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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A singer I don't know if you'd call her a singer exactly more like a cash cow
Acid drips on bare skin
Actually it was alaska
Air france 001 leaves today at 2 first class
Air France 001 leaves today at 2. First class.
Albanian serbian croatian
Albanian, Serbian, Croatian. l was a teacher in primary school...
Albanians took her
All right
All right (2)
All right listen to me
All right that's fantastic
All the kids do
All we gotta do is get her there and take her back
Am I on speaker or are you by yourself
Amanda we don't even know him
Amanda went last summer she came back she could practically speak french
Amanda where's the bathroom I have to pee!
Amanda's 19
Amanda's 19.
An american
And another 50 for being an asshole
And another 50 for being an asshole. Now get the hell out of here.
And because you're under 18 you need my permission to leave the country
And I assume you don't want to go to the police
And now you owe me for two that got away
And she would tell me to ask you
And so what happened
And the girl who gave you this jacket was she in the house
And the husband the same perfect
And the tattoo by the way is a group id
And they've got this like sick apartment overlooking the river
And this is kim
And those costs have gone up
And what about my daughter
Anton I swear it's not my fault I told him
Are you
Are you focused yet
Are you involved
Are you kidding i've been to the moma like a hundred times
Are you kidding me it's great
As a matter of fact I did over at the 10th arrondissement on rue paradis
As a matter of fact, l did, in the 10th arrondissement on Rue Paradis.
As usual we save the best for last
As you so amply demonstrated for most of her life
Attention travelers you are not required to
Based on their accents and dialects they must be from a town called tropoja
Based on what we know about the way these groups operate our analyst says you have a 96 hour window from the time she was grabbed to what to never finding her
Be specific
Beard six feet tattoo right hand moon and star
Beard six feet tattoo right hand moon and star (2)
Because you do business overseas through multiple shell corporations
Because you were involved in an oil deal with a bunch of russians that went south five years ago
Been a long time since i've seen you way too long
Bernie casey you're out here bry you're in the room okay
Bernie stand by stand by
Besides discretion it's about the only rule we have
Best hotels
Between you and me no
Big smile sweetie that's my girl
Black one sugar please
Black, one sugar, please.
Bry get her out of here take the lead go go!
Bry was in so deep with that crazy ass sheik from hezbollah
Bryan has been thinking about relocating yes to paris he's been visiting houses
Bryan if there's anything you need
Bryan try not to make a mess
Bryan what a pleasant surprise
Bryan will you do the honors
Bryan, if there's anything you need....
Bryan, she's 17. She's in Paris. Give her some space
Bryan, you cannot just run around tearing down Paris
But here the power's stable here there's a nice even flow here you can flip a switch and the power stays on all day
But if you don't get me what I need the last thing you'll see before I make your children orphans is the bullet I put between her eyes
But is being retired any more interesting
But it's not gonna save you.
But let me tell you something mr whoever you are
But now that I sit behind a desk the world looks different you mean looks boring I mean different okay a little boring
But tomorrow's job right here four hours' work 2500 bucks just for taking some pop diva to and from her concert
But what I do have is a very particular set of skills skills i've acquired over a very long career skills that make me a nightmare for people like you
Buy her
Buy her (2)
Buy her.
By the way which one of you is marko
Call me when you land and call me every night before you go to sleep
Can I help you
Can you believe my kimmy's 17
Can't you sacrifice a little this time for your daughter?
Can't you sacrifice just a little this time for your daughter
Casey. Rambo.
Certified pure
Come on
Come on come on drink some more
Come on in
Come on it's time now let's go okay
Come on seven dead bodies three in hospital a building destroyed total chaos at the airport
Come on take it
Come on, come on, drink some more.
Concentrate shout out everything you see about them hair color eye color tall short scars anything you see you understand
Cool (2)
Courtesy of the french government for past services rendered
Dad (2)
Dad (3)
Dad (4)
Dad hello
Dad please
Dad please I really really wanna go
Dad there's amanda
Dad they got amanda
Dad they got her they took her
Dad they took her they took her
Dad they're coming
Dad they're in spain I didn't know I swear
Dad, they're coming.
Dad, they're in Spain. l didn't know. l swear.
Daddy you came for me you came for me
Daddy! dad!
Dark please
Deputy director internal security very impressive
Did he know where you were staying
Did you get it from her?
Did you meet anyone on the plane
Dig deep enough there's always shit
Do you have any idea what it costs just to change the angle of the lens on a satellite orbiting 200 miles above the earth
Do you know about this she's not just going to paris
Do you miss it
Do you really want to hear all this
Don't forget who you're talking to
Don't look so excited
Don't make a big deal out of this bryan just sign the paper
Don't tell me I don't know what the world is like
Don't touch that button
Even the russians give these guys a wide berth
Every word
Everyone at this table knows what that means
Excuse me but I work for her father
Excuse me hey
Excuse me lenore
Excuse me miss I know this isn't the right time but i've a daughter who wants to be a singer and was wondering if you had any tips for her
Excuse me sir the adult party's in the front
Excuse me, miss.
Fifty euros or I kick your ass
Find anything interesting
First I have to find her
Five hundred 500000 five hundred thousand
Flight 288 arrived in paris charles de gaulle at 8 a m local time
For five years I waited for a phone call that didn't come for weeks at a time for a knock on the door telling me there'd be no calls anymore
Four fifty 450 four hundred and fifty thousand four fifty
Four fifty.
Four four
Four. Four.
Get in the back wendy
Get me a plane to paris for when an hour ago
Get out
Give her to me
Go ahead i'll get the bags
Go go go watch your head
Go to the next bedroom get under the bed tell me when you're there
Go to the next bedroom get under the bed tell me when you're there (2)
Good evening
Good luck
Good luck good luck good luck good luck
Good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck good luck
Good morning
Good night
Good night guys
Good night guys see you
Good she's good
Good to see you bryan
Gregor milocivic
Guys see you bryan
Happy birthday
Happy birthday sweetie
Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear
Has kim called you
Have you any enemies overseas stuart
He has to do a job at the construction site
He probably had a lot on his mind
He said it was a party
He took a cab with us
He wanted your ass in chains
He went to the interim branch and rented a car
He'd like to know if we want some tea
He'll give her coaching she needs the fee is on me
Hello bryan
Hello how's the wife well still in charge
Hello sam
Her cousins asked us to spend vacation with them in paris
Her real father
Here he is
Here is my resume
Here is my résumé.
Here one for the book
Here take this the sugar will take the edge off the shock
Hey (2)
Hey (3)
Hey bryan
Hey hey
Hey hi
Hey i'm happy you called i'm happy you called
Hey kimmy there's something else
Hey lennie
Hey look look look all kidding aside I think what you're doing is a great thing trying to make up for lost time with kimmy
Hey remember beirut after the chief disappeared
Hey there is a party tonight at school want to come
Hi (2)
Hi (3)
Hi (4)
Hi daddy
Hi honey
Hi looking for a date
Hi nice to meet you hi hey
Hi sweetie
Hi, Daddy.
Home every night for dinner get to see the kids more
Home every night for dinner, get to see the kids more.
How about this how about if I go along
How are you feeling
How cool is that