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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Are you gonna let this fucking punk get away with that what's the matter what's the world coming to
But in vegas for a girl like ginger love costs money
Can you feel my eyes on you can you feel me look into your heart can you feel me in the pit of your stomach can you feel me in you in your heart don't make me come there answer me
Changed he did he ain't the same person right no he's not
Do I keep my promises or do I keep my promises
Do what you wanna do we all know that I mean this is what it is okay we know what it is
For guys like me las vegas washes away your sins it's like a morality car wash
He's too incompetent and the bottom line is he cannot be trusted
He's weak he's incompetent he jeopardizes the whole place
Here! here! is this enough money will it last you two fuckin' days take it!
I been telling you your whole life don't talk on the fucking phone right now you understand
I mean vegas really got to him the booze the coke the broads I mean he got sloppy
I want to just be able to trust you you know it's about trust I have to be able to trust you with my life do you understand
I want you to exit this guy off the premises and use his head to open the fucking door
I wanted everybody to know that things were changed around here we had to make an example of these pricks that the party was over
I'm not a john you understand you always thought I was but i'm not and i'm not a sucker
If he wasn't so fuckin' greedy he'd have been tougher to spot but in the end they're all greedy
In the casino the cardinal rule is to keep them playing and keep them coming back the longer they play the more they lose in the end we get it all
Like this guy he's bettin' lavender chips at 500 each with only one little problem he's always guessed right
Listen I got some beautiful dior dresses you want to have them pick out a few for yourself
Listen to me very carefully there are three ways of doing things around here the right way the wrong way and the way that I do it
Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut
No divorce she'll never divorce him she'll kill him but she won't divorce him
No now you insulted him a little bit you got a little out of order yourself
She's still eight pounds over what's the reason for this
They all loved her how could you not love her she could be the most charming woman you ever saw people loved to be around her
What balls on this fuckin' kid! the next day I fired him
What did I tell you I talked to you before didn't I didn't I say what was going on didn't I say not to go buy anything for a while
What I am getting excited about because you're going to get us all fucking pinched what are you stupid what's the matter with you
What I am getting excited for are you stupid we got a million fuckin' bulls out there everybody's watching us and you get a fucking car and you're tellin' me i'm excited
What is love anyway it's a mutual respect it's a devotion it's a caring from one person to another
What the fuck are these things none of them fit what's the matter with you you want me to pay for this shit i'm not paying for it
You beat nicky with fists he comes back with a bat
You have a past I have a past and my past is no worse than yours but you guys think you have the right to pass judgment!
You have to do the right thing you have to go home to the family you understand you got to go home okay
You're a tiger you're stronger than I am when you set your mind on doing something you do it better than anybody
You're lookin' at me a certain way you're teary eyed huh you're upset you're a good actress you know that good fuckin' actress