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David Lammy Soundboard

David Lammy Soundboard

David Lindon Lammy is an English politician and lawyer serving as Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs in Keir Starmer's Shadow Cabinet since November 2021. Lammy has been Member of Parliament for Tottenham since the 2000 Tottenham by-election.
See also: Lammy, 2011 England riots, The Lammy Review, Stacey Dooley, Windrush scandal, and Turning Point UK.

And so the bottom line is I am at a stage in my life.
And was pretty sensitive.
Definitely acquired a thicker skin as a result of being in politics.
Have died whilst I've been in politics.
I am a cypher. I am a lightning rod sometimes for.
I came into politics.
I don't take it personally. Often the the the negative stuff is not about.
I know what I think about the world.
I love cinema. I love. Theatre.
I think at school I I mainly got into trouble because I was I I took things to heart.
I was. I was. I was OK at my behaviour.
It's about the representational role.
That I'm that I have to be in, frankly, at this point.
They know me. They know what I think. So I don't.
Well, I guess I. I could get into trouble at school like everybody else.
Well, it definitely, you know, felt like a failure when he walked out on us.