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A special one what a bunch of hippie dippie baloney
All i'm asking for is total perfection
But as unspecial as I am you are a thousand billion times more unspecial than me
Coffee sales are through the roof sir glad to hear it let's rebuild that roof to be even higher! the roof team is on it
Don't worry about this big black monolith thing that's blocking out the sun
Hey guys great job on the radio station thank you sir we love listening to this song over and over again
It's not personal it's just business lord business
Just as I thought your good cop side's making you soft bad cop
Now my evil power will be unlimited! can you feel me
Oh wow that was a great inspiring legend that you made up
That's super frustrating it makes me just wanna pick up whoever is standing closest to me and throw them through this window and out into the infinite abyss of nothingness!
This next meeting could run a little bit deadly
Well guess what no one ever told me I was special I never got a trophy just for showing up! i'm not some special little snowflake no
Well I mean we need to get that done I want eight foot speakers
What you need to worry about is this question that i'm about to ask you who wants a taco
Yeah I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs and just feel the beat