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All right
Amazing thing about snakes is that they re put those spontaneously what do you mean they're both male and female sex organs that's why somebody you don't trust you call a snake how can you trust a ...
Come visit bus picture supposed to be empty heads eight times jesus my fucking balls good morning
Commendatory you are already checked in commendatori like a command I like that
Fuck it let's just go squirrels will eat him anyway
Fucking italian people how do we miss out on this fucking expreso cappuccino we invented this shit and all these other cuts up is it getting richard is it in amazing
Ha ha ha
I can't stand put your fucking shoelaces never going to tie your shoes and you notice the end of your laces are with someone why would they be wet I got no fucking idea you gotta public bathrooms y...
I got here first cut sucker son relax have a coffee will be here
I lost my shoe
I love that cut something like a brother and he fucked me in the ass well that's a difference between pushing the artist tell me a love the world don't run on love
I was in the army signal core but this thing needs is what we call a brogan adjustment what's that you know how yep ha ha ha
I'm here to tell you one thing you ever go wine at the big man again about ship between you and me will have a problem my friend
I'm so baffled by this trick like thing though I wish I had more for pulling but that's always said let me ask you a question yeah the bachelor
It to fucking worried about what I give you worry a little more about what you give maine
Let's work this cut soccer be dominant
List I might take a fuckin little up virus like you were ever in paris called I went over for blowjob your mother was working the bond market session at the eiffel tower so do you have an iphone I ...
Mackinaw bridge one quite take a walk don't let him scare you is not really a nasty fuck is an incredibly nasty fuck
Oh look at it it's like an aid for foot down weight-loss center before an way before we start breaking balls yeah what I said tom there like an ad for weight-loss said this before I left
Paulie Gualtieri - The Sopranos Soundboard Sound
Paulie Gualtieri - The Sopranos Soundboard Sound
Put your fucking plan he catch a pack we should start the roy rogers and I should have put the elements but I didn't
So please don't embarrass yourself any further just leave i'm not embarrassed you embarrassed listing to be you weirdo fuck you give small or whatever the fuck you want and you forget that's fifty ...
Such a mountain listen i'm going to give you a couple extra days but it's going to cost you another two GS as a reminder not to fuck it up I make myself play and doctor minimal like i'm not the one...
The boy said his family told you were going to be said of course you're santa claus so shut the fuck up a bar
The last thing he said to me was go fuck yourself
The miracle of christmas next the blind will see in the lane will walk
They've got to give their shit arrest man needs a seven hours keep your mind sharp
This is all a message to your friends stay away from port newark don't even drive out the jersey not even had sundays or criminal they've been told twice now october
To the portuguese family shut the fuck up
We need to do to snow this asshole chevron I mean he's going fucking pajamas and slippers in like eight degree weather
What caused the decline is sisters S
What do you hear what do you say
When I last stop getting country
Why do you go to the psychic last year since you don't dwell on this shit but that was different 'cause he was shut that was a paranormal event what the fuck are you talking about that's likely tol...
Yes well fuck your mama 's boy you pick it up for granted me every month I don't care if you're a deer valley or dead bob football grand every god damn
You have a feel like nothing good was ever going to happen to you yeah and not been dead
You have any idea what I would pick up last week fuck that fucking aggregated
You look good shoot your cuffs
You should have that girls panties the toyota fucking baby not to apologize hey i'm not apologizing you adeline he's going to marry that girl for christ
You went away you fucking crazy he fucking touches maine that make it easy on I saw him off everything new york we opened up books but they also