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And i'm gonna tell you something batman is the worst person i've ever met
Drink overpriced coffee
Here's the thing how do we know for sure that i'm not the special we just don't know it yet
I'm late to meet my best friends in the whole world they're probably missing me right now they're probably out looking around
In fact i'm not all that smart and i'm not what you'd call a creative type plus generally unskilled also scared and cowardly
No they're expecting us to show up in a bat spaceship or a pirate spaceship or a rainbow sparkle spaceship
President business is gonna end the world but he's such a good guy
There's no signs or anything how does anyone know what not to do
Wear clothes oop! I almost forgot that one!
Well hi there i'm a cowboy! bang bang bang bang bang bang! shoot shoot shoot bullet bullet gun zap zap zap pow zap pow
Wyldstyle you're such an amazing person and you know if batman can't see that then he's just well he's just as blind as a guy whose eyes stopped working
You're gonna melt me' am I gonna die
Your secret weapon yes it's called the power of the special