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Allow myself to introduce
Allow myself to introduce
And be honest
And one is nuclear war
Are you mad
Are you mad
Austin danger powers
Austintown 's
Be honest
Can I ask you a question and be honest
Change is my middle name
Circus folk new maginaire
Come again
Come again
Come on baby give it to me yes yes yes
Congratulations baby
Connie 's
Connie 's circus folk know maginaire smell like cabbage
Cool climbing
Danger is my middle name
Did you just soil yourself
Do I make you horny randy too I make you horny baby yeah
Do right to be suspicious
Excuse me
Finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes i
Finally those capitalist pigs will pay for their crimes they
Get away for me you thirty fans on
Honestly it's not mine
How did this get in here
How do you like to do it
How do you like to do it you like to wash up first you know top and tails
I didn't pay maine
I don't even know what this is. This sort of thing ain't my bag, baby
I never forget a pussy
I said your rotten baby yeah
I think you'll shag adelic baby
I will behave yeah yeah baby
I'm just trying to get a rise out of you though
I'm sorry i'm just not getting it
I'm sorry i'm just not getting it
I'm sorry that bug up your ass had to die
It seems the tables have turned again
It's nice
Learn a lot
Molly molly molly molly
My jumbo jet smashing baby
My name is richie cunningham
My name is richie cunningham
Never mind
Of telling you baby that's not mine
Oh behave
Oh groovy
Oh groovy baby
Oh I see
OK name austin danger powers
Only two things scare me
Only two things scare me and one is nuclear war
Personally before i'm on the job I like to get my undercarriage a bit of her how's your father
Shall we shag now or shall we shag later
Since he's trying to get a rise out of you that so for shits and giggles
So I said I would merger
Somebody playing a prank on main
That looks just like your anus
The listen why do we go in the back and shaq
This is not mine
Was that so hard
What do you mean
What is frozen for thirty years ago to see if my bits and pieces are still working
What's your point
What's your point
Who has my father
Yay capitalism
Yeah baby
Yeah capitalism
Yeah it's nice to meet you meet you nice to meet you more don't see more
Yes i'm having difficulty controlling the volume on my mind
Yes please
Yes please
You find like a woman
You just told maine
You know
You're insane
Your name is