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A scientist named Frankenstein made a monster by sewing together parts of old dead bodies. You have to read it steps, wait a minute. Frankenstein gave the monster eternal life by shooting it full o...
Hey second.
Hoteles noise going on in here. Oh, I see you're ready for bed why laid out until I get ready I'm ready that goes for you too and get this no noise while I'm here you're here yeah I'm here who said...
How long you've got Joan and Sandra. You got 2 girls. How about 2 girls we had last week? All right? Let's not talk about you gotta kick on it. I'm not kicking you had the best looking one So what?...
I know there's no such a person as Dracula, you know, there's no such person as Dracula, but does Dracula know it?
I want to ask you just one thing, right? What makes a bloom go up there? What's holding you down?
Now you've got two dates. What about Sandra? You bigamist Sandra? I don't know. Joan is awful. Cute flower, right? You take Joan Alexandra. Oh, Sandra sends me well, then I'll take Joan. Joan sends...
Oh well, but can't we both go along too? Yes, monamore that Spanish that's French. How do you like that? I speak French too.
Who's on First? #who is on first
You ever go to school stupid? Yeah, they come out the same way. I never mind that.
You're going to take those down to my House of Horrors and uncrate them, because if that's the way you handle baggage, I'm going to have the insurance agent there to inspect them before I accept de...