have dozens of departments dedicated to that shit.
Come on. If this were your fire sale, what would be your next move?
Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Let's go. Come on, let's go, goddammit.
Command centre. It's a basement.
Confirmed terrorist vehicle located in your sector. A big rig truck.
Contact Emerson. Tell him we'll be there soon.
Copy, dispatch.
Currently employing that template is the Social Security Administration.
Cut the bullshit, honey, and just put your boss on.
Dad, when I wanna talk to you
Dad. Stop it. I mean it.
Daddy... Daddy... Daddy...
Damn it.
Damn right you're going to bed alone.
DC feds wanna talk to you, so let's go.
DC feds wanna talk to you, so let's go.
DC Metro, this is the FBI requesting you to clear a route...
DC transportation system's crashing and they just hit the financial sector. All of it.
Destroyed his reputation, froze assets. After that he disappeared.
Destroyed his reputation, froze assets. After that he disappeared.
Detective, covering the camera with your hand does not turn off the microphone.
Detective. Yeah, that looks real. You get that at Toys R Us? Looks great.
Diagnostics show no damage, but this was an intentional breach.
Did I get a thank you? No, I got crucified. But they wouldn't listen.
Did you see that?
Do it.
Do you know what you're doing? Do you realise what this'll do to the country?
Don't be long. We're packing up soon.
Don't do that. You're gonna disable it.
Don't hesitate like that again.
Don't let that maniac get my daughter.
Don't move now. I'll send a doctor.
Don't tell these guys that I did that.
Don't worry. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other
Dude, I don't know. There's a lot rattling around up there. I couldn't tell you.
Dude, what are you doin' here? Cos of you, I'm rocking five generators to stay online.
Due to recent activity, law enforcement agencies are being cautious.
Dump truck. I'm not his dad.
Dvorak Tsajanski.
Each with a primary hub.
Electrical... power... critical... utilities...
Emergency services are on their way.
ETA 15 minutes.
Everything I've broken can be fixed if the country is willing to pay for it.
Everything is gonna be all right.
Everything you hear, every single day,
Excuse me.
Excuse me. I'm sorry, sir. Do you have anything to eat, any snacks around?
Excuse me. It's a police emergency.
Excuse me. Thanks.
FAA just issued a critical alert. Their ATC net just went down.
Farrell just resurfaced on the grid.
Farrell. Sully PDL ed the new copy of the Kill Zone Nine. Wanna check it out?
FBI, ma'am. Jersey field office.
Feds are headed this way.
Fence. Fence. Fence.
Find out what's going on.
Five... niner... two... November.
Fix it.
For the entire country'd take weeks unless you eliminated the congestion.
Freddy, goddammit, they have my daughter.
Frederick Kaludis.
Frederick. Didn't you hear me?
Gas and electric is divided into three zones Eastern, Central, Western
Get all that? That's right.
Get back in there.
Get down. Just hang on.
Get down. Just hang on.
Get in the car. Go, go.
Get in there.
Get me the secretary for trans and treasury on the line
Get outta the way. Make a hole, please. Come on.
Get over to the wall, sir. Feds called in a favour.
Get ready to run.
Get the HR team to stand by. We need to get to Woodlawn.
Get us a location on the vehicles and pull me up a file on this John McClane.
Get your head down.
Go again. Rodriguez. I didn't copy.
Go ahead.
Go on. Now.
Go take a look.
God, what are you... Oh, God!
Goddammit. Just stay down!
Goddammit. Matthew?
Golf... Tango...
Good morning, DC. It's shaping up to be a beautiful Fourth of July weekend.
Got a lot of shit for it when I was a kid. Please don't add to it.
Got it. McClane, where is Farrell?