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And I bet you know understand
And I would have to wait about white
And this what does that mean
And what I wanna know is how do I start getting my so security
Are you the owner
At what you doing home anyway
Because you ain't had yo shots yet
Black brown tan sport coat
Can you keep a secret
Can you speak a little louder but i'm not going to phone
Could you learn to be white
Don't stop now, I'm gettin' excited
Donna are mrs harris
Five five five one oh seven nine
Grand hotel new line cause the lag and find you dead
Have you thought about getting married again
He's twenty two or thirty two
Hey would you do guys doing over there
How come it take so long
How much will I be getting every month
I gotta go now I have a customer here
I said goodbye vamoose audios cow so long hit your head yet
I want to buy a two three hundred dollars worth of habit dash
I would you like one crossed your lip
I'll raise my voice when I get ready
I'm having party over here and I got a big potter onion stew and some ripple buds coming over
I'm looking for my son lamont
I'm makin' it my business, what are you doin over there
I'm missing a person
I'm sixty five years old today
I'm thinking about giving your face auger asian and you pick it up tuesday
Is not called for camp at an hour ago and so far they know cab come yet
It names al banks
Lamont stanford
Leave me alone
Look kind of queer
Ninety one fourteen south central
No speak english
Now here is the question
Now is this a person talking or just a machine
Now this is just social conversation see is like the breaking nice chicken in check
S real sweet
Settle down will ya?
Suppose I come over your place
That's the dumb-ist thing I've heard of
Top fares yeah because I don't like my phone hung up while i'm doing this work
Well good 'cause this is a person talking to
Well it's up to you dummy
What's it to you?
What's that got to do with me
Where are you going
Who are you
Who is this bimbo
Will you hush
Would you re instant replay that family
Would you say your first name was
Yeah I heard about a salesman that you have in your haberdashery not only let him sell me some happy dash
Yeah just text gayle coming
Yeah let you talk first
Yes gearhart popwell
You better read your bible
You can put the phone to you here
You doing dumb hello hargitt men like how you're done
You know how old I am i'm sixty five
You want to try to find a brain sale and china cheap and he goes you ain't got no trade in
You will be a lot of trouble and we got a lot of friends in washington DC
You're a drunken lush
You're a monkey face fat bottom gorilla