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Title We're Mortis. We're not defined by our relationships to Rick. Our destiny is our own.
From Morty Soundboard
Type MP3
Duration 6 seconds
Plays 368 plays
Uploaded July 6th 2019
Auto Transcribed Yes

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Achtung, fellow Dimension C-137 residents! Prepare to plumb the depths of Morty's psyche with the Mega Morty Mashup Soundboard! This colossal compendium of catchphrases crams over 200 of Morty's most iconic, nonsensical, and existential utterances into one glorious sound machine. Imagine the possibilities! Rick's exasperated groans after each Morty-induced mishap? Check. The soul-crushing "Aw geez, Rick"? Absolutely. Even the ever-present, ever-nervous "I turned myself into a pickle, Rick!" is here, waiting to be unleashed upon your unsuspecting dimension. But this soundboard transcends mere meme-ification. Delve into Morty's emotional rollercoaster with poignant pronouncements like "Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV?" or "What is this, some kind of Pickle Rick origin story?" Feel the existential dread welling up with "Everything is meaningless!" or snicker at the self-deprecating "I'm just a stupid kid, Rick!" This isn't just a soundboard, it's a portal into the mind of a genius-grandpa-tormented teenager. It's a weapon of mass amusement, a tool for philosophical ponderings, and a guaranteed conversation starter (or ender, depending on your audience). So grab your Plumbus, crank up the soundboard, and get schwifty with the Mega Morty Mashup! Just remember, don't blame us if your interdimensional travel goes awry...