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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright you primitive screwheads
And brisco county junior
Bend Over
Bend over and show on this
Brisco county junior
Bruce Campbell Soundboard Sound
Buenos Noches, Senorita
But keep your damn filthy forms out of my mouth
Close as I can figure it the year is 1300 ad and i'm being dragged to my death
Come get some
Come to papa
Do I look like an idiot
Don't change the subject
Don't you trust maine
First I wanna kill maine now you wanna kiss me
First you wanna kill me now you wanna kiss me blow
Geez I wish you wouldn't do that
Get the gum out of your ears
Gimme some sugar baby
Give me some sugar baby
Go ahead and run
Gotcha didn't you little sucker
Guess i'll be running along
Hail to the King, Baby
Hello captain
Hello right there spanish in
Hey come on you making me feel weird
Hey what's the big idea
Hey! wait a minute! everything's cool! I said the words I did!
Honey you got real ugly
Honey you got real ugly
How did a tight ass beans hunger from washington learn the texas two step
I don't eat human flesh
I don't want your book I don't want your bullshit
I get to come out of your ears and listen up
I got it I got it
I got it I got it I know your damn words alright
I got news for you pal you ain't leadin' but two things right now jack and shit and jack left town
I got news for you pal you ain't leaving but two things right now jack and shit jack left town
I know that for a bug up his ass
I know your damn words alright
I went looking for no trouble
I'm alright
I'm going to give you one last chance to prove you're not a moron
I'm sorry to disappoint you
Is going to get a whole lot better
It's a trick get an axe
It's an n word it's definitely an n word it's definitely an n word
Kiss me
Klaatu Verata *cough*
Klaatu verata nikto
Lady i'm afraid i'm going to have to ask you to leave the store
Loosey goosey scary berry
My name is ash
My name is ash
Names ash
Next time you feel the need to share your gift of wisdom and experience don't
No just the usual bullshit propaganda
Nothing is as big as
Oh god! no! no! I slept too long!
Oh I hate when i'm out bluff
Oh i'm sensing some hostility
Oh that was so rude
Oh that was so rude
OK then
Once a bloodsucker
Run home and cried on mama
Say what color is your underwear
See this this is my boomstick!
Shop smart shop S mart
Shop smart shop S mart
Slow down there daddio
So to see man I gotta problem
So what do you want a metal
Swallow this
Tales of the king baby
Talk about stonehenge
Tell me something I don't know
Thank you my good man thank you very much
Thank you pardon
That name mean anything to you
That's gonna hurt
That's right
That's right shop smart shop S mart
The fates have been kind
The hell with that are you trying to kill us
This is goodbye
This is goodbye
We don't take no shit from a machine
We have a met i'm autologous perhaps you've heard of maine
Well hello mister fancy pants
Well I wish I could say it's been fun but it hasn't good rhytons
Well that's just what we called pillow talk baby
What are you looking at
What do you say way have some champagne now baby after all i'm a man and you're a woman
What exactly was it I said you didn't understand
What kids
What's the matter don't you trust maine
What's up
With science
Women sheesh
Yeah truly amazing
Yes i'll be running along
Yo, She-bitch
You ain't leaving by two things right now jack and shit and jack left town
You bastards while you're torturing me like this why
You just leave it be
You know I love to hear you say the F word
You want a piece of maine
You're going down
You're pathetic