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Add a bender I been girders that's all i'm programmed to do
All I need is a water cash with their head wrapped around it
Alright i'm rich
Are you kidding
AWE man that craps heavy
Bender Futurama Sounds Sound
Bender Futurama Sounds Sound
Bender Futurama Sounds Sound
Bender Futurama Sounds Sound
Bodies are for hookers and fat people
Can't you see I'm using the toilet
Compare your lives come on and then kill yourselves
Don't make me kick your neck
Dream on skin tube
Finally richer than those snooty ATM machines
Got it
Great now you tell me
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Hello peasants
Hey here's an idea
I am bender
I can't hear anything
I don't know
I don't need friends I need a sex change operation and give it to me now
I have all the money
I know what this is about
I must look ridiculous
I sold my body
I'm gonna go kill myself
If you want children beaten you have to do it yourself
In your face
It looks like your next stepped in something
It's nothing a lawsuit won't cure
It's so beautiful
Let's go get drunk
Lies and slander
Look Pal
Lousy stinking rip-off
Make a woman out of me
Maybe if you clean up first
My name's Coilette
Never been beaten up by a guy just like a trick
No thanks
Oh can't i
Oh here comes violence
Oh my god
OW OW OW Oh hey
Recent buddy i'm in a hurry here
Right now I feel sorry for you
So it's a cake you want is it
So long coffin stuffers
Terrible shame that
Thank you
That dirty double crossing bastard
The rich get richer
There was a pleasure meeting you
This place has class
This will teach those filthy bastard choose lovable
Wanna kill all humans
Watch me poorman
What am I gonna do
What price do I get cash
What you going to do
What's the rent down one of these jobs
Whoa momma
Would you kindly shut your noise hole
Yeah i've had it up to here with this place
Yes sir
You are here lady
You don't hear me not complaining
You got it genius
You gotta help
You just lost five dollars
You kidding
You kill my father and now you've come back for maine
You know
You know I like it here