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Planet 51

Planet 51

Planet 51 is a vibrant and captivating animated movie that takes viewers on a thrilling adventure through space. Directed by Jorge Blanco and released in 2009, this film offers a unique and hilarious twist on the typical alien invasion story.

The movie takes place on Planet 51, a seemingly peaceful and suburban-like world inhabited by little green creatures. The main character, Lem, is voiced by Justin Long, a talented actor known for his roles in movies like Dodgeball and Live Free or Die Hard. Lem leads an ordinary life as an average citizen of Planet 51, until the unexpected arrival of an astronaut named Chuck.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock," brings his incredible talent to portray the brave and tenacious astronaut. Chuck crash-lands on Planet 51, believing he has discovered a barren planet. Little does he know, Planet 51 is teeming with intelligent life. Chuck soon finds himself on the run as the fearful inhabitants of Planet 51 mistake him for a dangerous alien invader.

Alongside Lem and Chuck, Planet 51 features an incredible supporting cast. Jessica Biel lends her voice to Neera, a fiery and adventurous alien who becomes Lem's love interest. Gary Oldman, a veteran actor renowned for his diverse roles, brings humor and menace to the character of General Grawl, the leader of Planet 51's military forces.

Planet 51 masterfully combines comedy, action, and heartwarming moments to create a truly memorable movie experience. The stunning animation brings the vibrant and colorful world of Planet 51 to life, immersing the audience in a visually captivating environment.

If you're a fan of the movie or simply want to relive the excitement, you can play and download the sounds from Planet 51 here. Immerse yourself in the thrilling soundtrack composed by James Seymour Brett, filled with adventurous melodies and catchy tunes that perfectly complement the film's atmosphere.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the wonders of Planet 51. Join Lem, Chuck, and their charming alien friends on an unforgettable journey through space, filled with laughter, danger, and heartwarming moments. Play and download the sounds from Planet 51 to keep the magic alive forever.

A cork?
A harrowing ordeal at the hands of the alien monster.
A house, a car, two kids, they'll grow up and have kids.
A pleasure, General.
A universe of mystery.
Actually, it's kind of flattering.
Ah! Here it is, So, You've Been Invaded by Aliens.
Ah! Now, we'll have that brain out in no time.
Ah! There you are. I was just warming up for you.
Aliens are quite like us, except they have two sets of teeth,
All of these costumes! Sir, how do we find the alien?
All right, class, let's try it one more time.
All right, if you won't tell us,
All right, let's get these aliens to Base 9!
All right!
All right!
All we need is a safe place, that TV reporter,
Along with these three soldiers.
Am I a zombie now?
Amazing! The alien's brain is so powerful,
An alien invader spends over $500
An alien planet. Hello!
An astronaut.
An incision here and here,
And are bravely going about their normal routines.
And don't bother taking over my mind.
And don't forget to pick up your planetary yo yos.
And each galaxy has billions of stars,
And each galaxy has billions of stars.
And get it over with?
And graze Corporal Hisk.
And handcuff the big guy to the steering wheel.
And head back to the Kids' Choice Awards. I'm getting slimed.
And I think maybe you have, too,
And it contains, you're not going to believe this,
And it's not Chuck.
And just when you think that it means the end of everything you know,
And my... And my chest?
And next to that, our planet is just...
And now, I'm the most wanted super criminal in the world.
And put your hands in the air.
And speaking of survival,
And still, the only known intelligent life
And that smell...
And the rest of you, go to your homes and wait for instructions.
And then she says that, "Oh, that's so cute,"
And then we can all get on with our lives.
And this is a list of surrender terms.
And turn us into an army of zombies and destroy our world.
And why don't you just ask her out already,
And you give candy to your puppy so he'll poop jelly beans.
And you sent back pictures of rocks?
And, if it's number three,
And, like, eat our brains?
And... And my Humaniacs poster?
Any puff pastry, too. Thanks.
Are sparks flying or is this place
Are they hostile? Will our species survive?
Are we upset, really?
Are you considered very ugly on this planet?
Are you crazy?
Are you getting...
Are you kidding me?
As tro nau t.
As you can see, the army is taking positions,
At least you have a world.
Baby, tomorrow I go up in space, maybe never to return.
Bad boy! Bad boy.
Base destruct in 15 seconds.
Be a good boy,
Because he's got the right stuff.
Because I'm handsome? Because I'm an astronaut?
Before we begin, I have a technical question.
Besides, they're all the same.
Better let me do the talking.
BOTH: Command us, Master.
BOTH: Oh, wow!
BOTH: Victory or extinction!
BOY 1: My car!
Brains are for breakfast with cereal and milk.
Brains? That's right, brains!
But find that alien.
But give me a call when you get to the '60s,
But how did you get out?
But how? It's impossible without Rover!
But I need someone who doesn't always believe what he's been told.
But I suppose you could leave me stranded.
But I think I know who can. In the meantime at the landing site,
But I'm telling you, the unknown isn't something to be afraid of.
But it's also because of Chuck Baker's three steps to romance.
But Lem was about to ask me something.
But we don't know where it is.
But you didn't hear what I was gonna...
But, hey, they'll get by without a father.
But, no, I'm marooned here on this stupid rock!
But, uh, he's a zombie, and those two.
Call the General! Call the General!
Can you change your skin to this color?
Can you help me?
Captain Kisno, get everyone out of here.
Captain, get your men!
Captain, I want the whole base on red alert!
Captain, mobilize the army.
Captain, place me under arrest.
Captain, search the town. Go door to door if you must,
Captain, thanks for coming back for me.
Captain! Sir.
Chuck, come on!
CHUCK: (ON TV) ...going on a journey. Huh?
CHUCK: You really think you can get me on TV?
Circling that star is a planet called Earth.
Coffee, light, two sugars.
Come on, boys, let's track down this story.
Come on, Eckle. Go help your father.
Come on, Lem!
Come on, soldier. Take that hill.
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Come on. You knew about Neera.
Command me, too.
Corporal Hisk has orders to electrocute everyone.
CORPORAL: It's getting away!
CROWD: We're really upset! We're really upset!
Crush, kill, destroy. Bang, bang! Ha, ha!
Did I happen to mention I'm not ugly?
Did you just say what I think you just said?
Difficult to tell.
Dinner is organs and eyeballs.
Do you have any Frappuccino up here?
Do you still believe the alien is friendly?
Doc, that brain operation was inspired.
Don't look in its eyes.
Don't lose him, sir!
Don't move! ♪ I'm gonna tell Aunt Mary about Uncle John
Don't shoot! Don't shoot.
Don't you ever run off like that.
Don't your legs grow back?
Drop your weapon! You.
Each man has a designated target in the squad.
Eckle, this isn't a comic book, okay? It's serious.
Either your name is Lem, or you want to mate with me.
Eleven. We have 11 kids, always hungry. Yeah. Yeah.
Especially you, Bubbles.
Even yours!
Ever since we moved next door to you.
Everybody, please, that's ridiculous.
Everyone on board! Let's go!
Excuse me! General! He does go to the high school.
Excuse me.
FEMALE VOICE: (OVER PA) Base destruct, two minutes.
FEMALE VOICE: Attention, all personnel. Evacuate base immediately.
FEMALE VOICE: Base destruct, 60 seconds.
Finally! We've been looking for you!
Fire at will!
First of all, it's supposed to be uninhabited, okay?
Five, four, three, two, one.
Flarc, you were too slow. Go join the zombies.
For pod people, dial 2.
Gee, that would be a great honor.
General Grawl, you better take a look at this.
General, I know what you're afraid of,
General, over there. Aren't those comic books?
General, you must capture the alien alive and bring it to me.
General, you must save its brain!
Get in!
Get one of me looking up at the stars.
Get out of here.
Getting ready for our first close encounter
GIRL: I knew this would happen if we made out!
Give them their daily minimum dose of Chuck.
Give us a preview of what we'll learn.
GLAR: Upset we really are! PROTESTORS: Yeah.
GLAR: We're really upset! PROTESTORS: (APATHETICALLY) Yeah.
Glar's involved with something he calls "protesting."
Glar's just trying to say the aliens might be friendly.
Go on! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go get it!
Good going, boy!
Good shot, son.
Got you, alien! Victory or extinction!
Grab him!
Grab him! SOLDIER: Yes, sir!
GRAWL: Step away from the flying saucer!
Great hiding spot. I call the closet.
Great! Just great!
Guys! This is so Luke Skywalker!
Ha, ha! Hello, Plark, if that really is you.
Ha! Just as I thought. You're not Lem.
HAGLUG: Skiff, time to unpack the fake alien poop.
Hair. He likes it long.
Hang on, Chuck. We'll find you.
Hasta la vista, baby. You are terminated.
Have a nice day, Serbok,
Have your men search the flying saucer.
He thinks we've found him.
He's a probe we sent to take pictures of your world.
He's all yours.
Hello, Humaniacs!
Hello? Anyone here?
Hello? Are you there?
Hello? Are you there?
Hello? Yes, hello.
Hello. Not, "Hello."
Hey, baby.