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Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2

Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2

The New Guy is a 2002 American teen comedy film directed by Ed Decter, written by David Kendall and starring DJ Qualls and Eliza Dushku. The film tells the story of high school loser Dizzy Harrison who gets himself expelled so that he can move schools and reinvent himself.
See also: Pete Bennett, Guy Noir, Craig Carton, Dash Mihok, List of The Boys characters, Dick Figures: The Movie,

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About ten minutes ago
All right
All you ever do is stay at home, play with your tits, and look at your ass at the same time!
And don't load it up with a bunch of bullshit!
And give me some shit to drink
And it made me feel like a piece of SHIT!
And once you see my dick, you won't want it!
And then the manager called me a dumbass, like he's my dad and shit!
Apparently, nobody gives a shit, so....fuck him!
Are you shitting me??
Aw, Damnit
Aw, fuck you, you're grounded!
Bacon and eggs, dear.
Because you don’t think the garbage disposal, sounds like chewbacca taking a shit! That’s why!
Big black woman with big tits you can't miss her
Bull shit!
But she's old as fuck
By the time I got to the last clock, my ass turned to Jell-O!
Call dad
Calm down. Calm down! Don't get a big DICK!
Can I have a large pizza
Car Alarm
Car Honk
Could you do me a big favour!
Damn it
Damn, these fishsticks are hard as TITS!
Dick Head
Don't talk shit about Total!
Don't you EVER talk about my dick without my permission!
Door Banging
Dumb ass
Eat my short dick!
Fashion bug
Fat ass!
Find out who gives a shit about Bigfoot!
Fuck him!
Fuck horses!
Fuck salt!
Fuck the lottery
Fuck the phone
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you and every mall Santa that looks like you!
Fuck you kid you're a dick
Fuck you, head and shoulders!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you in the ass!
Fucking hang up my ass!
Fucking piece of shit
Garbage disposal
Go count your dick
Go put a shirt on
Go to your room
Go touch his dick!
Ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
He played Data on Star Trek.
He's a long-legged, pissed-off Puerto Rican.
He's an ass
He’s probably getting fucked in the ass!
Head and shoulders my ass
Holy Dumb fuck
Holy fuck
Holy piss
Holy shit
Holy Shit
Holy shit
Horse manure!
I answered your damn phone!
I bought your colgate toothpaste
I called her a bitch right in front of her tits!
I can't see shit
I did always you still have all your pants and uncles
I don't give a shit
I don't have time for this chickenshit bullshit
I don't wanna switch phone companies
I gotta take a piss, and when I get back, I'm gonna talk about the Mighty Duck movies.
I had to turn on my clock back an hour
I have balls!
I have to live in this hellhole.
I have to talk it over yesterday I was in a car take a shit
I hope this is the puff daddy version of this song, not that sting piece of shit
I love butterball
I love my grandma Janelle. Sweetest person in the world, and God bless her....
I love you
I meant this thing, not my dick!
I walked in to pick up my fucking glasses I couldn't stop calling people dicks
I wanna cook all that bisque with your dick
I wanna fuck her with my own ass
I want two Biggie fries....
I want two cheeseburgers. And I want pickles and ketchup on them.
I wouldn't fuck her with my own ass!
I'd kill myself too if my last name was....
I'd like to meet the mother fucker who named it Fashion Bug, and shove a broom up his ass!
I'd like to see you try to walk a mile in MY shit!
I'd like to tit-fuck her ass.
I'll kick your ass
I'll throw my shoes st your faggot ass!
I'm going to **** you
I'm pissed!
I'm sorry I can't fucks
If I don't get a full refund, I'm gonna take you to small claims court, and take MY business to COMCAST.
Is it crap
It's easy for Dennis to give a shit, because Dennis is so full of SHIT.
It's embarrassing as FUCK to have an ASS
It’s what happens when Alex trebek has a picture of a giraffe in his ass, during an earthquake!
Last night...
Last time I gave a shit I got fucked
Let me tell you about a porcupines balls
Lick my balls
Mother fucker, you hit me in the dick!
My grandpa died 15 years ago
My son brought home some cases of pickles
My tits
No go find out where the fuck noise coming from
Oh bob Saget
Oh no
Oh shi...piss
Oh shit
Oh, Bob Saget!
Oh, Bob Saget!
Oh, for crying out loud; I said bacon and eggs!
Or cock
Or Cock
Or cock!
Phone Ring
Pissing out the window, and shitting out the window, are two different things!
Pretty good
Pull in here!
Quit it!
Right now
She's a bitch!
Shop can pretty well that freaking ass yet but only about it
Shut up!
So I get upset
So much fucking taking a shit
Somebody broke in his phone over five hundred dollars when it's shit from my place
Sorry is fucking phone just him in a god damn balls
Suck my cock
Suck my dick
That just means she likes what I like
That's just TIT-DIRT
That's not Mickey Mouse
That's right!
That's why I ask
The doctor doesn't need to know about that!
The fuck you talking about
The hell was that
The one with tartar control....
The other day, they had a 12-hour marathon of Scooby-Doo & Friends on Cartoon Network. I watched all 12 hours.
There's a fire with over
There's some cereal right here!
They have like app
They're small
Think about yourself
This is bull-shit!
This is the second time i've been fucked by dairy queen
Throw it over here!
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Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Tourettes Guy Soundboard 2 Sound
Turn it down!
Wait a minute, you dick!
We're going to be out of the but it ends in a fuck if we don't come up with that thirty six dollars
Well right now we're at the ass end of the first baptist church
Well that's it
What do you mean a bird
What is this shit??
What the fuck?
What you think on my ass
What's all the damn noise??
When I die and go to heaven see god