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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About To Start
Bad Pick 1
Bad Pick 2
Blonk Blonk Song
Bottom Barracks Rekt
Bottom Tower
Can We Wrap This Up
Choose Hero Dont Rush
Choose Your Hero
Close Call
Confusing And Horrible
Defeat 1
Defeat 2
Defenestration Of Those Patients
Demonstration Of The Ants
Die For Real
Dire Pick Good
Disconnect 1
Disconnect 2
Disconnect 3
Disconnect 4
Dont Even Care
Dont Pick
Enemy Megacreeps
Enemy Team Wipe
First Blood
First Blood Salty
Good Game
Goodness Gracious
Gotta Do Something
Holy Shit
Holy Shit 2
I Love It Morty
Im Mr Meeseeks
Its On Baby
Just Horrible
Killing Spree
Least Played Unlike Summer
Live Streaming
Mid Only
Middle Barracks Rekt
Middle Tower
Missing Bottom
Missing Middle
Missing Top
Monster Kill
Not Good
Oh Boy
Ones And Zeros
Pick Right Radiant
Pisses Me Off
Pretty Lame
Rampage 2
Real Trouble
Riggity Riggity Rekt Son
Roshan Dire
Roshan Radiant
Screw That Person
Simulated World
Single Draft With Lemonade
Team Wipe
Thats Rickdiculous
They Picked This Mode
Things Are Getting Dire
To Abaddon
To Alchemist
To Ancient Apparition
To Antimage
To Arc Warden
To Axe
To Bane 1
To Bane 2
To Batrider
To Beastmaster
To Bloodseeker
To Bounty Hunter
To Brewmaster
To Bristleback
To Broodmother
To Centaur
To Chaos Knight
To Chen
To Clinks
To Clockwork
To Crystal Maiden
To Dark Seer
To Dazzle
To Death Prophet
To Disruptor
To Doom
To Dragon Knight
To Drow Ranger
To Earth Spirit
To Earthshaker
To Elder Titan
To Ember Spirit
To Enchantress
To Enigma
To Faceless Void
To Females
To Fire
To Gyrocopter
To Handsomes
To Healers
To Huskar
To Illusionists 1
To Illusionists 2
To Interdimensionals
To Invoker 1
To Invoker 2
To Invoker 3
To Io
To Jakiro
To Juggernaut
To Kotl 1
To Kotl 2
To Kunkka
To Leshrac 1
To Leshrac 2
To Lich
To Lifestealer
To Lina
To Lion
To Lone Druid
To Luna
To Lycan
To Magnus
To Medusa 1
To Medusa 2
To Meepo 1
To Meepo 2
To Mirana
To Morphling 1
To Morphling 2
To Naga Siren
To Natures Prophet
To Necrophos
To Nyx
To Ogre 1
To Ogre 2
To Outworld Devourer
To Phantom Assassin
To Phoenix
To Puck
To Pudge
To Pugna
To Queen Of Pain
To Razor
To Riki
To Rubick
To Sand King
To Shadow Demon
To Shadow Fiend
To Shadow Shaman
To Silencer
To Skeletons
To Skywrath 1
To Skywrath 2
To Slardar
To Slark 1
To Slark 2
To Slark 3
To Sniper
To Spectre
To Spirit Breaker
To Storm Spirit
To Sven
To Techies 1
To Techies 2
To Terrorblade
To Tidehunter 1
To Tidehunter 2
To Tinker 1
To Tinker 2
To Tinker 3
To Tiny
To Treant 1
To Treant 2
To Treant 3
To Troll Warlord
To Tusk
To Underlord
To Undying 1
To Undying 2
To Ursa
To Vengeful Spirit
To Venomancer
To Viper
To Visage
To Warlock
To Weaver
To Winter Wyvern
To Witch Doctor
To Wizards
To Wraith King
To Zeus
Too Hot For
Top Barracks Rekt
Top Tower
Totes Mlotes Dawg
Ultra Kill
Victory Dire
Victory Radiant
Vitamin D
What A Mess
What Does Dota Stand For
Whatup My Glip Glops
Wicked Sick
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
You Just Killed It
Your Pick Bro
Your Pick Hello
1 V 1 Get A Room
1 V 1 Tough Guy
10 Seconds To Pick