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Absolutely not
And I can prove it
But is that singing noise
Cut that out
Detroit hasn't felt any real pride since george bush went to japan and vomited on their auto executives
Do you know what a hammer is
Do you like pie
Do you understand what love means
Does that you
Does your father know you're doing this
Does your mother know you're doing this
Excuse me
Excuse me, where is the hardware department?
Get out of my house
Ha ha
Hank Hill 2 Sounds Sound
Hell I wouldn't be surprised if that tape was sitting on the shelf right now
Hey bobby
Hey I am a finely tuned X high school athlete
Hey i'm looking first happened I and some WD forty
Hey matt how you been
How did I get fire ants
How did you get this number
How got the strangest feeling someone 's gotta kick his ass
How would you like it if someone bigger and stronger shut you up you little freak
I apologize for yelling at you
I don't even know what these things are
I don't know
I don't want to lose him a little boy my only son
I guess they found a cure for the cooties
I just hate these big emotional scenes
I just woke up
I sell propane and propane accessories
I spent four years holding guys like you upside down over toilets
I thought I told you to get las
I thought I told you to get lost
I went in there and fix her like fixing a carburetor and you know what it was fun
I wouldn't enter her in any way that's unnatural
I'll take a bowl of a white gravy and a bowl of brown gravy
I'm gonna kick your ass
I'm gonna scare the pants off those kids I tell you what
I'm hank hill
I'm hank hill
I'm proud of you
I'm trying to buy a tap and die and some WD forty
I've had enough of this nonsense
If it gets one degree hotter I'm going to kick your ass
If this walking around on my lush super plus new lawn
If you want to win you're gonna have to do better than your best
It just tears my heart out
It says I owe forty dollars and that can't be true I always bring back my tapes
It's for diabetics
It's like you gotta problem with concentration
It's time for somebody to do something
Jenny mccarthy
Just talked now let that pass but don't talk again
Just when I think you said the stupidest thing ever you keep talking
Let's go get something to eat
Look for yourself I have returned the great santini twenty three times
Looks like a died with his tongue sticking out
Maybe i'm not getting through to you
Mister hall
Mister I have not begun to project my anger onto you
Mister I have not begun to project my anger onto you
My name is hank hill and i'm the block captain
No I wasn't
No no you
Nobody agrees with you
Now I don't want to hear anymore of your foolishness
Now i'm not saying you're not good at what you do i'm just saying i'm better
Now it's starting to make some sense
Oh geez
Oh god no an ant hill on my new lawn
Oh my lord
OK forget it let's say I want a hammer do you know what a hammer is that's what I want a damn hammer now where in the hell would I go
OK I get it you're joking
OK i'm looking for a tap and die and some WD forty
On the general contractor the school sonnet house and it's my responsibility to bring this job in on time under budget and over scary
Phil residence
Plus the idea of acting up in class
Shut the hell up
Shut up i'm talking here
So are you chinese or japanese
So if you could please erase the forty dollars and penalize yourself whatever you think is fair
So that's how it is huh
So to celebrate you can do anything you want
So what
Sometimes the system fails us
Son you're teasing the gorilla in the monkey house
Stop making such a big deal out of it
Strickland propane
That's what I want a damn hammer
That's what the white man call
That's what the white man calls him
The border guards tank where smugglers
The hardware department
The hardware department
The INS had their cameras trained on us
The only thing I care about is getting my den back
The twenty four hour oath of silence starts now
There it is again
This is serious
Tony danza
Twenty four hour silence starting now
Uh well I guess
Wait a minute
We didn't run it
Well I think it was worth it for the best lana narla
Well I wish it were that simple
Well i'd like to tell you what strickland can do to meet your enerji knees
Well i'd like to tell you what strickland can do to meet your enerji needs you see it strickland the customer comes first it's kind of interesting the word customer begins with see you well we don'...
Well then you gotta try even
Well what do you think
Well why not
Well you got one heck of a nerve
What are you implying
What are you talking about
What are you talking about
What are you turning into some kind of feminist
What in god 's name is that something sound
What is wrong with you picking on little kids like that
What the hell kind of country is this where I can only hataman if his flight
What's the point in arguing
What's up a fire ant
When you factor in the last time cost of ownership propane comes out on top
Where did you hear that garbage
Where is the hardware department
Who is this
Who knows I don't know I don't care whatever
Who the hell is that
Why can't you find your own bar
Yeah yeah that's even better
You do some shopping
You gotta give one hundred and ten percent
You know feelings of fondness and more
You look pretty
You threw a baseball at your mother
You understand what i'm saying
You're fired