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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Balls of steel
Blow it out your ***!
Come get some!
Damn, I'm good
Damn, that was annoying
Damn, you're ugly
Die, you S.O.B
Don't get your ******* all in a bunch
Don't have time to play with myself
Eat shit and die
Game over!
Get back to work, you slacker!
Get that crap outta here
Go ahead, make my day
Hail to the king, baby!
Have A Taste of My Ball
Holy ****!
Holy cow
I like big guns..
I oughta break a broomhandle off in your ***
I'll rip your head off and **** down your neck
I'm an equal opportunity *** kicker
I'm gonna get medieval on your *****
I'm gonna kick your ***, *****!
I'm Gonna Kill You Old Style
I've got balls of steel
It hurts to be you
It's my way or..
It's time to kick *** and chew bubblegum..
Let God sort 'em out!
Looks like it's time for me to go postal
Looks Like You're F'd
My gun's bigger than yours
My name's Duke Nukem
Now I'm really pissed off
Ooooh, that's gotta hurt
Quit wasting my time
Rest in pieces
Say hello to my little friend
See you in hell
Son of a *****!
This is KTIT..
This really pisses me off
What, there's only one of you?
Who wants some?
Yippie kai-ay ****** f***er!
You Can See My D*ck From Here
You guys suck
You talkin to me?
You're an inspiration for birth control
You're gonna die for that
You're pissin me off
Your face, your ***, what's the difference?
**** happens
*sniff* Something smells rotten..