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And thank you Lord for getting us together in texas
Grandma you've got to tread lightly now we're here in texas
Here to the northwest through all of texas
Holy dogshit texas only steers and queers come from texas private cowboy and you don't much look like a steer to me so that kind of narrows it down
I think he was from texas or something I think and I thought I don't know why not marry the guy
I'm going to ply my wares down in texas
It's a great day I tell you it's the greatest day in the history of texas
It's the promised land someday texas is going to be the biggest and the finest
Lots of southern boys been getting into trouble here in texas
Lots of work to do down in texas
Must be 5000 lawmen in texas right now can't get them all
Oh no Texas is full of rebels
She says that ever since she was a little girl she'd heard about texas and it'd always been the dream of her life to have a home here someday
Texas huh
Texas you know of course that you're out of your jurisdiction
That was a texas bubblegum machine on your back door a texas bubblegum machine yeah I saw him
What the hell do we wanna go to texas for and haul beer back here
What's a texas county mountie doing in arkansas