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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Agora eu entendi Bender
Let's go already
Shut up baby i know it
Bender MNGGA
Bender welp we're boned
Bender getting hit
(Bender)Agora eu entendi MGNX1
Bender Sorting Hat
Hallelujah bender
Bender getting launched out of a torpedotube
Bender in the circus
Bender Train Boom Boom
Bender Diamond
Hey bender
DJ Bender
Coma Chameleon
Are you gonna Help or not?
As a major hollywood director..
Aye, Captain
Because you dress like a tramp
Bender $500
Bender 1000101
Bender 201k
Bender 2716057
Bender 30 deg
Bender 6057
Bender About you
Bender Ahh
Bender Back to work
Bender Bad
Bender Bast
Bender Beat it!
Bender Beep
Bender Beep 2
Bender Bend
Bender Bend angle
Bender Bite
Bender Boned
Bender Boo hoo
Bender Boom
Bender Busted
Bender Cash
Bender Casino
Bender Cheese
Bender Crying
Bender Crying 2
Bender Crying 4
Bender doesn't need you!
Bender Don’t und
Bender Doo!
Bender Dream on
Bender Dun Dun Dun
Bender Dynamite
Bender Elec 2
Bender Electricity shock
Bender Feel good
Bender Friend
Bender Gah
Bender Gay
Bender Gaydar
Bender Get some
Bender Gonna do?
Bender Gonna drink
Bender Grunting
Bender Grunting 2
Bender Grunting 3
Bender Had it
Bender Happy Bday
Bender Hell no
Bender Hey ho
Bender Hold on
Bender Hold on 2
Bender Husband
Bender I dont know 2
Bender I’m a Bender
Bender I’m Bender 2
Bender In love
Bender Interesting
Bender Kegs
Bender Know
Bender Laughing
Bender Laughing 2
Bender Laughing 3
Bender Laughing 4
Bender Laughing 6
Bender Like sound
Bender Losers
Bender Lost $5
Bender Malt liq
Bender Move?
Bender Movie 2
Bender Mumbling
Bender No
Bender No 2
Bender No 4
Bender No beauty
Bender No booze
Bender No can do
Bender No thanks
Bender No way
Bender None of your business
Bender Nooo
Bender Off back
Bender Oh
Bender Oh, yeah?
Bender ok
Bender ok 2
Bender ok 3
Bender ok 4
Bender OMG
Bender Or what?
Bender Party?
Bender Pass
Bender Peasants
Bender Point?
Bender Popular
Bender Preach?
Bender Programmed
Bender Quit
Bender Quit 2
Bender Rascal
Bender Rascal 2
Bender Religion
Bender Robot
Bender Rumbling
Bender Sal
Bender Santa
Bender Santa 2
Bender Score
Bender Servicing
Bender Shut up
Bender Shut up 2
Bender Sick
Bender Sighing
Bender Sighing 2
Bender Singing
Bender Singing 2
Bender Sir, yes
Bender So long 2
Bender Stuff
Bender Sure
Bender the Offender doesn't need Anybody
Bender Toilet?
Bender Trip
Bender True
Bender Uh oh
Bender Uhh
Bender Uhh, no
Bender What?
Bender What? 2
Bender Whowee
Bender Why not?
Bender Wine
Bender Wine 2
Bender Wine sin
Bender Work
Bender Wow
Bender Yeah
Bender Yee haw
Bender Yes, Sir
Bender Your Momma
Don't make me go upside your head
Good Night, losers
I Am Bender
I believe you're mistaken
I Don’t like you, you don't like me
I went to bending college
I'll stick with good old mineral oil
I'm a Lost cause
I'm gonna pop over to the Casino
I'm in tremendous pain here
I'm Tired
I've got the perfect Solution
I've got wealth, fame and access
In a low speed collision
Interference with my gay water balloon
None of your business, get of my back
Oh Cant I?
Oh Yeah?
Pray I have the energy to get another Beer
Sounds Pleasant
Suit yourself skinbag
Sunset squad 4000
That's not covered by my Insurance Fraud
Wanna move in with me?
What's your serial number?
You people sicken me!
You think you're so Hot
You're out of here lady
You're the type of guy who visits Jerusalem