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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
F** enabling fool.
For we will destroy this place.
Get it.
God hates f**s
God hates genitals.
God hates toast.
God hates Westboro Baptist Church.
Good evening Godless Sodomites.
Got people eating their babies.
He, Speaking of his own genitals.
Her relatives, friends and neighbors were practicing **** and *****
I admired him until he quit preaching Star Wars, quit believing in and preaching about the force.
In your face.
It is a congenital thing.
It is a genital thing.
Jon Stewart
Oh yes.
She was not a homosexual.
Son in law.
Stephen Colbear
The line hellbound false Prophet.
Where is it?
Yes, I hear any besides.
You jacka**
You know the Bible says God hates toast.
You not only mocked and scoff at us, you instituted a reign of terror against us.
you should be ashamed of yourself.
You treat his nose, you jacka**
You're gonna eat your babies.