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American Dad! (2005) - Season 10

American Dad! (2005) - Season 10

American Dad! is not a movie or a song; it is a popular animated television show that was first aired in 2005 and is still ongoing. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the show has garnered a dedicated fan base over the years for its witty writing, unique characters, and satirical take on American politics and family dynamics. Season 10 of American Dad! aired in 2014 and served as yet another hilarious installment of the show's ongoing saga.

The main cast of American Dad! includes several talented voice actors who bring the eccentric character roster to life. Seth MacFarlane himself provides the voice for the show's leading character, Stan Smith, a staunch Republican and overzealous CIA agent. Wendy Schaal voices Francine Smith, Stan's cheerful yet equally eccentric wife. Rachael MacFarlane lends her voice to Hailey Smith, the couple's liberal and rebellious daughter.

Scott Grimes is responsible for the voice of Steve Smith, Stan and Francine's socially awkward, yet lovable teenage son. Steve is often found navigating the perils of high school and developing his own unique interests. The talented Dee Bradley Baker voices Klaus, the family's eccentric talking goldfish who used to be an East German Olympic ski jumper but now resides in a goldfish's body. Lastly, there's Roger, an alien from another planet who lives with the Smiths and takes on various alter egos throughout the show, voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

American Dad! Season 10 picks up where previous seasons left off, bringing forth a mix of laugh-out-loud comedy, sarcasm, and social commentary. The show often tackles controversial topics and pokes fun at different aspects of American life and politics. Season 10 continues to explore the dynamics of the Smith family, their neighbors, and a cast of recurring characters that add depth and humor to the show.

One of the notable episodes of Season 10 is "American Stepdad," where Stan attempts to become a better father after reuniting with his stepfather and developing an unexpected bond. The episode brings forth heartfelt moments alongside outrageous humor, displaying the show's ability to balance different emotions. Another standout episode is "The Longest Distance Relationship," where Roger and Steve team up to track down a girl Steve met online. This episode showcases the character development and unique relationships that have been built over the course of the show.

Fans of American Dad! can enjoy the sounds and music of the show by using various platforms to play and download the sounds. Many websites and streaming services offer episodes of American Dad!, allowing fans to relive the hilarious moments and follow the family's ongoing adventures. Furthermore, soundtracks and original scores from the show can be found on music streaming platforms, allowing fans to enjoy the catchy tunes that accompany the humorous antics of the characters.

All in all, American Dad! Season 10 serves as another entertaining and laugh-inducing installment of the long-running show. With its talented voice cast, clever writing, and satirical take on American life, it continues to entertain fans and attract new viewers. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the series, this season is sure to provide plenty of laughs, social commentary, and heartfelt moments that have become synonymous with American Dad!

A and I even got you this stupid card.
A And now I get to un pause it.
A and there's a jacuzzi!
A And this machine can get me to him?
A and who knows? Maybe they won't even notice me.
A are you gonna do something about Gwen?
A better life through lobotomies.
A big plate of loose hot dogs.
A big, throbbing smile.
A blond Asian is wrong. Cheating is fun.
A bug sized Stan
A cloaking device for dorks?
A diamond encrusted inhaler.
A few times before it goes through,
A five circle hotel has everything!
A future we're not part of.
A little help from a friend.
A little what? "P" and "P."
A lizard!
A lot of guys hit on me from behind.
A mac and cheese omelet.
A paperclip.
A paperclip.
A person thinks they want something, but then...
A picture of your balls or something.
A pool table? Foosball?
A private mini zoo just for the residents.
A real New York hotel!
A receipt from the hotel spa.
A Redbox exclusive!
A seizure?!
A seizure.
A sisterhood who have each other's backs.
A standoff of sorts.
A taping of a proactiv commercial,
A taste of Steve in your mouth.
A time for her to have a conversation with herself.
A whole lot of nothing.
Aaaaaaaaah! Oh, my God!
Aaaaand... five Mississippi.
Aaah! No! No, no, no!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah!
Aah! Aah! Aaaaaaah!
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Aah! Oh! Oh!
Aah! Oof!
Aah! Ow!
Aah! Sorry, pal, but there's no room in this town
Aah! This is happening!
About a charity gala poppin' off in Vegas!
About aunt Gwen all these years.
About experiments and sexual chemistry.
About making it to the ceremony at all.
About my sister coming to visit today.
About parenting decisions.
About parenting decisions.
About who was masturbating where.
About why on earth we would leave our perfectly good house
Absolute perfection.
Absolutely, sweetheart.
Absolutely. And emojis even go a step further.
Across the street right when you need it
Across the street. Sober up, Klaus.
Actually, emoticons are a great way to get those subtleties.
Actually, now that we're all safe,
Actually, Richard Chamberlain will be there.
Actually, they use circles.
Actually, we have to get it back to the theater department.
Actually, you will. The Collectors said this ship is equipped
Afraid not, Steve.
After he sees what we did.
After her trolley car accident.
After I drop the potatoes off at the pool.
After pledge week.
After some soul searching
After this, neither of you will remember what she was mad about.
After you, milady.
Again, well done, all of you.
Agent Smith, would you like some toast with your jam?
Agree with you because they nominated me for an award.
Ah choo!
Ah, a plastic book always halfway through
Ah, damn it. But I remember them.
Ah, damn. We just went!
Ah, home is where the... fliers are?!
Ah, it's just Steve running from something terrifying.
Ah, look at this. More species for our collection.
Ah, maybe you guys are right.
Ah, right, when people talk, you don't see their words.
Ah, soon, I will be a real robot.
Ah, that was a long one.
Ah, that's nice the calm before the resolution.
Ah, that's the tingle of desire
Ah, the public pool society's unflushed toilet.
Ah, the roof.
Ah, we meet again. Dr. Miller.
Ah! Damn autocorrect.
Ah! Damn it!
Ah! Ow!
Ah. A winky face.
Ah. Okay. Okay.
Ah. That would be my car.
Ah. You found our push to talk phone.
Ahh, go the other way with it learn something about wine.
Ahh, kicking mushrooms around.
Ahh, she time.
Ahh, the trade winds.
Ahh. So, what are we doing?
Ai ya a a...
Ai ya ya ya ya ya ya!
Ai ya!
Ai ya!
Ai ya!
Ai ya!
Ai ya!
Ai ya! Aah!
Aiiii ya!
Alas, poor Leonard died boating to Catalina
Alert the new head of the zoology department.
Alien Jeff is gonna stay on Earth and be the new Jeff.
All by himself.
All food thrown at our guests is provided by Taco King.
All he has to do is get more whales, and he'll be back at it.
All I'm saying is,
All part of the evening!
All right, boys. You're on your own tonight.
All right, everyone. This is a crime scene.
All right, guys, let's get out of here old school style...
All right, guys.
All right, how 'bout we just turn the music down?
All right, Jake. Let's do this.
All right, ladies, I want a good, clean match tonight,
All right, let's go, Patterson.
All right, let's use our heads. Which way?
All right, mom!
All right, well, don't forget
All right! I'm cured!
All right.
All right. How about a 2 tuck reverse?
All right. I'll just wish for them back.
All right. Make your wish.
All the good ones are married. Haven't you heard that?
All the time now.
All things I've found before in the bushes of Central Park.
All this over a stupid jambox?
All we're doing is sacrificing a little frozen yogurt
Allow I to introduce we
Alone at last.
Alone in the boss's office.
Along with our hotel info,
Already forgotten.
Alright, I've got a 6 day 5 night Hollywood getaway for two
Also could be a gift from someone.
Also, buy my premium Swiss style Fung Wah chocolate,
Also, I really need to get over
Also, I'm kind of thinking karate's not for us.
Also, if you're wondering why all the ladies are topless,
Also, it might not be a lie
Also, it's dark, so I can't be sure,
Also, we're on a big magnet right now.
Also, we're running low on dot matrix ink,
Although he refuses to acknowledge anyone,
Although that reminds me,
Always remember to watch "American Dad!"
Am I boring mall optometrist there, too?
Am I interrupting?
Am I really closed minded?
Am I Swedish?
Amazing work.
American television so funny.
Amidst the chaos of life.
Among my many, many wives.
An athlete or a pervert?
An important man.