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Are you a virgin i'll bet you a million dollars that you are
Chicks kena holy smoke that would really
Cool seen finger gestures from such a pristine girl not that pristine
Did your mom marry mister rogers now mister johnson huh
Don't you ever ever compare yourself to me OK you got everything and I got shit fucking rapunzel right school would probably fucking shut down if you didn't show up queenie is in here
Face it you're a neo maxi zoom dweeby what would you be doing if you weren't making yourself a better citizen
Florida what you get along with your parents well if I say yes i'm an idiot right do an idiot anyway but if you say you get along with your parents
Forgot my pencil
It's unavoidable just happens what happens when you grow up your heart dies
John Bender - The Breakfast Club Soundboard Sound
John Bender - The Breakfast Club Soundboard Sound
Not fat will not a present but I could see you really pushing maximum density you see i'm not sure if you know this but there are two kinds of fat people there's fat people that were born to be fat...
Shit great idea jagger fuck you like you my brother john
So they had type all my do bitch
Sure you are pants wet dream that's a problem work I could see you getting all bunched up for them making you wear these kind of clothes
Were dead no just maine get back to library keep doing it I wanna be bad boy
What are we having just your standard regular lunch I guess milk soup
What do you care what I think anyway I don't even come right I could disappear forever and it wouldn't make any difference I may as well not even exist at this school
What's that sushi sushi rice rod fish and sealing you won't accept the guys tongue in your mouth
What's your name what's yours claire claire claire family name the fat girls name thank you
Where is your lunch you're wearing it in nauseating
Why do you have to insult everybody i'm being honest asshole I would expect you to know the difference now he's got a name yeah yeah what's your name brian say
Will cross through the lab and then will double back you better be right vernon cuts us off it's your fault asshole what do you say where are we going
You know something man we want in school right now i'd waste you can you hear this you want me to turn it up he fell asleep
You know what I got for christmas this year it was a banner fucking year the oil bender family I got a carton of cigarettes the old man grammys today smoke up johnny OK so go home and cry your dadd...
Your shit don't do that to her you swear to god you wouldn't laugh am I laughing you fucking prick