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A lingering doubt remains.
A lingering doubt remains.
A little bit more like an.
A long drive rapid before we go out. Advertising to the foot that we're back, we could all use a few hours sleep.
Ability but no anchovies. And I mean no anchovies. You put anchovies on this thing in your in big trouble, OK?
About a 5 minute game misconduct for Roughing Pal.
About is my story. No way will look at you, you're exhausted.
About vengeance, I remember it well.
About what I said before, you know, but not needing you at all.
Actions seriously well? Perhaps if any of our viewers have any.
Ah! Princess.
Al flips
Alegent they seemed, but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. One of the.
Alive hey friend.
All fathers care for their son.
All fathers, yeah for their sons.
All going fine oh wonderful.
All right, guys, let's get to it.
All right, Katie?
All right. You tough guys.
All the half cell. Did the heroes boy.
Alright guys, let's get to it.
Alright, I want some answers.
Alright, let's leave.
Alright, that's good.
And always remember the true force that bite you the same as that which brought me here tonight. That which I gladly returned with my final words.
And Dad?
And do you now hide from your surrogate family as well?
And I couldn't find a place wise man say forgiveness is divine but never pay full price for late pizza.
And I hate punkers Baldwins with green makeup wear masks over ugly faces.
And insensitivity, and I was just trying to break it to you. Easy how well you failed miserably Bridezilla.
And just before we got out of hand.
And soon I gave them all names.
And stop. Perfect.
And then there's Casey Jones, a 9 year old trapped in a man's body.
And then, one day...
And this attitude of yours isn't helping anything.
And you have no one to go to, Danny?
Another fellow raphiel, he's the leader of the group, transformed from the norm by the nuclear group pieces.
Answering to do they hate hey look just take it easy, OK?
Anything else, each of them deals with this confusion in his own way.
Anything you want to do...
Apps I think you know just as much as I do about this foot clan, and I don't think you're doing anything about it, you.
April hey you are great.
April I've never seen anything like this before, it's.
April it's Charles. I'm sorry I don't know how else to say this.
April people here.
APRIL: Leonardo, meanwhile, has kept a constant vigil with Raphael.
APRIL: Oh, God, your father's gonna have kittens.
APRIL: Thanks.
APRIL: This is totally cool. Oh, no, not Cagney.
Are the right so it has a name.
Are you all right?
Are you alright? Are you OK? Danny, it's OK dad.
Are you crazy?
Are you denying that such an organization known as The Foot exists?
Are you going to 11th and Bleecker? No, this is only 9th St. Get it. Yeah OK.
Are you OK, Danny? It's OK Dad, I'm OK really, I'm OK.
Are you sure and don't?
Are you sure you won't reconsider some help?
Are you sure? And don't worry, he'll probably be back any minute.
Ashley, I suggest we all meditate now all the events of this evening.
Ask your question.
At those things anyway, Charles give the kid a break.
Awesome right, yeah?
Awesome way with things headed by Shredder. They were anything but good, misguided, unloved. They called him to put.
Aye, I just save myself.
Back on the old farm, even after all these years, it still feels like home.
Beats me, I ran away from home.
Bedtime you're telling me?
Before I got hurt, less than a year.
Bisen tos. Now!
Biting and clawing, but he's moved me to the floor and took one swipe with his container sliced in my ear.
Blossom bodacious rich.
Blow right by you. Can you believe this guy?
BOTH: Ninjitsu.
BOTH: Whoa.
BOY 2: Read them and weep, boys
BOY 4: How's this look?
Boy listen raff
Boy, I guess we can really show it out.
Bring some food
Bros Luke give me free you get in.
Brown, I want a large thick crust with double cheese and pepperoni.
But heart attack.
But it was. It was a joke.
But one now your fate will be his.
But Sucky vowed vengeance.
But that explains you and you guys. I have no idea where you came from if you will.
California roll.
California roll. Ooh.
Calling on your pizza. Boo. John Thomas.
Calm yourself, I will tell you where we came from.
Came from talks. It is really quite simple. Miss O'Neill.
Can we do about it? Aprils are only linked to these guys we have.
Can you fix it?
Can you give me that?
Can you roll? I want us.
Cannot accomplish help each other draw upon one another.
CASEY: Hey, didn't they use this place in The G****s of Wrath?
Catch a glimpse of the thieves. Many don't even know they've been victimized until it's too late.
Charles, what are you talking about? It's my story. No way.
Charles, what's up April listen.
Charles, what's up?
CHARLES: Let somebody else help you cover city hall.
Check it out man, anything you guys want God?
Check out the East warehouse over Leadman Island.
Circumstances I really need you to cover this.
Class is paying 101 instructors. Casey Jones walk.
Coleslaw I got him.
Come on April, you could have called me last night, you know, call it a.
Come on by guys gotta run.
Come on, Charles. Besides, I knew you just worry and then you rush over here like you did this morning.
Come on, come here. Come here.
Come on, come on
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's move it. I'm starving major.
Come on, we gotta get outta here.
Comes up with something oh, so that's the plan from our Great leader Hall. Just sit here on out but.
Comic Mouth Gilgan was their main men.
Coming from City Hall April O'Neil Channel 3 Eyewitness News.
Comma morning promise Danny, listen to hold on hold, hold it hold.
COP 1: What the hell's going on? Thought I'd seen it all.
Counts are you trying to tell me how to do my job?
Cover City Hall Charles that's ridiculous.
Cowabunga as they hit the ground from the field of weeds. The Heroes Rescue the flower to save. Possess internal power.
Cricket cricket. Nobody understands cricket. You gotta know what it Crumpet is. Understand cricket.
Crimes without criminals.
Crimes without criminals. An invisible gang at work.
Damn great wow.
Danny and have you know one to go to Danny? No parent, my dad.
Danny Barrett any come back here?
Danny Danny got where you been. I've had the whole city looking for you.
Danny, come back here.
Danny, don't shoot.
Danny, don't shoot. I don't think it's loaded kids.
DANNY: Do you think maybe I could have one?
Death comes for us all local sake, but something much worse comes for you for when you die it will move.
Did you do?
Dirty, so new enemy freaks of nature who interfere with our business.
Distraction right about now I had some pizza down here the other day. There might be some leftover.
Do use it. No, I don't think so.
Do you think maybe I could have one? Sure, why not?
Do you wanna be 1st June?
Does any?
Does Master Shredder what more from the rat? Nothing here will not speak and the boy.
Don't call just just let me stay here the night with you.
Don't think it's loaded kid Danny. What are you doing here?
Don't worry us. His only rival was a man named local Sucky and they competed in all things but none more fiercely. And then for the love of a woman, tankship
DONATELLO: Hey, dudes, where you going?
Done, our domain is the shadow stray from it reluctantly.
Dude, you hold it.
Eager, but you must never stop practicing the art of Ninja. The art of invisibility oh.
Eight I mean about what it would be like. You know, not having him.
Element is at work an at the moment business is good.
Even after all these years, it still feels like home
Even pizza dudes got 30 seconds.
Even the victims themselves rarely catch a glimpse of the thieves many.
Exactly June. She's a good Reporter.
Excellent, yeah, come on.
Failed miserably bridezilla you won't even be standing here for went for me OK.
Family so would you said family.
Feels like home my amazing new friends have suffered their first real defeat.
Fight Fight Kitchen kitchen yeah.
Fine and then one day I came upon the shattered glass jaw and four baby turtles that.
Fist in the mouth.
Fools the three of.
Foot exists, not denying anything. Again, you're putting words into my mouth.
Foot, I'm sorry the foot.
For 15 years now we have lived here.
For podiatrist pool, but I've been speaking with a lot of Japanese Americans in the past few days who say that?
For when you do...
Freaking God watch the show. Frank Frank.
Free clothes Darius.
Freedom to speak. Now the villain is jealous or you make a stand back to the wall but just sort in your hand.
Freight what me? Which is that what you think?
Friends and no phone now this was beyond her worst dreams 'cause she was cornered by some way with things headed by.
From home oh God, your father is going to have kittens.
Frozen pizza, let's go for it.
Fungoid alright here goes.
Funny monkey.
Funny, Mikey.
G hear those gag face.
Game show fans and I thought everybody loved man.
Gates was broken, I slept too soggy. Space biting and clawing. But he.
Gave them all names Leonardo. Michelangelo, it's me Donatello yeah.
Gay, really.
Geek bar ferroni you're the guy Camel breath.
Get a purse Minecraft.
Get a purse.
Get away.
Get in the car.
Get it, Danny. I make more than enough money to provide for both of us and you're stealing why I don't know, you don't know.
Get ready for work you sure you won't reconsider about some help.
Get some doctors on the sidewalk.
Getting through it dices, slices and yet makes French fries and three different.
Girl is a Fox, Arnie.
Give me Charles, how did you know that?
Go ahead. We don't need you.
Go move it will ya?
Go play.
Go. Play.
God, I hate punkers.
Gone along time, now he does it all the time. He likes it.
Gonna tell him he's up.
Good answer, good answer.
Good answer.
Good idea.
Gosh, I do hope there's more of them.
Gosh, it's kind of like moonlighting, isn't it?
Great first is to find that time forgot. Now this.
Great thanks. She called me Mike.
Great, just great.
Greta the Shredder maybe all that hardwares for making coleslaw?
Guys, I told you I hate it when you do that, alright?
Guys, I'm not so sure if this is, structurally speaking...
Guys, I'm not sure if this is structurally speaking such a good time for your buddies did Robin.
Ha ha cool.