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Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)

Austin Powers in Goldmember is a comedy film released in 2002, directed by Jay Roach. This hilarious installment follows the iconic spy, Austin Powers (played by Mike Myers), as he teams up with his long-lost father, Nigel Powers (Michael Caine), to stop the evil Goldmember (Mike Myers) from executing his villainous plan. The movie also features Beyoncé Knowles as the fierce and talented spy, Foxxy Cleopatra. With its groovy soundtrack and unforgettable characters, this movie will have you laughing from start to finish. You can play and download the sounds from this film here.

A bonus? Ha ha ha. That's good.
A golden surprise, perhaps?
A lot is happening, Foxxy.
A lot's kicking, Foxxy. Austin...
About a year ago, my partner at the bureau was killed.
After all, it’s hard on the boy not having a father.
Ah, Cristal.
Ah, Foxxy Cleopatra.
Ah, Jesus Christ. This diaper's making my nuts rub together.
Ah, Nigel Powers.
Ah, yes, the HMS Shag at Sea.
Ah! Oh. Heh.
Ahem. Dr. Evil, perhaps it's time that you finished unveiling your plan.
All covered in Ahh! cheese
All right, analysis:
All right, Dr. Evil, give yourself up while you've still got a chance.
All right, Goldmember, don't play the laughing boy.
All right, hold on while I try and find my balls, for God's sakes.
All right, it's getting crowded in here.
All right, Listen up.
All right, my son.
All right, sailor, go behind that screen...
All right, that's enough.
All right, then. I’ll just go to that screen...
All right, you're not gonna put that skin in your mouth, are you?
All right. Cigar and a waffle?
All the sailors had their meat and two veg painted gold.
ALL: Yes, Dr. Evil.
Also, very sexiful. Can l have autograph?
And I’m glad he could be here.
And l especially hate you.
And l think it's Fat Bastard.
And now he's going to have an unfortunate smelting accident.
And now you're gonna turn good?
And thank you for the map of Dr. Evil's sub.
And that jive ass turkey Goldmember is the prime suspect.
And that's the way, uh huh, uh huh, l like it.
And the best part of the whole scheme is we all get our own assistants.
And the best part of this plan is...
And you ask me my name? D to the rizzo
And, of course, they share a border with the Dutch.
Anyway, well done, old chap.
Are they nice and firm?
Are those sharks with laser beams attached to their heads?
Are we done here?
Are you all right, little man?
Arise, Sir Austin Powers.
Attention. Dr. Evil and his clone are trying to escape.
Austin caught me in the first act It's all backwards, what's with that?
Austin, Goldmember's getting away.
Austin, I found this in Goldmember's office. It’s a microfilm. It may be a clue.
Austin, it's your father.
Austin, there you are. I’ve come to tell you the good news.
Austin, these men were assigned to guard your father.
AUSTIN: Ah, yes. Terrific.
AUSTIN: Come back here, you little bugger.
AUSTIN: Come on, hurry. The map.
AUSTIN: Hey, yeah.
AUSTIN: Let's go.
AUSTIN: No! This way, sugar.
AUSTIN: Oh, great. Goldmember got away. FOXXY: Now what?
AUSTIN: Try to kill me, will you?
AUSTIN: Yes. Nigel: Then she
Bangs. Yes, how’s it going?
Basil, there's only one person in the world...
Because I’m Foxxy Cleopatra and I'm a whole lot of woman.
Because if you are feeling quiggly, why not just have a J. Arthur?
Before l kill you...
Bit of a problem here, yeah.
Boo frickity hoo.
BOTH: Shat on a turtle.
BOY: Shut your gob.
But at least he didn't mention it.
But at the end of the day, you've just gotta do it for yourself, baby.
But enough of my technical mumbo jumbo. Allow me to demonstrate.
But he touched it too much
But he touched it too much
But my parents died in a car accident.
But nothing compares to this, being inside the belly of the beast...
But now l can see you're nuts. l thank you.
But then again, you've always needed me, haven't you, Mr. Powers?
But when you're an overweight child...
By the way, l realize that l have a large mole on my face.
Bye, love.
Check it out. Those remind me of
Check out Mini Me.
Come here, you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Dad, stand up and take a bow.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, sugar.
Come on, you bugger. Come on, I got you.
Come on.
Come on. Got me a marlin. Yeah.
COMPUTER: You've got mail.
Cool. You mean l actually have fricking sharks...
Cor blimey. All your privates have had their privates painted gold.
Cor, baby. You look very switched on.
Cuffs up.
Dad, I’m fine.
Daddy wasn't there
Daddy wasn't there
Daddy wasn't there
Daddy wasn't there
Daddy wasn't there
Daddy’s all pent up. Let’s freak!
Dead issue. Dead dad.
Deadbeat dad. Daddy didn't love me.
DEAN: And now it's time to award our greatest honor.
DEAN: Jolly good. MAN 1: Top notch.
Did you just soil yourself?
Didn't. Did not.
Do l have time for a last smoke and a pancake, or what?
Do you have anything to say?
Do you know l risked my life trying to save you...
Do you think Dr. Evil's gonna expect an attack?
Does it?
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto. I thank you.
Don't forget your physical. Dr. Evil's orders.
Don't forget, Master Powers, later you have a brief oral exam.
Don't make that noise, Sharon. I’m getting turned on.
Don't worry, Dad. I’m here to rescue you.
Don't you remember the din din with the grotty Scottish bint?
Dr. Evil has escaped.
Dr. Evil must pay."
Dr. Evil, in light of the success of the device...
Dr. Evil, the World Court sentences you to 400 years.
Dr. Evil, we still have the ultimate insurance policy.
Dr. Evil, you look very tight.
Dr. Evil...
Dr. Evil's not your son, l am.
E to the vizzo I to the lizzo
Eight years and no phone call? Nobody stands up Foxxy Cleopatra!
Especially one as beautiful as you.
Every new recruit must have a physical.
Everyone out, everyone out. Come on.
EVIL: A Belgian man and his 15 year old love slave with webbed feet...
EVIL: I'm told it was a beautiful Belgian day.
EVIL: Ow! Ow!
EVIL: This is for all my homeys in Bruges
EVIL: Well, congratulations, numbnuts.
Exactly. Just take a look.
Excellent. We’ve been trying for years to get a mole inside Dr. Evil’s lair.
Excuse me while l change. The roller boogie has made me sweaty.
FAT BASTARD [SINGING]: On top of spaghetti
FAT BASTARD: Come here, you.
Father. Father.
Father. Father.
Father. His dad. Dad is father.
Feelin' fine, got an evil crew Goldmember too
Fine. You know what? l would love some chocolate.
First things first.
Fly, fly.
Fo' shizzle my nizzle, y'all
Fook Mi, that was fast.
Fook Mi.
Fook Mi.
Fook Mi. Like this.
Fook Yu.
Fook Yu.
For example, have a look at this:
For example, Mini Me loves chocolate.
FOXXY [SINGING]: He's got the Midas touch
FOXXY & SINGERS: Hey, Goldmember
Foxxy Cleopatra!
Foxxy, I’m coming.
Foxxy, what are you doing in Goldmember's club?
FOXXY: 'Cause that's the way, uh huh Uh huh
FOXXY: 'Cause that's the way, uh huh SINGERS: Uh huh
FOXXY: Fellas. What? I saved your life.
FOXXY: Goldmember SINGERS: Goldmember
FOXXY: He likes it, uh huh SINGERS: Uh huh
FOXXY: He loves it SINGERS: He loves it
FOXXY: He loves it SINGERS: He loves it
FOXXY: He's got the Midas touch
FOXXY: I’m undercover.
FOXXY: You got a lot of nerve dragging your jive white ass in here.
FOXXY: You're getting' down tonight
Gentlemen, fall in.
Gentlemen, in a matter of hours...
Gentlemen, listen up, y'all.
Gentlemen, you have my demands. Peace out.
Get along.
Get it off. Get it off. It's dark, it's dark.
Get me the World Organization.
Get on with it.
Give me an Escalade, a two way Bling bling on eBay
Go on, son.
God only knows Got my Mini Me in the G.P.
GOLDMEMBER [OVER RADIO]: Breaker, breaker, 1 niner.
GOLDMEMBER [OVER RADIO]: Open wide there, Rubber Ducky.
GOLDMEMBER: Sure, you can kill me...
Good evening, everybody, and welcome to Studio 69.
Good luck, Austin.
Good on you, man.
Got you.
Groovy, yes.
GUARD [OVER PA]: All visitations limited to five minutes.
GUARD [OVER PA]: Attention, all guards. There is a riot in progress.
GUARD [OVER PA]: Visiting hours are over. Step to the line.
Hands up, Goldmember. It’s payback time.
Hands up.
Have you any idea how many anonymous henchmen...
Have you ever heard of knocking, man?
Having said that, l do have some thoughts.
He doesn't understand. He is small, heh, heh.
He doesn't understand. He is small, heh, heh.