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Waiting... (2005)

Waiting... (2005)

Waiting... is a 2005 comedy film directed by Rob McKittrick, delving into the humorous, chaotic world of restaurant servers. The story follows the misadventures of a group of eccentric waitstaff at ShenaniganZ restaurant. The cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, Justin Long, and Anna Faris, among others, who impeccably portray the quirky characters, adding to the hilarity of their on-screen antics.

With its relatable scenarios and witty dialogue, Waiting... offers a humorous and sometimes cringe-worthy look into the trials and tribulations of those patiently serving customers. Whether it's the absurdly demanding patrons or the eccentric colleagues, this amusing portrayal of restaurant life sheds light on the plight of the waitstaff.

Curious to relive the hilarious moments from Waiting...? You can play and download the sounds from this lighthearted comedy here, letting the jokes and restaurant chaos unfold in your own space. Get ready to laugh out loud as you join these characters on their wild serving adventures.

A ''to be continued...
A hit on my shit will make your eyes Chinese
A little fIoor spice makes everything nice. There you go.
About three months ago I just finished my shift, and I really had to take a piss.
AbsoIutely, sir. Yes.
Actually, more importantIy, how are you and Danielle doing?
Actually, we're still in high school.
Adds a touch of cIa
Ah, that's it. Good job, buddy. Nice one.
AIcohoIism, I'd be more than gIad to do it for you.
Ain't gonna be no bacon on the saIad, master.
AIso, if you wanna get out of the restaurant and chill out, here you go.
All I had to do was call and say, ''Hey. I'm horny.''
All right, guys. Here you go, Chet. You got a steak.
All right, see what Serena's doing right there?
All right, so I went to my mother's this morning.
All right? ReIax. I'm okay.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Attention, guests!
All right. Attention, guests!
All right. How about a little garIic saIt?
All right. How you guys doin'? Everything prepared okay?
All right. I really only have one thing I wanna talk about today,
All right. It's time to show the goat.
All right. That's all I have for you today.
All right. Then, thanks for being so mature about this and professionaI.
All right. Well, thank you, sir.
All that can be Learned in a few hours.
All you gotta do, pull down your pants real quick, show 'em the goods.
And Hey. You're not writing any of this down.
And be right over.
And bring me the check.
And by extra Iemon we mean enough for our waters and then some more.
And by the way, take whatever advice that she gives you with a big grain of saIt.
And clock mad digits
And Dean will be your waiter this evening.
And Dean, this is an expIoding offer.
And don't realize I'm doing it until someone sIaps me.
And from there
And furthermore, if I were to buckIe under the social weight of the system
And get as many women as you do?
And get to kick them in the ass.
And his mouth tasted just like buttermiIk.
And how about a couple of sundaes with some nuts on 'em?
And I hereby swear my undying allegiance to you.
And I hope you burn in hell.
And I know I don't wanna wait tables anymore.
And I might add, a hefty pay increase.
And I never get psycho!
And I will make sure corporate sends those to you.
And I'm at the urinal, just waiting for the flow,
And I'm convinced Natasha will be mine. Thanks for the advice, buddy.
And I'm gonna sing that bitch a fucking 187.
And I'm still finishing up at C.C., taking a few more classes.
And if they do, you ridicule them mercliessIy for being a fag
And it would end so quickIy, so abruptIy,
And just so you know, Hot Dog,
And make you squeeze 'em on your own cuts
And maybe when I come back we'll catch up a bit.
And she'll have a water.
And shut the fuck up!
And so on and so forth.
And tell us what to do.
And that's it.
And that's teamwork.
And the cooks, they just love it because every time
And the fact that I dumped you.
And the next time I tried to take a Ieak, I could've sworn
And then eventually to an actuaI urinaI.
And then fucking poof!
And then run the train on Amy.
And then suck my dick all in its glory
And then that's when I start hearing the voices.
And then when he looks, you call him a fag.
And there you go, foLks.
And these two fun Ioving pieces of wannabe gangster shit are Nick and Theodore.
And they know I'm having a difficult time taking a piss.
And we will certainIy do our best to make sure that doesn't happen again.
And we'll have you out on the floor by early next week.
And when employees date each other, unfortunately, it complicates things.
And when the dinner rush hits, we'll have him watch the training videos.
And with him came the penis showin' game you all like to play.
And with the other hand I'll doodle on some napkins
And you didn't even cry once, which is more than I can say for my Last trainee.
And you had to pick the day I offer you a promotion?
And you should be able to rely on one another when you're in the weeds.
And you take it and you make it fIat like paper, all right?
And you tuck it underneath.
And you! ''I don't know what to be when I grow up!''
And you.
And you're think you're so fuckin' cool because you write the schedule
And, bitch, you best give thanks before you eat my nuts
And, Let's not forget the power.
And, oh, Monty, do you remember why we stopped dating?
And/or balls which allow for more kicks.
Anyone who has anything different to say, Nick and T Dog will fucking fuck you!
Anything! Just have a fucking clue!
Anyway. Yeah. I just started my new career. They're starting me off at 48,000 a year.
Are you fucking kidding me? You know this place.
Are you gonna take the assistant manager job?
Are you gonna talk to her or hope you're never forced to make an actuaI decision?
Are you mad?
Are you okay with that?
Are you ready? Well, okay. Follow me.
As if by some form of sIut magic you'd appear. Now why is that?
As they say, membership has its privlieges.
Assistant Manager Jackoff.
Aw. Come on, now, dog.
Back here is the freezer. You'll find the meat
Bad news is we sing off key
Basically, I need you to be more like Dean here.
Basically, the entire restaurant was going through quite a downward spiraI.
Because at first, I really liked spending time with you.
Because I wasn't consuIted when the goddamn Laws were made.
Because it bears a striking resembIance to
Big round of appIause. He's earned it.
Birds of a feather fIock to vagina.
Blow me 'cause I'm an OG
Both have mustaches, which is a little weird.
Bus table 73 first, and then I'll give you the camera.
But as Long as I look happy while I'm doing it,
But did you have to eat it all before you compIained about it?
But eventually, it all wore thin. I realized that your personaIity
But here are the directions to the party.
But I still have some saIad Ieft.
But I think I'd rather you just wash the fucking dishes
But I thought I'd call just to make sure.
But I'm never too busy to call you.
But if anybody asks, anybody at all,
But it offers a lot more rewards.
But it was weird.
But it's important not to act on those urges.
But remember, you have to shave it so it looks like his beard.
But thank you anyway.
But that's about the extent of it.
But the Last four times we've come here, the food was awfuI.
But the other haIfs like, ''Am I fucking nuts?''
But we're gonna get into that later.
But we've all seen the tragic end of that story.
But you can't forget this, all right?
But you know, we're Always looking for new positions.
But, dude, I'm really not in the mood for smiIing, all right?
By adhering to Laws that I do not truly beLieve in,
By having sex with Natasha,
CaIvin is chomping at the bit for this job.
Came from making fun of it later with my friends.
Can get you something to drink while you're looking at the menus?
Can you bring this to table 75? I gotta try to take a piss.
Can you do that for me, Mitch?
Can't go anywhere in the kitchen.
Carson got promoted to GM over at Riverside,
Change your fuckin' tampon and have another drink you crazy, fuckin' bitch!
Chet, Chet. I think you made a mistake.
ChIamydia. I think I might name my daughter ChIamydia.
Christy asked me to work for her, so I'm working a double.
CIose my Okay.
CIose your eyes.
CLienteIe base began dropping off.
Come here. I wanna talk to you.
Come on, baby. It's nothin' like that.
Come on, guys. This is bull crap.
Come on, man! You're wracked with regret
Come on, man. I thought you was better than that.
Come on, man. You can't be mixing Mexican and ContinentaI.
Come on, Mom. Of course I'm being safe.
Come on, you worthIess dick.
Come on.
Coming right up.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't I been inside you?
Damn, boy. What the hell took so Long?
Damn, come on.
Damn, man. We almost had to switch to the ten second rule.
Damn, Raddimus. Does Danielle know that you like to go both ways? How does that work?
Dan wants to make Dean assistant fuckin' manager.
Dean, did you know that when Monty was a child, everyone thought he was retarded?
Dean, I wanna tell you, you did an extraordinary job.
Dean, you've been replaced.
Do I really wanna end up like Dan?
Do it.
Do you
Do you think I
Do you think you could get a feel for it outside? I need some fresh air.
Don't become an asshole like Monty.
Don't do that!
Don't ever do that.
Don't fuck with people that handIe your food.
Dude, please stop. Stop. Okay?
Duh. Duh.
Dumb ass, retarded, bomb shit props.
Eat at Shenaniganz Calvin works here
Eat at Shenaniganz enjoy your food
Either they won't sleep with you, and then there's no need to call them again,
EmpIoyees started having more fun at work. They started joking around a lot more,
Even my come's rich You fuckin' retard
Ever get tired of this place, you're looking for a new opportunity,
Everything that Dan wants me to show you, teach you,
Excuse me. The hooker and I went back to my place.
Exquisitely to perfection.
First of all, for the record,
Followed by a thin spread of cheese for your garIic bread.
For insuIting me I should get some free gift certificates and a key chain and a hat.
For Shenaniganz to run like an efficient, well oiled machine,
For the change necessary to be made in the restaurant.
For, oh, about 45 seconds,
Four, five.
Fresh from the taint. We like this. Good.
From here on out, Mitch is a made man.
From there, Let's see. Me and the hooker went back to my place
FrontIine stuff. Watch this. Watch this.
Fuck it.