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A Jedi? Me. No, not yet.
All right.
Are these even the right jawas?
Boba Fett.
By the Force.
Can we talk about this?
Echo base.
He's talking to some locals.
Head to the arena entrance.
How am I supposed to get over there?
I am a Jedi Knight.
I can't do that.
I could use some help here.
I don't want to hurt you.
I have to stop that countdown.
I ran into some trouble back there and it might be following me.
I saw three people.
I should have killed you on Hoth.
I think.
I wouldn't worry about that.
I'm here to kill you.
I'm in a hanger.
I'm one of Kyle Katarn students.
I've been waiting here forever.
If the scepter can store the force, maybe it can release it too.
It's no big deal.
It's the Empire.
Let's talk about these assassin droids.
Look, I can't do that.
Maybe Master Luke was right after all.
Never heard of it.
No, not yet.
No, you're not an R5 unit.
One was holding some sort of scepter and it was glowing.
Please make it quick though.
So what are we going to do?
Stop me.
Take the access tunnel down the hall and someone will be there to pick you up.
Tavian could be using it to empower her followers.
Tell me everything you know about the disciples of Ragnos.
That's all I can remember.
The disciples of Ragnos.
The whole place is locked down.
Then stop me.
There's a bomb on the tram.
They're going to blow the whole installation.
This is not the Droid we're looking for.
This isn't good.
This place is locked down pretty tight.
We're investigating A cult that's been cropping up everywhere.
We're just students.
Well, it's kind of a long story.
Well, we're not Jedi yet.
Well, why don't you come down here and find out?
What happened?
What's that?
Where are you?
Where is this blasted Droid?
Where is your factory.
Who are you?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You must be Chewbacca.
You seem really nervous.
You tried to kill me.
You're delusional.