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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A whole world populated by intelligent dogs
Absolutely not
Alright I can role with that
Alright tough guy
Anybody here
Are you
Are you kidding me
Are you ok
Back at school pt1
Bladder falls
Can I get a selfie with you
Can I show you something
Can you help get me to my family
Damn girl you need to chill out
Didn't mean that i'm sorry
Er no it's cool
Erm excuse me
Excuse me nurse pt1
Excuse me nurse pt2
From earth dimension c137
Fuck you and fuck trees
Get us outta here pt1
Get us outta here pt2
Get us outta here pt3
Go somewhere more private
Ha ha
Ha ha ha
Heck yeah
Hello 1
Hello 2
Help me out for once
Hey 2
Hey i'm 14 pt1
Hey i'm 14 pt2
Hey i'm 14 pt3
Hi mr jelly bean
How much longer
How much longer long
I can handle it if you go - long
I can handle it if you go - short
I didn't get a lot of sleep last night
I don't wanna do that
I gotta take a leak - long
I gotta take a leak - short
I hope so
I love you pt1
I love you pt2
I quit i'm out
I thought you were dead
I wanna be a gardener
I wanna write
I was thinking about it
I'm alright
I'm doing it because it's fun
I'm gonna get dressed for the dance
I'm gonna kick your ass
I'm gonna miss you
I'm gonna miss you snowball
I'm morty c-137
I'm out gonna start my new life
I'm sad that I peed in class
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for lying to you
I've never felt so good
Internal energy of a system pt1
Internal energy of a system pt2
It's a living nightmare
It's err atleast 40
It's really scary in here
Kalo kada sha la
Left nipple pt1
Left nipple pt2
Let's just get this over with
Morty 1
Morty 2
My name is morty
My name is morty smith
My son is gonna take over the planet
No 1
No 2
No 3
No 4
No 6
Of course not
Oh geez
Oh geez pt1
Oh geez pt2
Oh gross gross
Oh huh
Oh man
Oh my god
Oh thank god
Okay 1
Okay 2
Okay cool
One heck of a story pt1
One heck of a story pt2
One of the lunch ladies died
Ow oof dammit
Pain sfx
See you after school
Seeds pt1
Shut up
Shut up you female asshole
Something a chicken would say
Sometimes you have to not give a fuck
Sorry your name became fart
Spleen mountain
Take that back
Talk to me
Tell me about yourself
Tell ya something pt1
Tell ya something pt2
Tell ya something pt3
Thank you 1
Thank you 2
That's flattering
The air pt1
The air pt2
The easy way or the hard way
The mega trees
This is insane
This is not okay
This is pretty weird
Uh i'm not sure
Up to no good around here
Waiting for this pt1
Waiting for this pt2
We all have bad impulses
We destroyed the world pt1
We destroyed the world pt2
We destroyed the world pt3
We have a moron over here
We were hoping to get on your lighthouse
We're morty's
Well get your shit together pt2
Well get your shit together pt3
What are we gonna do
What are you talking about
What did you think about the
What do you want me to teach you
What does that mean
What is squanching
What is the matter with you people
What is this place
What kind of monster are you
What will it be bro
What's going on
What's wrong with that
What's your name
Where am i
Where do I find dr bloom
Wheres your hands
Who cares about something so small
Wtf no
Yeah 1
Yeah 2
You can stop saying it
You can't
You could masturbate
You doing okay
You don't care pt1
You don't care pt2
You don't need to say anything
You have to do this detox thing I did
You want me to come pt1
You want me to come pt2
You're a monster
You're making me uncomfortable