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A sphincter says what
Are you mental
As there
Credit world wayne's world party drive
Excuse me
Excuse me
Give me one atlantic it's fine now
Hi does this seem weird
How would you feel about making change
I smell bacon is anyone else spell vacant yeah I definitely smell laporte product of some type
Let me put it this way I have an extensive collection of name tax inheritance
Make picture cana funny like when we used to climb the ropes in gym class
No way way
OK party barn
OK this pennies copying pooler stack
Pardon me do you have any great and pie
Sean wing
Show monkeys might fly out of my butt
Stop torturing yourself in deliver afforded live in the now
The city beatles and then he got faced such that it's not just a clever name
This is a fully functional babe layer chicks there helpless against its powers
Wayne what do you do every time you see this one incredible woman you think you're going to hurl I say hurl did you blow chunks and she comes back she's yours
Well I feel we can work with you on this project
When did you turn into a nut bar