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Bombs are flying people are dying children are crying politicians are lying to cancer is killing texaco 's billing
Come on people now people now people now come on people now gotta drive hybrids people now people now people now people now hybrid server people now people now good for people driving people now ge...
Everything that lives on earth who's in some way and that's how the cycle happens each and every day
God has smiled upon you this day the faith of a nation in your heart and be the children all of bravery
Hey Cortana - South Park
I'm gonna take a little time instead pingree make make it read up and mama sees an itch abuse me music mutebi biggie
It's time for canada test drake canada unstrike canada on strike canada
Our play begins at a similar time. Alabama in the late eighteen hundreds
Shut up
Thank you for your patience and now get ready for the finger man
There are times when you get suckered in by drugs and alcohol and sex with women but it's when you do these things too much that you could come in at it and must get back in touch you can do it
Where is the biggest bitch in the whole wide world is a stupid bitch and edwards wichita mentally while the boy girl country digital bit down wednesday today to damage then on sunday