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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A dancer
Alright i'm not going to say that this isn't true
Alright then
An entertainer
And by the way
Back to the matter is
Believe it
Best of luck
Bizarre is this
Bull crap
But where's the dignity in all of this where is the self respect
Close this door we want to shop
Course there's that
David hasselhoff is a legend in europe
Do not say what I just
Don't be adult
Dude slowdown check yourself stop the insanity
Easy big man
End of discussion
End of quote
End of story
Enough already
From los angeles this is the jim rome show our presentation of premiere radio networks
Get over it
Give me back my son
Good lock
Goodbye reputation
Goodnight sleep tight sweet dreams
Have you ever made money
Having said that
Hey yo
Hey you know I want to buy some suits you need to close this door i'm david becca chasta ham
Hi try on
How are you
How long before you smash your grill into the side of a mountain on fox is worlds stupidest stunts featuring the world stupidest people
I am afraid of what the reaction would be from them and if they even want me in their life
I am great
I am jim rome
I am jim rome
I am nineteen years old I am adopted i've known this for a long time but i've never had the courage to seek out my birth parents
I am not a perfect man I have certainly made some mistakes but out of respect to my wife and leave your family I will not answer that question
I appreciate the thought but you've got the story wrong
I can't say that I disagree with that
I can't wait
I don't care about any of that
I don't really see the issue
I don't think
I don't think that's possible
I don't want to be bothered
I don't want to be overwhelmed
I get a lot of prostitution because I like a lot of prostitution
I got mine you go get yours
I guarantee it
I have a hundred million bucks in the bank do you
I have kidnapped your husband here are my demands
I mean why is this such a big deal
I need you to close to three two three
I prefer to look at the glass is half full
I really know
I say no
I understand this
I'm in the sports business I hope to talk
I'm the only one with enough stones to say it
I'm very very sorry I really am sincerely I am
If you can't trust the word of a racketeering pimping money laundering loan sharking pamp then who can you trust
If you have twenty five hundred bones you can hang with jose in his crib
Is that all you have
Jim rome information ministry
Jim rome labor leader advice
Let me start with your telephone number
Monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey monkey
My question
Next question
Nicki vance back
No one
No thank you
No way
One a pound of blow
Please deliver to the large cardboard box behind the rehab center if you ever want to see him again
Prank Call Sounds: Jim Rome Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Jim Rome Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Jim Rome Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Jim Rome Soundboard Sound
Quote unquote
Robert downey junior
Rome R O M E
Screw you
So I would disagree with what you just said
Stop charging people to come and visit you in jail
Stop having nervous breakdowns stop showing up to golf courses half naked and stop pretending that you're going to design golf gear
Take care
Talk to me
Thank you for joining us
Thank you very much
That cannot happen
That is incredible
That to me is one of most hilarious things ever
That'll be that
That's actually a very good question
The matter with you light not mom 's
The question though is
This is unbelievable
Three a lot of booze
Two three hookers
We are here
Welcome to the jungle in los angelus
What did you learn your negotiating tactics from patrick ewing
What do you call somebody who takes their clothes off for a dollar
What do you think about augusta national and they're refusing to admit a woman
What is your daughter do
What's up
Whenever someone says it's not about the money you can take it to the bank that it's about the money
Who are you
Why should i
With that said
Yeah no question
Yes and no
Yet sock rabin
You are hookers
You don't want to wake the sleeping giant
You have much bigger problems than this you're wasting time and energy on something that doesn't matter
You have no leverage
You know what I mean
You make me sick
You're better than this you're smarter than this at least I thought so
You're done nice knowing you thanks for coming get outta here