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Amy Santiago - Boring
Amy Santiago - Captain Dad
Amy Santiago - Cool cool cool
Amy Santiago - I'm teaching Father the math
Amy Santiago - Me likey
Amy Santiago - Noice, smort
Amy Santiago - Now suck it down
Amy Santiago - Oh mama
Amy Santiago - OH MY GOD
Amy Santiago - Pretty dope
Amy Santiago - Sensual pottery
Amy Santiago - This B needs a C in her A
Amy Santiago - Those are our dads!
Amy Santiago - Time to die
Amy Santiago - Weird, weird, weird
Amy Santiago - What up, bro
Amy Santiago - Wooh, Crampon Holt!
Amy Santiago - You seem a little
Brooklyn Nine Nine Cut Sound
Captain CJ - Am I in trouble
Captain CJ - Are you in trouble
Captain CJ - Come on and party tonight
Captain CJ - I do now
Captain CJ - If you see something, say something
Captain CJ - Milk! Milk!
Captain CJ - Muchachos
Captain CJ - Numbers are so crazy
Captain CJ - So formal
Captain CJ - Stuck here forever
Captain CJ - That's a great theory
Captain CJ - That's gonna leave a mark 1
Captain CJ - That's gonna leave a mark 2
Captain CJ - Totally biffed it
Captain CJ - Totally lost my train
Captain CJ - Unqualified
Captain CJ - Work is the worst
Captain CJ - You have the right to remain silent
Captain Holt - Agreed
Captain Holt - Bingpot
Captain Holt - Bold personality
Captain Holt - Bone
Captain Holt - Booone
Captain Holt - Boost my bottom
Captain Holt - BRB time
Captain Holt - But if you're here
Captain Holt - But why%3F
Captain Holt - Captain Ray Holt
Captain Holt - Charbonnay
Captain Holt - Chocolate and nuts
Captain Holt - Constipated
Captain Holt - Cowabunga
Captain Holt - Cute little secret weapon
Captain Holt - D-D-D-D-D-D-Derek
Captain Holt - Dirtbag
Captain Holt - Dismissed
Captain Holt - Do you need a math tutor?
Captain Holt - Don't ever bup-bup-bup me again
Captain Holt - Everything is garbage
Captain Holt - Forced laughing
Captain Holt - Funky Cold Medina
Captain Holt - Funniest story
Captain Holt - Get some
Captain Holt - Get to work
Captain Holt - Gina Linetti spagheti confetti
Captain Holt - Goat
Captain Holt - Hello Sexarella
Captain Holt - Here at the fun zone
Captain Holt - HOT DAMN
Captain Holt - How dare you
Captain Holt - Huh
Captain Holt - I am in incredible pain
Captain Holt - I am your superior officer
Captain Holt - I gained 3 pounds in Paris
Captain Holt - I have zero interest
Captain Holt - I just erased everything
Captain Holt - I was hula hooping
Captain Holt - I'd like to play
Captain Holt - I'm
Captain Holt - I'm a Curd-mudgeon
Captain Holt - I'm diffusing a situation
Captain Holt - I'm here
Captain Holt - I'm Sorry
Captain Holt - I've heard you saying that 162 times
Captain Holt - I've never been happier
Captain Holt - Idiot
Captain Holt - Is everything OK
Captain Holt - Is everything okay (brain)
Captain Holt - Kase
Captain Holt - Kwazy cupcakes
Captain Holt - Let's break into the FBI
Captain Holt - Let's get that punk!
Captain Holt - Let's unleash hell
Captain Holt - Made no I birthed her
Captain Holt - Marco polo
Captain Holt - Marshedmallows
Captain Holt - Moment savored
Captain Holt - Never love anything
Captain Holt - Nice burn
Captain Holt - No
Captain Holt - No one will ever believe you
Captain Holt - None of your business
Captain Holt - Nothing 1
Captain Holt - Nothing 2
Captain Holt - Now put on a smile
Captain Holt - Oh damn
Captain Holt - Oppsie Doodle
Captain Holt - Painnnn
Captain Holt - Peralta you're a genius
Captain Holt - Please
Captain Holt - Punk
Captain Holt - Raymond Holt
Captain Holt - Replaced with butt
Captain Holt - Right now
Captain Holt - Robot
Captain Holt - Shake what your mama gave ya
Captain Holt - Situation diffused
Captain Holt - Some of the rices I love
Captain Holt - Stage 5 dumbass
Captain Holt - Stop playing this inane garbage
Captain Holt - Stop talking
Captain Holt - Talking raisin
Captain Holt - The full bullpen
Captain Holt - This bitch
Captain Holt - This is Balthaazar
Captain Holt - Time for the next level
Captain Holt - Time to make daddy proud
Captain Holt - Unleash the beast
Captain Holt - Velvet thunder
Captain Holt - Very cool
Captain Holt - Vindication
Captain Holt - What
Captain Holt - What are you doing at Razzmataz
Captain Holt - What the hell is going on
Captain Holt - Where is my dog
Captain Holt - Would you like to talk
Captain Holt - Wuntch meat
Captain Holt - Wuntch sounds like lunch
Captain Holt - Wuntch time is over
Captain Holt - Yabba dabba doo
Captain Holt - Yas queen
Captain Holt - Yes
Captain Holt - You call that dancing
Captain Holt - You embarrass yourself
Captain Holt - You have aged
Captain Holt - You're not cheddar
Captain Holt - You've used my logic against me
Charles Boyle - A dry boy is a smart boy
Charles Boyle - Aroused by bees
Charles Boyle - Completely useless
Charles Boyle - Cry during sex
Charles Boyle - Dianne Wiest infection
Charles Boyle - Fantasy threesome
Charles Boyle - Gobble gobble
Charles Boyle - Head and muffin
Charles Boyle - I don't wanna be known as the office slut
Charles Boyle - I hate pizza
Charles Boyle - Intimate fingers
Charles Boyle - Like yeast
Charles Boyle - Mama's gonna talk her way in
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 1
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 2
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 3
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 4
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 5
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 6
Charles Boyle - Nikolaj 7
Charles Boyle - No I don't
Charles Boyle - Now the balls
Charles Boyle - Photos of Nikolaj
Charles Boyle - Pina collada
Charles Boyle - Protect our breasts
Charles Boyle - Really
Charles Boyle - Rosa laugh
Charles Boyle - Sexy parts
Charles Boyle - STDs
Charles Boyle - Testies no longer make sperm
Charles Boyle - Toys for boys
Charles Boyle - Whatever you say
Charles Boyle - Why do you care so much
Charles Boyle - Yippie Kayak other buckets
Charles Boyle - You are ovulating like crazy right now
Doug Judy - Feels so gooood
Doug Judy - Finer
Doug Judy - Rosa Rosa Rosa
Doug Judy - Smush
Everyone - Boyle says Boom!
Gina Linetti - Be my bestie
Gina Linetti - BLAM BLAM!
Gina Linetti - Booty shake
Gina Linetti - Bye
Gina Linetti - Civilized
Gina Linetti - Delicious
Gina Linetti - Each sentence is getting fatter
Gina Linetti - Emotionally
Gina Linetti - Florgasm
Gina Linetti - Gina Linetti spagheti confetti
Gina Linetti - Ginaless world
Gina Linetti - I hate you
Gina Linetti - I said dismissed!
Gina Linetti - Kwazy cupkakes
Gina Linetti - Less talk more solve
Gina Linetti - Mike drop
Gina Linetti - My nose itches
Gina Linetti - No I'm not
Gina Linetti - Oh my god
Gina Linetti - One-hundred emoji
Gina Linetti - Peanut butter
Gina Linetti - Racism
Gina Linetti - Sex tape
Gina Linetti - Shot more often
Gina Linetti - That makes me wanna cry
Gina Linetti - This is so fun!
Gina Linetti - Toilet emoji
Gina Linetti - What is it
Gina Linetti - Wrong answer, friend
Gina Linetti - Yeah, I know
Gina Linetti - Yeeahh
Gina Linetti - You think these buffoons can help
Hitchcock - About time
Hitchcock - Delicious consequences
Hitchcock - Find out!
Hitchcock - Flat top and the Freak
Hitchcock - Hold brownies from the side
Hitchcock - I need my afternoon nap
Hitchcock - It's time to sauce up
Hitchcock - Kind of a big one
Hitchcock - Skidmark
Hitchcock - Who's the moron now
Hitchcock - You're fake news
Jake and Boyle - Crap!
Jake Peralta - A skibba skob skoop
Jake Peralta - Aha, noice
Jake Peralta - Barrel of laughs
Jake Peralta - Boobies bounce
Jake Peralta - Boobies on my vest
Jake Peralta - Bub-bup-bup-bup-bah
Jake Peralta - Butt enhancement surgery
Jake Peralta - By using my big fat brain
Jake Peralta - By using my big fat brain
Jake Peralta - Bye Nikolaj
Jake Peralta - Captain Dad
Jake Peralta - Captain Holt!