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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All dressed up with no one to blow
And you expect me to trust these fucking bozos
At least not that great
Barbecue beans nuts on hollywood boulevard
But honey i'm entertaining out yet
Call sprint
Come here
Do you want to hear that sometimes I think about eating a bullet
Excuse me sir maybe help you know thanks
God hates me that's what it is
Hey i'm fine what else you get him psychos are us
Hey man what the fuck is wrong with you guys
I bet you like go back
I don't think this whole god damn setups funny
I don't worry here have a french fry
I'm hungry
I'm sorry man I don't forget an asshole
It's rather large
Like a puppet like father and setting up an older brother
Mercury switches stuff lewis that it's a shit
Mister racist decide that part
My later
My preferred
Nine millimeter beretta six fifteen in mag one of the pipe while ejection port
No wait you feel no way
Not anymore
Oh this is albert hang mean offices outfit outfit high
One hundred south
Project a special forces tattoo
Roger now i'm pissed
Say my final check rapid sonofabitch that big hunsecker
So you really wanna come do you
Spell is that got to do with anything do I smoke do you smoke
Suck up
Super bayonet in the loans with michael
That's really important but if it matters you may call me mister joshuah
Three billion fifty six on route
We're gonna get bloody on this one brought
Where you say jack
Yeah i'm not enough enough
Yeah right joshuah yeah right now
Yeah we're going over here to have breakfast
You know I don't thank me now I mean it's it's it's the least I can do after all the kindness that you showed me
You know you guys are out there like fucking flew to man you're gone