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Home > Grant DaNasty Sounds: Castlevania Judgment
Ah, finally a chance to show my style and wit.
Ah, so you're from a time before you met me or Trevor?
Ah, what?
All right. You ready for this?
Alright then.
And that's why I told you to give it up.
And then whip suits one man only, and you ain't him.
Don't be sad, sweets. You ain't the first of all for me.
Ever been in love?
Except your fate.
Fine with me.
Friend or foe?
Funny, I don't remember having a twin.
Good choice if I do say so myself.
Grant dynasty.
Handsome fella. Not much of a fighter though.
Here and there.
Here. Ah.
Hey, big man.
Holding back don't do me any favors.
I ain't telling you nothing.
I guess that's that.
I hope you make sci-fi happy and truly mean that finally.
I may be scared spitless, but I can do this I think.
I saw that you frowned. Saw it with my own eyes.
I shouldn't have lied.
I'll just apologize in advance for hurting you.
I'm done playing around.
I'm sorry. Safer. I shouldn't have lied.
I'm the guy who trounced Dracula.
I'm your future husband.
Laughing 2
Looks like I'm just a little more than you can take.
My blades don't miss.
My old friends whip that the vampire killer.
Names Grant dynasty.
No, it's not. They're saying over yet?
No, not here.
Oh, you know who I am? Must have got pretty famous, huh?
Ohh got some skills do you. Should be fun.
Ohh yeah that felt good.
Ohh, notice that, did you?
OK. Yeah.
Right. You ready to see my specialty?
So slow that Moss I see growing on you.
So who fights and who stays either way is fine with me.
So who's it gonna be?
So you're going to keep up with me?
Some twisted joke. I ain't laughing.
Sorry old friend, but to see her wed to another.
Sounds like I ain't got a choice.
Speed kills and I'm awfully fast.
The hell are you talking about?
The whip of my old friend, this will not stand.
This time I ain't going to make it so easy for you.
Time to take care of business.
Trevor, you ain't?
Ugly freak. Good thing my blades don't discriminate.
Well, besides having my heart ripped out, yes, I did all right.
Well, guess that settles that.
What do you think? Like what you see, huh?
What I got to do?
Whoa, whoa. Now listen. I mean, I had a little help from my friend Ralph.
Whoa, whoa. Now listen. I mean, I had a little help from my pal Trevor.
Yeah, I feel so alive.
Yep, love is war, pal. If only I'd fought for her.
You ain't changed at all. I'll put some color in those pale cheeks, ears.
You ain't seen one quick as me before.
You can get an autograph later.
You can make me sick. You get no mercy.
You wanna fight with me? Please?
You want to go again? Give it a rest.
You. You.