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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alex spider
All right?
And that's why I am where I am today.
But the big surprise?
But you want me to do.
Detective John Kimble
Don't say Howdy stranger to Maine.
Enjoy him ******* mall.
For Maine
Hey you ******* find my ******* ***
How are you?
How are you?
How are you? Just know Maine?
How is it? How are you listening to Maine?
How to play some music? Maybe my roommate may like to hear. Maybe they made right here in external server.
How's that?
I am gonna give my dad my dad was for the toll company he's gonna find out who the **** is doing there.
I am not a set of a *****
I am serious.
I don't even have a ******* computer.
I got it over to be surprises.
I have got a car.
I really song the lyrics as in the work is gonna want me some money. Don't wanna be some exposure.
I wanna **** somebody in command.
I wanna **** you.
I wanna **** your ******* ***
I wanna talk to Alex Spider and I wanna talk to Stevenson Dreamland and I wanna talk to Jamal!
I wanna tell somebody in command.
I wanna touch somebody in command.
I wanna touch somebody is civilized.
I want to see what's in Finland come to life.
I wonder how my talking to.
I'll see you soon if it's about work.
I'm detective John Kimble
I'm either Jaycees last message.
I'm gonna **** you.
I'm gonna ******** you is **** you.
I'm gonna break my ******* music.
I'm not ******* way.
I'm not asking you ****
I'm not girl why not call you ******* dream?
I'm not need you, so are you single?
I'm reading music. I wanna be a successful musician and I'm gonna say **** All You people.
It was a dream man.
Just gonna Stevenson Dreamland.
My ******* Daddy was a friend death.
My dad works for telephone company. He walked into the ******* any ******* circuit that so ******* incapable last.
My son is where?
Nice to meet you.
No **** you.
No, I am nothing you would you tell Maine.
No, no I'm not.
No, there's no stopping about it.
Oh all wrong.
Oh Detective John Kimble
Oh no no no no no no.
Oh, she wasn't dream, let's go.
Oh, you ******
Really what?
Simply vision.
Suck my ******* ****
Talk to somebody in command.
There is no ******* house or.
Trust is DJ soon.
Well, **** you stranger.
Well, I say.
Well, they say.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What he wants.
What I say.
Where's my summer that?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who in the hell is this?
Who's that?
Why you asking me for?
Yeah, who the **** are you?
You *** ** * *****
You ******* it. You're the ******* idiot.
You idiot.
You're Detective John Kimble
You're not a ******* cop.
Your ********
Your what?
**** you.
**** you.