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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A professional nfl player is called upon to save the world
Actually could you wrap just this up for me I want to scare the shit out of somebody sure
And hey all those rich black people can't be wrong right
Fuck you thunder you can suck my dick you can't get me thunder 'cause you're just god's farts
Girl Names #girls #mark wahlberg #marky mark
Hello 911 I need the police right away this guy took my teddy bear hello
I'm 35 years old and i'm going nowhere all I do is smoke pot and watch movies with a teddy fucking bear
Plus a hooker took a shit in our apartment
Thunder buddies for life right johnny fucking right all right come on let's sing the thunder song all right
Well do you think you're part of some gay beat up underworld like one of those gay beat up clubs or something
What are you like five years old yeah but I read at a six year old level so
Who lives here i'm coming to get whoever lives here you owe me lobster money
Why are you crying my dick is squished by the tv
You don't think she's going to be expecting something big do you what like anal no like a fucking circular gold thing on her finger
You're not very tolerant huh
You're right i've been getting stoned too much I know that