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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A censorship derailment coming
And I don't trust you shit bag
And we keep getting pelted with shit balls deputy you gotta get his ship bed
Because they are my little shit puppets randy performing in our shit play
Birds of a shit feather flock together in
But there's no need to crack the shit crossed over this
Can't change the spots on a shit leopard
Captainship tacular is raising shit in sunnyvale again
Cross the line george you crossed the chip line
Damn shit apple driving their shit mobile
From a distance they look like ordinary flowers randy
How dare you involve my daughter in your atmosphere and shit
I can unleash a shit nami tidal wave that will engulf ricky and extinguishes ship flames forever you'll drown in the under shit of that wave shit waves
I'm watching you julian
Is a lot better to watch a shit tree grow than to try to shake the shit fruit out of it
Like shit and strawberry shortcake ran
Never cry shit wolf
Nicole got randy shit storm troopers
People who live in campers don't run anything
Randy I thought we'd be no more shit talk to wear back in power
Shit hawks
Shit master only shit moss shit must they started off as tiny little shit larva randy and then they grew into shit a pillars a pandemic I should've pillars everywhere you look randy shitty pillars
Shit monkeys
Shit quake
The abyss the shit abyss
The old ship clocks tickin
The shit blizzard
The shit of us mister leahy not another night of the shit abyss please
This shit tectonics went to shit planes
Tracks lead right to ship come what the fucks going on
Very he grew up as a little shits park from the old ship him and then he turned into a shit bonfire and then turned into a raging shit firestorm
We got two shiny shit bed just to get rid of
We gotta nail doche idiot
What about the sale and was should typhoon randy so we better haul in the jib before it gets covered with shit
What's going to be aware
When a shit apple falls from a tree and grows up in a field of shit it doesn't have any choice
When you plant shit seeds you get shit weed shit weed right randy
Where in the bible shit came here julian ricky is a low shit system
Why bother the couple shit sticks when you can have the whole ship trailer mister lady and they should analogy recognize
You don't cross my shit line I don't cross your shirt line
You got here just a onenote pony archer
You idiots are loaded up a hair trigger double barrelled shit machine gun
You just open pandora shit box right
You know it's shit parameter is Bob? Measures the shit pressure in the air.