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Anything else
But I didn't
Conserve your ammo
Do not enter the city
Give it some thought
Got any advice 4 me
Handle guns safely
Help you survive
How can you defend that
I can live like this
I didn't say that
I don't accept that
I don't know yet
I feel like I do every day
I heard what really happend
I just wanna talk
I know exactly how you feel
I know we will
I know we will win #the walking dead #rick grimes #win #winning #victory #championship #guarantee #success #the big game
I love you
I mean to
I wanna talk
I wanted to break ur jaw
I will stay alive
I would never say something that cruel
Im a cop
Im a litle concerned in here
Im not wearing a dead mans face
It doesnt matter what he said
Join us #the walking dead #rick grimes #join us #partnership #recruit #recruited #recruitment #invite #invitation #wedding #marriage
Just get what you need
Lets keep that between us
Look at me
Look I'm sorry thats not an option
Lori said ur dangerous
Map taped on car
My name is rick
My wife is alive {long}
My wifes pregnant
Never seen u do that
No easyway to say this
Not gonna end well
Not much of a believer
Not really
Rick grimes
Rick grimes 2
See something you like
Shane said
Stay out of each others way
Talk 2 u about
Thank you
Thats glen
The only way u and me
Their alive my wife and son
Theres nothing keeping u 2 here
This is your property
U shot a man 2
U shot that man today pt1
Ur brother was adnager to us all
Ur not seeing things right
We cant go out there
We don't kill the living
We have a deal #the walking dead #rick grimes #deal #agreement #negotiation #done
We left him like an animal
We need to work on our communication
We stay in pairs
What do u suggest
What's your name? #the walking dead #rick grimes #whats your name #intro #introduction #username #pin
Whats ur name
Where is everybody
You could do that
You crazy soab
You do what has to be dne
You don't know what ur asking
You don't no what its like out there
You get to wear the hat
You guys just back off
You need to re-consider
You're lying